A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 03

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Crystal pulled up the last cart load of books and wheeled it into the aisle. Crystal loved many things, she loved coffee and walks. She loved early morning sunrises and sex with her brother. But she adored books. She loved the smell of new books and old books. The feel of the pages in her hands and making sure they were all categorized correctly.

She enjoyed being with books. The pages offered no judgment nor comment, they simply desired to be held and used and cared for, like Crystal. As she put away the first few books her phone rang and she pulled it from her pocket and flipped it open.

“Hey there bro. I was wondering when-“

“Sis please come get me now!” Damian growled.

Crystal hardly ever heard her brother sound stressed or panicked but when he did, she knew it was bad.

“Where are you?” She asked as she got up and ran to the front desk.

“The store in my room. Please bring a hoodie quickly.”

“Stay right there.” She said and slapped her phone shut. “Helen?” She shouted.

“Yeah?” Replied a voice from somewhere amongst the rows of books in the back store room.

“My brother needs me, I have to go. Emergency!” She shouted and took off running out the doors and jumped into her car. She tore down the street and out onto the main road barely missing the red light.

The mall was only a fifteen minute drive but going twenty over the speed limit allowed her to get there in less than ten minutes. She parked on the south side on the upper floor and rushed in. As she hurried into the store she found Raegan leaning against the door to Damian’s work room looking upset and worried.

Raegan turned and looked at Crystal with hope in her eyes.

“Thank god you are here. He is pretty bad.” Raegan said.

“I’m going to get him home. He will be back-“

“Just get him home safely.” Raegan said and opened the door for Crystal. When she saw her brother her heart melted.

His body was strained and his eyes were narrowed as though he was focused on ignoring pain.

“Can you still hear me?” She asked.

“Yes.” He growled, but his words sounded less than human.

“Let’s get you home.” She said and helped him into his black sweat shirt and tied the hood over his head. They hurried out the front and straight into the parking garage and into her car. Crystal put the car into drive and her wheels screeched as they rushed out of the parking garage and down the ramp.

Susanne settled into her desk to finish up the paperwork from her last medical casino şirketleri client who came in with a fish hook stuck in a place that seemed nearly impossible to get to without a little conscious effort. She rubbed at her tired eyes and set her fingers to the keyboard and just as she was about to type, her phone notified her of a text.

Susanne swiped open her phone and the text margin appeared from her daughter.

‘Damian is bad. Taking him home right now. New moon.’

Susanne popped open her lunar calendar app on her phone and it showed a clear quarter moon. At the side of the icon was a yellow exclamation that indicated it needed an update.

She hit the update button and the app reloaded itself and the quarter moon shifted to an icon of a new moon with only two percent left before it was complete.

‘No wonder it didn’t notify me! Shit!’ She thought to herself and got up and ran out of her office.

“What happened?” Crystal asked as she dodged in and out of traffic on the highway.

“Girl…stole. Tracked her…down…almost-“

“You tapped into your primal? You know you aren’t supposed to do that so close to the lunar phases.” She scolded.

Damian let a low inhuman growl rumble out from his chest in warning. Crystal couldn’t help but feel absolutely aroused by it. A part of her wanted to pull off into a parking lot and fuck him. However she knew better than to antagonize his primal. She hurried home and parked in the driveway and helped him inside and down into the basement.

At the bottom of the stairs was a thick steel door with a large bolt lock on the outside. She twisted and turned the rotating lock and pulled open the door. The basement was something out of a horror movie in appearance. The twenty by thirty foot basement had a fifteen by fifteen slab of concrete in the middle.

Deep thick furrows marred the concrete as though someone had dug long trenches through the cement. Drilled into the concrete at each corner was a thick metal shackle with a short thick chain. The twelve foot tall ceiling looked nearly black in the darkness of the dimly lit room. Crystal helped her brother to the center of the room and started taking off his clothes.

She pulled off his shirt and then his pants and socks until he was stark naked. His muscles flexed and rippled as the primal inside fought for control. Dark green and blue veins spider webbed across his body as he snarled. Hair from his head had grown down along his spine and was quickly growing casino firmaları over the rest of his body.

