A Very Good Afternoon

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*Note* This is the squeal to A Very Good Morning and the final part. Thanks for taking the time to read and vote.

After breakfast Meagan headed up stairs to the bathroom. Robert stayed behind to lightly clean up the kitchen before heading up himself. He watched as his daughter walked up the stairs wearing only his shirt. The anticipation of fucking her again only served to make his cock stand up through his pants.

Quickly he finishes his light clean up and bounds for the stairs. By the time he reaches the bathroom, Meagan is already in the shower. Through the steamy, hot glass he can see her beautiful figure. His pants fall to the floor, exposing his rock hard cock, and he opens the glass door to see Meagan already waiting for him. With her ass toward him and legs spread, Robert jumps right in and in between her legs, burying his face in her pussy as the water beats down on his back.

His tongue digs into her pussy, swirling around eliciting a loud moan from Meagan early on, “Oh Daddy!”

Robert starts to lap at her pussy wildly, pressing hard against her pussy. Meagan reacts by moving her hips to pump her pussy into his face and Robert counter by reburying his tongue into her smooth pussy.

“Ahh, yes Daddy!” she screams “Eat me!”

Robert does just that. He shoves his tongue deep into her pussy while reaches up with one hand to rub her clit. Meagan starts to thrash about, feeling her legs weaken a little bit. Robert senses this and pulls his tongue free to replace it with two fingers. She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tenses up as she feels him jab then into her pussy.

She moans loudly as her thighs start to shake. Her pussy quivers to his finger fucking. A moment later a quick, solid stream of pussy juice squirts out. Robert quickly removes his fingers and buries his face into her pussy. He licks, kisses and sucks at her young pussy feverishly. Meagan tries to lift her weaken leg over his head as she become afraid of falling because of weak legs.

Robert takes the hint and removes his face from her pussy. He stands up, grabbing her hips to hold her steady, and aligns his cock at her entrance. Then his cock slips fully into her. He starts to run his cock in and out, not taking his time at fucking her. His thrusts quickly turn into deep, hard penetrations, serving to weaken her even more.

“Fuck me Daddy!” she yells.

No sooner does she get the words out she feels a hot blast of his thick cum plaster her insides, followed by two more quick jerks as more cum blasts out.

He slips out and catches Meagan as she spins around and nearly falls as he legs give out. She wraps her arms around his neck to help with him with holding her up. They lock into a long and deep passionate kiss. When her legs start to feel normal she squirms about until Robert lets go and she drops to her knees. “Let’s get you hard again Daddy,” she says grasping his semi-hard cock.

She looks up to see a smile come across his face. She pumps güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his cock a few times before taking it into her mouth. Almost instantly his cock springs back to life, filling her mouth with its hardness. She starts bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking at his cockhead each time she comes up. She starts to work her mouth all the way down his cock and back up, using one of her hands to gently massage his balls. She takes in all of her father’s hard cock into her mouth and loving every second of it. She suddenly removes her mouth from his cock and starts pumping it with her hand.

“I think I would really like this back in my ass Daddy,” she says with a devious grin. She stands back up and faces away from him once again, placing her hands onto the shower wall. She looks behind at him and says, “Take me Daddy.”

Robert doesn’t say anything back as he gets behind her. He reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy. She moans softly and he removes his hand replacing it with his cock, which he continues to rub under her pussy with. After teasing her for a few moments he places it at her entrance and pushes it in. Meagan is filled with ecstasy as his hard cock fills her pussy. He works his cock deeper until he is giving her his cock with deep, hard strokes.

Meagan whimpers as he starts to fuck her even harder and as she feels his balls banging into her clit from underneath. An orgasm ravishes her. She moans loudly as her body shakes. Her hands slip a little on the wall causing güvenilir bahis şirketleri her to slip forward a bit. Robert takes this opportunity to pull free of her pussy and bury his cock into her tight, waiting ass.

She is startled by the sudden intrusion and she groans, “Ooh Daddy, fuck my tight ass. Give it all to me.” She starts to push back against him, taking as much of his cock into her tiny ass as she can.

Robert slowly and gently starts to fuck her ass. Her pussy is throbbing and twitching as her ass conforms tightly around his thick cock. She leans even more down against the wall. Her hands are almost touching the shower’s floor and she can feel the water slipping past his shoulder and onto her back and down her legs.

“Fuck me Daddy, just pound that little ass!” she screams out.

Robert increases his pace as he slowly increases his tempo, driving his cock in faster and harder with each thrust. Meagan start to rock her hips back toward him, attempting to match his pace. Soon her body starts to tingle as a strong and powerful orgasm sweeps through her body.

She moans loudly, her ass tightens even more around his cock. Robert releases a moan to match hers as he buries his cock in as deep as he can one final time. His body jerks as his cum floods the inside of her ass. Meagan feels her pussy leaking as she feels his cum flooding her ass. She slowly moves her hands back up the wall until she is standing back up.

As she feels his cock slip from her ass, cum flushes out and down her legs. She turns around and throws her arms up around him. Their lips meet and they lock into a deep passionate kiss. Meagan breaks the lock and looks deep into her father’s eyes. “I’m all yours Daddy. You can have me anytime you want.”

Robert smiles and kisses her again. “Let’s work on that baby, shall we?”

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