Bizarre Days Ch. 01: A Ridiculous Love Story

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Bizarre days ch1 author: jstarret78 10/05/2015

Title: Hard days ch1 A Ridiculous Love Story

Seduced and captured by a passionate love and need, at least for the moment.


Editor’s Note: Although I enjoy writing about things quite abstract and fantastic. Most readers don’t go for it. I am contemplating writing two threads, mild and wild. How to do that? I’m not yet sure, but will start back at a John’s hitchhiker story, (this story) and take John in a more ridiculous path. It’s meant to be absurd.

Both story lines will go through the hospital ritual, but go in different directions from there. “Bizarre Days ch1 A Ridiculous Love Story”, will see a different start for Lars and John. Both stories go to “Strange Days ch2 Hospital Hot Bed” and then diverge, again, in two different directions. To come, Strange Days ch3 Linking with Lizzy”, will be a mild trip for John.

This title and the future, “Bizarre days ch3” will be John’s alternate universe, anything can happen.


It’s hard to understand, when looking back just how or why I found myself in such a situation. I was a normal young man, loved woman, loved sex and always horny, so I have no reason to think such a thing could happen to me.

I don’t know if you would call me gay, as I never considered men as sex partners. I have in the past enjoyed playing with anal toys and/or anything I could insert; don’t know why but it felt good.

One warm summer day in July my life changed. I was 20 at the time and trying to get from Newark, NJ to Erie, PA. With little money and no car, my options were limited. I decided to hitchhike and was successful getting to route 80, a major east/west highway.

I had the thumb up for about 20 minutes when this eighteen-wheeler pulled over and the passenger door swung open. I ran up to the cab grateful to be getting out of the heat and sun. I threw my bags on the floor of the truck, grabbed the handle bar and stepped up to the seat.

“Hey thanks for stopping.”

When I looked over at the driver, I found a pleasant guy, I would estimate around fifty, five feet eight inches tall, a little overweight with a small pot belly. He had hairy arms sticking out of a curled-up flannel shirt. He had a big smile on his face. He introduced himself as Lars, he had emigrated here from Denmark.

“Your welcome son, where are you heading?” he said.

“Trying to make my way to Erie, have a job there.” I answered.

“You’re in luck boy, my second stop will be in Erie, buckle up and we’ll get going.”

It was great to hear I had a ride all the way to my destination. I sat back as we pulled out into traffic and headed west. There was country music streaming from his XM equipped radio, not that I dislike country, but after a while it started to drive me crazy. I ask if he wouldn’t mind me finding a good station that we both might like, and he agreed.

“Don’t want you to be uncomfortable Son, put on anything you like.”

I tuned into the ‘Bridge’ and was enjoying the classic rock as we drove through the Delaware Water Gap, continuing west on Route 80. I finished the magazine I had brought along, so I put it back in my pack.

He noticed and told me there was some reading material in the door compartment, I should help myself. I reached into the pocket and found five magazines. I took them out, looking threw them, I noticed one magazine titled, ‘Thruster’. Obviously, a gay magazine, the picture on the cover showed a nude guy on his back, with another guy’s cock buried in his ass. It took me back and I quickly returned it to the door pocket, not wanting to embarrass Lars. He noticed me stuffing the magazine back.

“Sorry about that, a friend of mine gave me that as a gag gift, just never got rid of it.”

“No problem,” I said, “just surprised me.”

“Hell, I only glanced at it, it’s amazing at some of the things two men can do to each other.” he continued “I like woman though and can’t see the attraction.”

“I don’t judge,” I said, “it’s a personal choice; to each his own. I’ve seen guys with nice bodies, so it’s no surprise to me.”

I don’t know why I said that, but I do know I’ve seen many of my fellow students, naked in the locker rooms, noticing that their bodies, especially their asses, were as lovely as those on some of my girlfriends.

I know I have an attractive ass, not a bubble butt, as they are called, but nicely shaped, smooth and hairless. I’ve always been a little embarrassed about the lack of hair on my body, but most women prefer it.

You must understand that I’ve never desired after guys, but I have always liked butts.

Lars started to laugh at this, “I hear you, but a woman has all the other nice parts, isn’t that right?”

“You bet,” I answered.

