Blissfully Hooked Ch. 01

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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

The Contract!


Kyle Dylan Parker was what most people would call enthralling. He was at least six -feet-three, good-looking and extraordinarily sexy. With his captivating soft hazel eyes, long dark eyelashes, dark blonde hair cropped very short, and his heart-stopping smile, Kyle looked like he belonged in the movies. His cool and calm personality added to his sex appeal. Kyle came from old money but was also a very successful business man. Though he had enough money to last him at least three lifetimes, he had to learn the hard way that, money couldn’t buy everything.

Ken Dion Parker, Kyle’s twin brother, was dying of cancer. To say Kyle was devastated was an understatement. After all, they had been together the whole of their twenty-nine years on earth. Kyle sometimes cried himself to sleep because he didn’t know how he was going to survive without his twin. Orphaned since infancy, they always told each other, it was them against the world. They were fraternal twins, born twenty-six hours apart and Kyle never missed an opportunity to remind his brother that he saw the world, twenty-six good hours before he did. Whilst Kyle was tall and muscular, Ken was rather smallish. People usually called them ‘the twins’, after the popular Schwarzenegger / DeVito movie as like in the movie, Kyle was Ken’s protector. Kyle took his big brother role very seriously, always ensuring that Ken was okay and didn’t need anything. Thanks to Cancer, however, for the first time in his life he couldn’t provide Ken with what he needed most…healing.

Kyle wished he could do something to save his brother’s life. But he couldn’t. What bothered him even more was the fact that Ken had stopped taking his chemotherapy treatment, saying it rather drained him. Kyle was even more scared because he felt that was the only chance his brother had of living a longer life. But Ken was as stubborn as a mule. He wouldn’t budge on his decision. Much as Kyle would want his brother to go through with the treatment, he knew he couldn’t force him. All he could do was pray for a miracle every day.

Kyle made sure he spent at least two days out of every week with Ken no matter how busy he was. On one of such visits, Kyle barged into Ken’s room to find him watching porn. It wasn’t just any porn…it was gay. Kyle knew Ken was gay so was not shocked to see that. Kyle himself had fucked a guy or two during his college days so his brother watching gay porn was nothing strange to him. What did surprise him though was the way Ken was engrossed in what he was watching. Even the open bag of Doritos in his lap seemed to be forgotten.

“Dude, isn’t it too early to be watching this?” Kyle asked with a chuckle.

Ken laughed. “Fuck you. Is there a particular time for porn? Ky come on, check out this guy. He is simply beautiful.” Ken pointed to a handsome dark haired boy on the screen, who, at that particular moment, was being sucked off by a blonde twink. “Be honest Ky, isn’t he delicious?” Ken asked staring at the screen.

Kyle chuckled. “Sure he is. But it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying what is being done to him. Is the guy blowing him that bad?” Kyle asked in an amused voice, standing beside Ken’s bed with his arms folded across his chest.

Ken shook his head. “He always looks bored in his videos. He still has a lot of fans though, thanks to his good looks. I have all his videos.” Ken drawled, turning to give his brother a playful lewd smile.

“Really?” Kyle sounded even more amused.

“Yep. You see, most of these guys are actually straight.” Ken turned back to the screen. “They just want to make a quick buck. I once read an article on this guy. He never hooks up with any man no matter the amount of money offered. Oh and according to the article, he gets a lot of propositions. He’s not gay. Obviously needs the cash that’s all.”

“So why not hetro porn then?” Kyle asked his brother.

Ken shrugged. “Beats me.”

“Hmm. I bet with the right guy, he would show some interest. Maybe he’s a bottom.” Kyle said looking at the handsome boy, fucking the other guy in a new scene.

“He’s not a bottom Ky. Never bottoms. He doesn’t kiss too. Doesn’t rim, doesn’t allowing rimming. He has a whole lot of rules. It’s obvious he’s not gay.”

Kyle smiled. “Sure? I bet with an experienced person and the right kind of stimulation, your gorgeous twink over there will forget all about his silly rules and play ball. Wouldn’t mind hitting that. He’s hot. And I really would love to prove you wrong. What’s his name?”

Ken laughed. “You’re crazy you know that? When was the last time you were with a guy? That was back in college. You’re now a ladies man. Stick to that.” Ken popped some casino şirketleri Doritos into his mouth.

