Blood and Love Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5


Daniel’s Story I – Yes and No


As I walked out of the Geller residence into the cold night I sensed a presence. My body stiffened, senses alert as I walked down the stony path leading towards the gate. My eyes were fixed ahead but my sharp ears were waiting for an impending movement while my olfactory perception had already recognized the scent. I heard another set of footsteps on the stone slabs on the path. The movement was brief and the person stood behind me. Without turning back I spoke.

“Have you now taken up stalking people?”

“Why did you come here?” He shot a question in reply.

“I understand that this is your boyfriend’s house but that doesn’t give you exclusive right to decide the visitors.” I turned and fixed my eyes on Evan.

“Don’t try to humor me, Daniel. I’m your brother. And if I’ve spent a long time with you to know that the only contact you have with humans is to satiate your insatiable thirst for blood.”

I laughed at his feeble attempt to coax me.

“I came here to drop your boyfriend’s brother. He got hurt badly at the bar. Had got into a brawl with his boyfriend.” I scoffed.

Evan looked skeptical. When he spoke his voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“And you saved him! I don’t believe this. Daniel Damien, the meanest of vampires ‘saved’ a human and not fed on him. Amazing.”

“I thought you would know better. I guess now that I’ve had pity on you and allowed you to be with Sean, it’s our responsibility to save his brother. Family, ain’t it?”

Evan smiled. “Come on, Dan. Stop denying and covering up. I know you have a soft corner for Aaron. It’s great, big broda! In fact I’d be very glad if you tried to move on. It’s been years now. Why are you still stuck up on Alexander?”

In a second I was face to face with Evan, my hand tightly grabbing his throat. My vision became red. My pupils contracted into slits and radiated a reddish aura while my canines emerged. Sharp enough to rip his throat. I growled.

“Do not utter another word! I will never give up Alexander’s memories. He has always been my love. I had vowed never to let go in life or in death!”

With this warning I released him and walked away. While he stood on the path watching me go.


I grabbed a champagne coupe and poured some blood from an ornate flask into it. I was still fuming at Evan’s stupid assumptions. Anger filled me and I finished the drink in one gulp. Re-filling the coupe I sat down on the eighteenth century Victorian settee. Evan’s words were still echoing in my ears. Who was he to decide what I should do? How dare he suggest that I should forget Alexander’s memories? How could he assume that I liked Aaron! He says I saved him because I had a soft corner for him!

I got up and walked to the mirror. Looking at my reflection, I pondered over what he had said.

No! I didn’t love Aaron. I cannot have feelings for him. I cannot walk over Alexander’s memories and begin a new life! No! I had no right to do so. But why Am I justifying myself! I don’t have feelings for Aaron. Yes. I saved him because…. But no answer came to my mind except Evan’s statement. No! I shook my head. No! I saved him because he was hurt and he was Sean’s brother. I did it for Evan and his boyfriend. It had nothing to do with my feelings for Aaron. Evan was wrong and talking nonsense.

My brain was in frenzy. All thoughts were swirling in my mind. I needed to get away from them. I needed a break.

My pupils were slits and the canines emerged again. I knew what to do.


Chapter- 6


Sean’s Story IV—And life’s back on track!


“Soft, wet lips were pressed against mine. Demanding. Insistent. I let out a soft moan and rolled onto my back as Evan got on top of me. My hands started wandering. I had no control as they began exploring the sculpted casino şirketleri physique of my Adonis. As they moved over the treasure he withheld, Evan growled. My little sensual gestures had arisen the animal in him. His fingers found the spaces between mine as he pinned me to the bed, his wet lips moving from my lips to my neck where he playfully bit me. A strong shiver ran through my body and I quivered like the string of Cupid’s bow when the arrow of sensual love is shot……”

I smiled as I remembered every moment of the sensual night that had passed between us. Our love for each other had manifested itself in the act that had left us exhausted and in extreme bliss. I smiled and turned under the covers extending my hand. It was empty.

My eyes sprang open. Was it a dream? Wasn’t Evan here last night? Or had he left? Had he used me? My mind was raging with such depressing thoughts when I noticed him. He was standing at the window looking at the rising sun, with his bare back towards me. I sighed. Some insecurity from the past had come over me. That was so stupid!

I silently got out of bed, planning to surprise him. However, the moment I kept my bare feet on the floor, my heart beating fast, he spoke without turning back.

“Have been waiting for you to get up for an hour now.”

I was shocked. However, I gathered my senses and walked to him. He encircled me in his arms and we stood watching the morning awaken. The sky burst into orange flames as the sun appeared on the horizon. We were bathed in yellow-orangish light, the heat of the sun washing over us. The sun’s soft warmth combined with Evan’s body heat gave me an almost orgasmic pleasure.

Cherishing this pleasure I spoke. “How did you know I was awake?”

“I could hear your heart beating fast in this body I admire.” He playfully answered and nibbled at my ear.

I giggled and tried to get away. The tickling and nibbling was turning me on but he showed no sign of stopping. Sensing my resistance he tightened his hold on me and pressed me closer to his body. We continued struggling as he retreated from the window and pushed me onto the bed once again. Getting on top of me he buried his face in my neck and continued to bite playfully. I was getting excited and ecstatic. He growled and pinned me to the bed again. I started losing control and was about to give in when the door knob gave a click and Amanda walked in.

“Hey Sean! Time to get U…………Oh my God!”

We turned our heads to look at her. Shock was etched on her face as she quickly turned her back towards us.

Evan got off me teasing me with a smile. I rolled my eyes, grabbed some sheets to cover my privates and tried to speak.

“Oh Amanda! We were just having s…..No. I mean he came in the night……And we slept together… Slept as in…..Aarggh!”