We talked for a while about everything and anything. He mentioned that he lived on the road and the only ‘home’ he owned was, not really a home, but about 20 acres of fields and woods halfway through PA, right off route 80. It was an inheritance along a sizable bank account. He didn’t know bahis firmaları what to do with land.

Lars said, “I don’t need to drive, but do it for fun. Single life is slow, I like the distraction.

It was getting midday and I could tell my stomach was looking for something to eat. I was thinking this when Lars said, “we should stop and eat something.”

We pulled off at the next service area.

We found the food court, picked up two burgers and took a seat on an outside table.

At one point, Lars looked up from his burger and said, “I was thinking about what you said, it seemed to me the favorite part of your body is your ass?”

“Not mine, but I do think it is the sexiest part of the body, my favorite if I had to choose.”

“I don’t blame you, it is a real turn on for a lot of folks, I understand.”

“Well I’m glad you understand. I been told that the anus is a pleasure zone and I believe that.” I didn’t go further or let on that I found it feels great and always got me off, not the place or any of his business. I don’t understand why I even mentioned it.

Lars said, “you shouldn’t be embarrassed. I find that part of the body special as well.”

That surprised me, usually one would be embarrassed to speak of such things, but not Lars he just kept going, “It’s funny that you like ass, I hope you won’t think less of me, but I’ve had a hobby over the last couple years. I have a collection of pictures. I took them myself. They are only ass pictures.”

“Really,” I said.

“Yea, but I don’t talk about it much at all. I don’t want to set myself up for ridicule or anything. I’m not married and it just kind of happened. Guess it’s my strange obsession. I don’t mind telling you as I feel you would understand.”

“Well thanks, I appreciate your trust. I told you, I don’t judge, if that’s what you enjoy, that’s just fine. You seem like a nice guy, you should enjoy yourself with whatever turns you on.”

Lars was smiling at me in a strange way, but I could tell he was a kind person and it was comfortable to be around him.

We had finish eating when Lars said, “guess we better get back on the road.” It was only 1:30 and the day was bright and warm, when we went out to his rig. Before we left, we picked up a snack for later. We got in the truck, he started the engine and we were on our way again.

Just out of the truck stop Lars looked at me and said, “would you like to see my collection?”

I had forgotten our conversation and asked, “what collection?”

“You know the one I told you about at the dinner, my collection of photographs.”

“Oh, I remember, you really have a collection like that. How did you get it, hidden cameras?”

“No nothing like that, wouldn’t do that.”

“Then you paid for it or what?”

“No, I never paid for it and I never forced anyone to let me take a picture, I was always nice about asking, if they got offended, I just dropped it.”

“Interesting,” I said, “I have to admit I’m curious.”

“That’s fine,” Lars said, “the picture album is right under the glove compartment, on that shelf.”

I reached for the album and opened to the first page. It wasn’t exactly what I expected. On the inside cover were several numbers 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 12. All but the 12 had a line through them. On the first page were several pictures of young guys, totally naked, posing their ass. There were several different poses, some with a close-up of their assholes. The pictures were taken outdoors, in what looked like a clearing in the woods.

The pictures were mild, until I came to some pictures of guys bent over, with a long white stick pushed up their ass. I didn’t give any indication of my surprise, but kept turning the pages.

Each page was a different guy, though I found two girls in the mix. They all had close-ups of their asshole. Every group of pictures had some with the stick inserted. I notice that there were numbers on the stick, almost like a thermometer. The numbers showing, where anywhere from seven to the number twelve. I guess it meant that they had six to eleven inches inside them. I was so mesmerized at what I was looking at, that I didn’t notice Lars watching me.

He said, “quite a collection, isn’t it?”

“I have to admit it’s different.”

“You don’t think less of me, do you?”

What a question, what could I say, there really wasn’t anything to outrageous to see, but it certainly was an unusual fetish. “Hey, no it’s fine, just different. It’s hard to understand how you got the pictures, but there they are.”

“That’s several years work,” Lars said, “it’s a help on those long nights. I confess, I masturbate using those pictures. I appreciate each one of them for letting me photograph them and keep those pictures.

I really didn’t know how to say, but I just couldn’t drop it. The pictures were one thing, but the stick was another. I tried to figure out what was going on, but was at a loss. I must have been talking out loud, either that or Lars was reading my mind.