“Are you saying I can’t hit that?” Kyle asked dipping his hand into the bag of Doritos.

“I’m not say…”

“‘Cause I can rock his world. Make him forget his own name.” Kyle was now staring intently at the handsome face on the screen. “What’s his name, Ken?”

“Ron Hunt. You really wanna nail that?” Ken asked, turning to look at Kyle. “Trust me, I don’t think you’re gonna get him. He’s been known to turn down some pretty shitload of cash. He only wants to get paid for the videos he makes.”

“A porn star with a conscience. Interesting!” Kyle snorted.

“Just principled I guess.”

“I will fuck him Ken. And I’m gonna make him scream for more.” Kyle sounded dangerous. “Wanna bet little brother?”

Ken chuckled. “Hell yeah. What’s it gonna be?” Ken looked excited.

“I get him, you go back to chemo.” Kyle looked dead serious.

Ken groaned. “Kyle…”

“It’s a bet Ken. I thought you were confident I wasn’t gonna get your guy. What are you scared of?” Kyle drawled.

“And if you don’t get him?”

“Hit me brother.” Kyle said crossing his arms over his chest. “And make it good.”

“You find a nice lady and settle down within two months.” Ken deadpanned.

“Are you shitting me? Come on dude! How the fuck can I possibly get hitched in two months?” Kyle looked incredulous.

“It’s a bet bro. Scared?” Ken gave all his concentration to the bag of Doritos.

Kyle had never gone out with anyone for more than a week, and Ken needed to know his brother was settled or getting there, before he left this world. Kyle did have his friends, who were really good guys, but he needed a companion. Ken felt this was his chance to ensure that at least, Kyle made an effort and he was going to grab the chance with both hands, because he knew there was no way his brother would get to fuck the great Ron Hunt. Kyle didn’t know what he was up against and that greatly pleased Ken.

“Ken…” Kyle sat beside his brother on the bed, wondering why he had suddenly gone quiet.

“You know how I hate chemo, Ky.” No way was Ken going to let his brother in on his real worries.

“But you need it. I don’t fucking wanna lose you. I can’t.” Kyle added in a whisper, drawing Ken into his arms and burying his face in his hair.

“Good luck with getting the guy then. ‘Cause I’ll give anything to see this stunning creature lose himself in passion.” Ken said around a mouthful of Doritos. “Wait…even if you make that happen, I can’t get to see it. Too bad.” He sighed.

“What if you can?” Kyle asked quietly.

“What are you saying Ky?” Ken turned his hazel eye, so much like Kyle’s on him.

“What if you can watch him lose it on tape?” Kyle repeated, watching Ron Hunt spill his cum all over the other guy’s face on the screen. “Damn, that’s a lot of cum.” He muttered.

“What are you going to do? Record an encounter that you might not even get?” Ken looked incredulous.

“I’ve got a better idea. You said he’ll only do it for the camera right? Well, say hello to your new porn star. Dick Shlong!” Kyle said, pointing both thumbs at himself.

Ken burst into uncontrollable laughter, laughing till tears ran down his face. He’d been jokingly calling Kyle, Dick Shlong since they were kids, because of his scarily huge dick. Ken always teased his brother that if he were a porn star, his acting name would be Dick Shlong. It looked like his brother was finally going to put that name to use.

“So do we have a bet?” Kyle couldn’t help but join in Ken’s contagious laughter. He loved it when Ken laughed like that.

“Hell, yeah.” Ken said trying to bring his laughter under control. “You’re on brother.”


Aaron Hunter got as far as the director’s door, and then turned back.

“Shit!” He swore under his breath.

Aaron had never been this unsure of anything in his life as he was that very moment. He always thought things through before he took any action. But for the first time in his life, he was confused because he knew what he was about to do was wrong and yet, he thought it was for the best.

Aaron Hunter was a twenty-one year old final year college student. He was drop dead gorgeous. With his dark hair, flawless skin, dreamy grey eyes and a height of almost six feet, he was simply delicious. Like many other college students, Aaron had to work to see himself through college. But unlike most college students, however, the job Aaron decided to do was act porn. And he had been acting porn since he was nineteen years old.

All Aaron was interested in was making enough money to take care of his sick mother and to pay his college fees. When he was approached by Max Viggo to casino firmaları act porn, he had automatically refused. But after numerous entreaties and cajoling from the famous porn movie director, Aaron had relented. After all, it paid well and he needed the money.