She could sense her brother’s pain but amongst that pain she saw his arousal. A part of her felt guilty but another part felt instantly aroused. She pulled out the camera that Riley had given her and started taking pictures. Some of her brother and some of his cock. Crystal couldn’t believe how amazing his cock looked when he was going through his new moon transformation.

It reminded her of a canine penis, all pink and covered in veins; and a human penis with thick girth and a rigid head. Crystal couldn’t deny herself the opportunity. She set the camera on record at the edge of the cement and pulled off her clothes and straddled her brother’s erect penis.

She leaned into his chest which had started coating over with hair and spread her labia over his cock. When she looked behind her at his testicles she was amazed at how they had shifted. His normally loose but close ball sack and swollen and tightened up to his penis, almost like the thick knot of a canine cock.

“I’m sorry Damian. Don’t be angry.” She said and slid down onto his raging pink cock and started riding it. She could feel every pulse and throb of his cock as she pressed down onto him. She could feel the tip of his penis drive into her cervix. Crystal felt his tight knot at the bottom of his cock as she slid down onto him.

“Oh my god Damian. This is amazing!” She shouted.

Damian though looked like he was in an agonizing place of hell as he tried to hang onto the last shred of conscious humanity.

Crystal though was too near her climax to realize just how quickly she was pushing her brother over the edge.

She started pounding her pussy with his cock as her orgasm rushed up.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh my god it’s incredible. Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming Damian! I’m gonna fucking cum all over your cock!” She shouted and then as she slammed into his cock again, her orgasm rushed up and gushed out and over his cock. That orgasm was enough to break his humanity and allow the primal control.

“Oh shit!” She screamed and rolled off him and slapped the first cuffs onto his wrists. Crystal scrambled for the ankle cuffs and slapped them on just as Damian let loose a predatory howl that no human could replicate. She backed to the door and stopped and watched him. She watched as his skin peeled away like the outer flesh of a snake or the husk of a larva.

His human skin shredded and crumbled away allowing güvenilir casino for a very furry beast to take form. Crystal watched as his teeth fell from his mouth and were quickly replaced by rows of ivory fangs. His finger and toe nails broke away and in their place grew long black talons. The sound of his bones breaking and joints popping filled the room.

She watched as he grew from six feet long to eight feet long. His body expanded and filled in with raw muscle covered in fur. His bones broke and healed allowing for his growth. His human face shattered over and over until it no longer resembled anything human, only that of a wolf. So focused on the agonizing transformation Crystal didn’t notice Susanne until she was right behind her.

“Don’t watch baby.” Susanne said and she hugged her daughter. Crystal couldn’t help but watch. A part of her felt like she needed to see this. To see her brother shift into the new moon form of his primal essence. Even as she watched her brother painfully turn into a magnificently horrifyingly beautiful creature, her eyes were drawn to his cock.

A bright red fleshy cock which no longer resembled human, in fact there was nothing about him that looked remotely human and with each passing moment, his humanity slipped away further. However she was drawn to his penis, sixteen inches of throbbing red cock which leaked out thick white sperm onto the concrete.

Every drop was the equivalent of an average man’s load. A part of her wondered what it would be like to bathe beneath his cock. To feel all that hot cum cover her naked flesh. What she didn’t know was that she was not the only one thinking that. Susanne felt guilty for having such erotic thoughts about her son who was suffering more than any living creature deserved to suffer.

Though even with that in mind she couldn’t stop watching his thick cock throb out heavy murky white load after load of cum. Susanne wanted to be beneath that shower of sperm and drink it. Cover herself in it and feel it fill her insides up. Susanne couldn’t deny how stunning her son was. After nearly five minutes of pain staking transformation, Damian had shifted into his primal essence brought on by the new moon.

Standing eight feet tall and at least twelve feet long from snout to tail, he was a massive black wolf. His eyes and ears twitched and his claws raked at the concrete as he tried to dig himself free. The thick iron chains held him in place, as they would through the night.

Crystal glanced towards the ground and had almost forgotten about the camera she had placed. She had forgotten she had set it on record and it had caught the whole thing.

“C’mon baby. Let’s leave him be. He will settle down soon.” Susanne said and they walked up the stairs and locked the door.

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