“Bet you’re wondering about the stick, kaçak iddaa well, that a stick I made years ago. It’s made of oak, painted, sanded several times, very smooth. I then painted the numbers every inch from the end. Don’t pay any attention to the stick, it’s just for fun.”

I didn’t want to know more and tried to change the subject. I quickly put the album back on the shelf.

We’ve been driving for three hours when I looked at Lars and I said, “We’ve been driving for a while, is there anywhere we can stretch our legs and eat these snacks we bought?”

“You were reading my mind Son; I was just about to mention the need to take a break. My first delivery is off the next exit, which it just so happens, is just up the road from the land I own. After the drop off, we can make a quick stop there, eat and be on our way to Erie.”

We pulled into a distribution center and Lars backed the rig up to one of the empty bays. He set the air breaks, shut the engine and got out of the cab to take care of the delivery.

While he was in the warehouse and I was sure he’d be awhile, I reached for the album and started looking at the photographs a little closer. I had to admit that the pictures got me a little horny and the ones with his stick really captured me. I couldn’t help it, I like ass play and the feeling insertion gives me, but I’ve only done it by myself and was much too embarrassed to consider anyone else doing something like that to me. I was much too private and shy, that would never happen.

It did wake my asshole up. I was squirming as I sat there, aware of it, and that I was with someone who liked ass play. I wasn’t going to be one of them, but in my mind, I could imagine that stick up my ass.

I heard the goodbyes, so I quickly put the photographs away, just as Lars opened the door.

“Well that’s done, everything’s in order, we are on our way.”

We pulled out of the parking lot, but headed North, the opposite direction for route 80. I said, “we’re going away from the highway, I thought it was left.”

“It is left, but we needed a break, remember. My land is just up the road. I thought you might be interested in seeing it. There’s a picnic table, it’s really private, a beautiful place.”

“Oh yea, forgot,” I said, “That’s fine just hope we wouldn’t take too long, but I’d like to see it. I love the outdoors, you’re lucky to have such a spread.”

“I agree,” Lars said, as we drove on for a short while.

We came up to a dirt road and Lars slowed down turning onto the road. In low gear and with brush scrapping along the sides of the trailer, he drove on for what seemed like a quarter of a mile. The trees and bushes cleared, and there was a field about a half-acre in size. I could see where the rig had used the space to turn around, the field had a circle worn in it. Up ahead on the right was a small area shaded by trees with a picnic table and benches. It really looked peaceful.

Lars pulled the rig up near the table, set the air brakes and shut the engine. We both got out of the truck with our snacks and sat down at the table. We still had four hours of daylight so there was no rush.

“Do you like it?” Lars asked.

“What’s not to like, it’s beautiful here, so why didn’t you build something?”

“I’m never around much, makes no sense to build and not use it. I come here when I can and take a few minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet.”

That made sense to me.

We sat and finished eating the snacks, enjoying the quiet and beautiful woods surrounding us.

I couldn’t help noticing, that Lars had brought his stick with him. I hadn’t seen it for the entire ride, and thought he didn’t have it with him. I must admit it made me a bit uncomfortable.

I didn’t make mention of it and sat quietly for a while. All this time Lars didn’t say anything, but every time I happen to glance at him or the stick, he was looking at me.

I couldn’t help feeling my asshole twitching as I sat there. I knew that Lars was looking to get at my asshole. It was strange to sit there and know, we both had our minds on my ass. It’s like you know already that your asshole will service this man. Even if you are fully dress and nothing has been said or asked, you are both aware of what’s between your ass cheeks. Was I going to allow him to be intimate with me?

We were finishing, so I collected the garbage, mine and his and stuffed it in the bags. We both got up; Lars grabbed his stick. I could see it was about five feet long. I started back to the truck.

Lars wasn’t moving, I stopped and looked back at him.

“Aren’t we going? Did we forget something?” I said with a nervous smile.

No answer. Lars just stood there with the stick in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Did you want walk around and show me the land?” Trying to get him moving.

No answer.

I became more aware, that his silence was putting pressure on me. It suddenly hit me, that I had been somehow, setup. That alarmed me, to end up in his photograph album was unthinkable. I continued to stand there kaçak bahis and wait for his answer, but he said nothing, just stared at me with that smile on his face and that intimidating stick in his hand.