On his very first day on set, however, Aaron had had the shock of his life. He knew MV Productions produced all kinds of porn movies. What he hadn’t known was that, he was to act gay porn. He had been so angry he had turned to leave. Max had however pulled Aaron into his office and again managed to convince him to re-think his decision.

“Listen kid, this is just acting.”

“Yes but I’m not gay. No one gets near my arse. I can’t…”

“Yes you can. You don’t have to give up your arse. A hole is a hole. You go in, come out, make money, and everyone is happy.” Max had said making it sound so easy.

After a lot of talk and an increase in his emolument, Aaron had agreed to do it. But he had laid down his own rules. Aaron Hunter didn’t bottom, didn’t kiss, didn’t rim, didn’t get rimmed…that was so gay, and never barebacked. He was very particular about his ‘No condom No fuckin’ rule. Finally, he had opted to go by the name Ron Hunt, which was sort of a short form of his real name, Aaron Hunter.

So when Aaron was called into the office of Max Viggo one fine morning, and told he had to bottom and fuck without condom for an obscenely huge amount of money, his immediate answer had been…

“Go fuck yourself Max.”

“Come on Ron, go and think about this okay?”

“There’s nothing to think about.” Aaron had bellowed and stormed out of Max’s office.

That night Aaron couldn’t sleep. He had tossed and turned the whole night thinking about the offer. His plan was to quit acting immediately he made enough money to pay the remaining college fees, and find a good job. He hoped that with a good salary, and no college fees to pay, he and his mum would be okay. Peggy Hunter was all Aaron cared about in the world. He didn’t have a girlfriend or any close friends. He spent all his time, either studying, sitting with his mum or on set. Of course he dated once in a while, but those relationships were nothing long term. He did get a lot of propositions from all kinds of people, the rich, the not so rich, senators, clergies, psychos and lots of guys who claimed to be in love with him. He however always made it a point to politely turn them down. After all, he wasn’t gay…merely acting. And Aaron Hunter was no prostitute or an escort.

Max’s outrageous offer went against all of Aaron’s principles. But with that kind of money, he knew he could quit the acting business. Now the question was whether he was ready to give up his arse and have sex for the very first time in his life, without a condom. Max did shout after him that the guy he was to fuck was clean, but that still didn’t make it right. By the next morning, his mind was made up. He was going to take Max’s offer. With that kind of money, he could clear all the bills on his mother’s dialysis treatment, pay all his outstanding college fees, pay their rent for the next two years, and take care of both his and his mother’s up-keep till he got a good job. Simply put, with that money, he could live. It was time to get out of the porn business. He had called Max the following day to accept the offer.

Now standing behind Max’s door, on the day set for the shooting of his ‘virgin video’ as he sarcastically called it in his head, Aaron was torn between going back in to change his decision and going to the set to get ready as he had been told to. He had almost backed out when the slime ball had added as an after-thought when he accepted to do the video after all…

“Oh and Ron, we know you never rim and you don’t allow it, but you’re gonna have to allow yourself to get rimmed this time. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. Trust me on that.” He had said with a devilish grin. The jerk!

“Shit!” Aaron swore, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He might as well get this over and done with. Hell, if he was going to bareback and bottom, he might as well get a rim job. It wouldn’t make what he was about to do any worse would it? All that mattered now was the money and what it could do for him. With a sigh, Aaron headed for the set and his final show down.


Kyle sat on the couch in Max Viggo’s office, drinking a bottle of water. Today was the day he got to fuck Ron Hunt. He had paid a lot of money to accomplish that, throwing in a clause of his own…barebacking and rimming. Kyle made it a point to always use condoms but for some reason, he couldn’t think of having Ron any other way. He wanted flesh on flesh. Of course he had given that bastard of a producer/director, his medicals showing how clean he güvenilir casino was. And he had been given a copy of Ron Hunt’s medicals too. As for the rimming, he intended to rim the hell out of Ron Hunt. If he was going to blow Ron’s mind, make him dissolve into a puddle from exquisite pleasure, he definitely had to give Ron the tongue-fucking of his life. Kyle couldn’t wait to have that gorgeous body beneath him…dominated, out of his mind with ecstasy. Max had told him that Ron didn’t allow kissing and didn’t rim others. Kyle had chuckled at that piece of information. Ron didn’t have to worry about that. Kyle didn’t mind not kissing and didn’t expect to be rimmed either.