At this point, he knew I was getting the message, so it didn’t matter when I said, “Lars, I think you have the wrong idea, I’m not that way. I don’t understand how all those people allowed you to do those things. Please, I’d like to get back on the road.”

No answer.

“Don’t think for a moment that I’m going to take my clothes off, in front of you, and expose myself.”

No answer.

I was becoming more uncomfortable, “Lars, please understand,” I said, becoming increasingly aware of my situation and just how alone we were. “Please let’s just get going, why don’t you say anything?”

No answer.

We stood there for a good two minutes, neither of us saying anything. I figured I’d try again, but his smile just got bigger. His eyes were doing all his talking, he was looking me up and down.

“Lars, listen to me please, I wish I could pose for you, but it’s not my thing, I’m too shy. I know your lonely, but I can’t do this, I will never do something like this.”


I was shaking inside and knew that his silence was getting to me. “Please Lars I beg you, I’m embarrassed, and can’t just strip here in front of you. I hoped you would understand.”

Again, no answer from Lars, just that smile as he stared me down, except this time he tilted the stick in my direction and gave me a wink.

As I stood there trembling, didn’t I know this was possible? My asshole was now awake and began twitching. It had already given in although I hadn’t.

I quickly put that out of my mind. He wasn’t a bad guy, just alone and by now very horny. I cared about him, though I couldn’t understand that feeling, and anyway what’s the big deal.

Thinking I could control the situation, I said, “Lars please, I know it’s no big deal. If I show you my ass can we go?”

No answer, just that stare.

“I know,” I said, “in the pictures, they’re all naked, but that’s a little much for me. Can I just show you some ass, will that be enough for you?” What, am I answering my own questions?

No answer

I kept looking at him, but he didn’t blink. “why?” I said, I knew he was not going to answer.

Why am I fighting this, I knew it would happen, what was the use? We weren’t going anywhere, and I knew what he expected from me. In sort of a trance, I smiled at him, how bad could it be he was a nice guy, wasn’t he? I trusted him, didn’t I?

I looked in his eyes, and slowly turned around. He was smiling, he knew I was giving up. I could almost feel the heat from his stare.

Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and draped it on the bench. I took my tee shirt off and laid it on top of my shirt. I was standing there now bare from the waste up.

I turned my head around, to look at him before continuing. The anticipation showed on his face. I turned back around.

I took my shoes and socks off next. Putting them on the bench. Already half naked, resigned, I thought, how is this possible.

I didn’t move for about a minute, trying to figure myself out.

“Go ahead boy, keep stripping.” At least he said something.

I unbuckled my belt and laid it next to my shoes. I unzipped and opened my pants, but held them up for a minute.

Lars said, “damn boy, you are a tease.”

I turn my head to look at him and smiled.

I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. All I had on were my shorts. Even with them on, my ass was making a statement. I felt like a virgin bride about to show my secret places to my lover.

“Boy you’re driving me crazy, if you don’t take those short down, I’m going to rip them off. Let’s see that ass son.”

I put my hands under the elastic top of my shorts and with both hands, very slowly, slipped them down. I could feel the elastic slip over my ass and the cool breeze reaching my skin. It gave me goose bumps all over. With one leg at a time, I stepped completely out of my shorts and stood up. Now I was completely naked.

Trying to show some modesty, I reached back and covered my ass with my hands, I was all too aware that my ass felt firm, soft and smooth.

“Damn John, damn, you are so fucking hot. You don’t have to protect your ass, move your hands, it’s lovely.”

I meekly said “ok, but please no pictures,” was I kidding?

Lars just said “shush, quiet, it’s no time to fuss.”

After about a minute, I heard the click of a camera, he was taking a picture of me anyway. I was just like all the other guys, photographed in the album. I didn’t feel special, although for me it was very special.

Then Lars spoke again and only said “very nice.”

I didn’t say anything, just acknowledged him with a nod of my head. At least he had appreciated, what I was doing for him.

I heard a crunch as Lars took a few steps over the grass. I suddenly felt his hands on the cheeks of my ass. He was massaging them, rubbing, squeezing, playing with my ass. I just stood there and didn’t say a word. I could hear his soft moans. I knew he was enjoying himself, feeling me up. It made me glad I gave in to him, what was I thinking?

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