Not only did he want to make Ken happy, but just like Ken, he also wanted to watch Ron Hunt lose it. He had seen all the videos Ken had given him of Ron, and the more he watched him on screen, the more Kyle wanted to watch him explode with pleasure. Kyle couldn’t help but notice that Ron hardly made a sound in his videos. He planned on changing that. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Ken’s face in two week, when he presented to him his dream porn video, on their birthday. What his brother wanted, his brother got!

The door opened and Max entered, followed by Aaron. Kyle’s breath hitched in his throat. He thought Ron was even more handsome in person.

“Ron, meet Dylan.” Max said looking from Kyle to Aaron. Kyle had decided to use his middle name for this project. “He’s the one you’re…err…going to be working with today. I’ll leave you two to get acquainted. I’ll let you know when we’re ready for you.” With that, Max beat a hasty retreat.

Max Viggo had never made as much money on a video as he had made on the video they were about to shoot. And he didn’t even need to sell the video to make that money. All he had to do was hand over the film to Dylan after the shoot. Max was a very happy man.

Kyle stood up and moved closer to Aaron, who finally got a good look at the sex god who was going to fuck him. Aaron gasped. The man was mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

“How tall are you?” Aaron asked staring up into the most captivating eyes he’d ever seen.

“Six feet-three.” Kyle answered with a chuckle.

“And how big are you?” Aaron asked still staring at Kyle with grey eyes so dreamy, Kyle blinked so he wouldn’t get lost in them.

“I weigh…”

“Not that. How big is your cock?” Aaron kept his eyes locked on Kyle’s. If he was going to get fucked, he needed to know what he was getting.

The surprise in Kyle’s eyes was clear for Aaron to see. “I’ve never bothered to measure. Wanna do the honours?” Kyle drawled and then gasped when Aaron’s hands promptly went to the zipper of his jeans.

Aaron smirked. “You’re new at this aren’t you?” He asked unzipping Kyle, his eyes still locked on Kyle’s.

It was only when his hand delved into Kyle’s boxer briefs and touched his semi-hard cock, that Aaron tore his eyes from Kyle’s and looked down at the thick long cock in his hand. For the second time since he saw Kyle, Aaron gasped.

“God, you are huge.” Aaron stared at Kyle’s cock. “I…I don’t think I can…I’ve never done this.” Aaron was rambling.

“You will be fine.” Kyle said quietly.

“Easy for you to say dude. I’ve never bottomed before. This monster will split me into two.”

Aaron looked very worried. “Shit!” He whispered. What had he gotten himself into? “The asshole who paid that shitload of money to see this is a sadist, a pervert, a jerk, a…”

“I won’t hurt you…much. I promise.” Kyle said softly, enjoying the stroking of Aaron’s hand. Kyle didn’t think Aaron even notice what he was doing. No way was he going to admit that he was the asshole the troubled porn star was referring to. Aaron’s eyes looked glazed. He seemed to be far away, worried but obviously enjoying stroking the rapidly hardening flesh in his palm. “Hey, Ron?”

At Kyle’s mention of his name, Aaron quickly came to himself and stopped stroking the now hard cock, licking suddenly dry lips. Kyle’s dick protested at being forced back inside his pants but Aaron eventually succeeded in doing just that and zipped him up.

“Sorry. I’m Ron.” Aaron extended his hand.

“And I’m Dylan.” Kyle said taking Aaron’s hand in a firm handshake.

“So, we know the rules. I don’t do kissing and I don’t rim.” Aaron said in a hard voice. The clause said he had to bareback and bottom. It didn’t say anything about kissing and him having to rim someone so he sure as hell wasn’t going to do that.

“I don’t care about the kissing but I’m looking forward to rimming the fuck outta you.” Kyle drawled making Aaron flush.

“Knock yourself out dude. It’s your…”

The door opened then and a young lady stuck her head in to tell them Max was ready for them.

Aaron looked at Kyle. “Let’s do this. But hey, go easy on me will you?”

Kyle stared quietly at Aaron for some seconds and then gave a brilliant smile. “Okay.”

“Shit. What have I gotten myself into?” Aaron muttered, turning to go out of the office.

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