What was wrong with me! I was so nervous that I kept on saying the things I should never have uttered. Lord knows, what else I would have said had Amanda not interrupted.

“Yeah! Yeah! I get the story. It’s fine. You’re grown up enough. It was just the shock. I don’t really expect to walk into my nephew’s room and find him going at it with his boyfriend.”

She smiled and I relaxed.

“I’ll be downstairs. Shower and come for breakfast. Hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”

She walked out but stopped at the door and turned.

“Evan, will you mind using the front door now that I know you’re here.”

Evan looked at her and smiled sheepishly, scratching his head.

“And Sean.” She looked at me and began closing the door. “The sheets are not opaque.”

I dashed to hide behind the bed while Evan burst into laughter.


“And then I turned around and saw dad standing. I almost peed in my pants.”

“I thought you were nude.” I cut in while Amanda laughed loudly.

Evan had been narrating the event when his dad had walked on him to find him indulging in self-pleasure. I loved to hear him talk. He was funny, cute and a decent charmer as the little casino firmaları compliments he gave Amanda proved. She liked him now and had given me a thumbs-up ascertaining her approval while he had been indulging in the pie.

“That’s just an expression, darling.” He retorted, stressing ‘darling’ and seductively smiling. Amanda let out a teasing “Awww” while I blushed and laughed, only to see Aaron standing at the door.

My laughter stuck in my throat while the others turned to look at him in apprehension. The bubble of happiness I had created had been pricked with Aaron’s entry. I looked down on the cereal bowl and started eating. I had no appetite now but that seemed better than staring at him before he blasted.

Dead silence echoed in the room. I heard Aaron’s footsteps as they made their way from the door, crossed the distance and came at a halt right next to me. My heart was beating fast as I turned to look at him. I was dreading to look into a face distorted with rage and hatred etched in every feature.

But, I was surprised. Aaron stood with the tenderest expression on his face, with tears running down his cheeks while he looked on the floor. I turned to look at Amanda who looked equally surprised and Evan who was watching him intently.

After an awkward minute, Aaron finally spoke. “Sean, I….I am very sorry about what I said last night. I was drunk and hurt and didn’t realize how much I had hurt you. I was wrong in blaming you for our parents’ death. I have treated you very badly since last year and am very ashamed. I can’t look into your eyes now. I feel so dwarfed with my attitude while you continued to bear my insolence and love me. I want to bring everything back to normal between us. I apologize for everything. I dunno whether you will forgive me or not, but….”

I threw the stool aside and hugged my brother. Tears of happiness found their way out of my eyes and my heart filled with great emotion. I heard Amanda sobbing while Evan sat beaming at us, nodding in appreciation.

“I was never angry at you, bro. You don’t need to seek forgiveness for anything.” Was all I could say before I got too overwhelmed to speak.

When we calmed down, Aaron and I broke the hug and looked at each other. I got another stool and we sat together to finish the breakfast. Amanda continued fussing over us while Evan took my hand under the table and pressed it lightly.

We had a great time talking about everything under the sun with Aaron making us roll in laughter. Aaron told about the weird stuff he had done since last year which sent Amanda over the edge for a minute before we calmed her down. Aaron then went on to talk about last night and how the things had gone at the Mysticus grill. I learnt about Daniel being Evan’s brother. It was then that Aaron spoke.

“Oh and I forgot to thank the person who knocked some sense into my thick skull. Thanks Evan.”

Evan smiled. “Mention not, Aaron.

I was surprised yet again. “You didn’t tell me. When did you talk about this?”

Aaron broke in. “Last night. I couldn’t sleep when he came to my room and talked to me. He made me realize your worth.” Aaron smiled and gave me a hug.

“However,” Aaron continued. “Next time when you come to make me see sense Evan, please don’t walk in smelling of sex.”

I blushed and playfully hit Aaron on the shoulder. Aaron, Amanda and Evan laughed heartily.

“Guys, you should get leaving now. Time for school.” Amanda instructed.

Aaron took the car while Evan decided to drop me in his. I winked at him. We left for school though not without Amanda inviting Evan and his brother to dinner that night.


“Are you sure? I didn’t get any such feeling from him. Your self-centered brother didn’t really like Aaron.” I voiced my doubt as I got out of the car.

“Oh! Daniel is that kind. Doesn’t want to be predictable and stuff. He hates when someone guesses his feelings.” He said slamming his door shut.

“Anyway, how should I thank you for what you’ve done? You’ve just made güvenilir casino life so perfect!” I smiled and watched him come over to me. He put his arms around my waist and pressed me against the car’s side.

Looking into my eyes he gave me a sly grin. “Tonight, I’ll take my thanks. However, let’s check up how much gratitude do you feel right now.”

He came closer to me. His lips were inches from mine when Tyler’s voice boomed across the parking lot.

“Oye! Stop making out and come here!”

I laughed on seeing Evan roll his eyes pissed. We turned to face our gang coming towards us.

“So you two love-birds have ended the hide-n-seek game. I tell ya we knew something was cooking but you guys acted Bean and so did we.” Stephan grinned and messed my hair while giving Evan a hug.

Rebecca came to me and hugged me; she whispered in my ear. “Rachael doesn’t look very happy.”

I turned my eyes to the green-eyed Rachael whose expressions proved the “green-eyed fiend’s” existence. Jealousy.

“Let her be.” I whispered back.

Rebecca retreated winking at me. Chris and his girlfriend Rose congratulated us while Rachael stood pretending nothing important was happening.

Next, we headed to the school café and grabbed our favorite seats. I sat with Evan and Rebecca on either side, while Rachael, Stephan and Tyler sat across the table. Chris and Rose brought the burgers and pizzas while we pulled extra chairs for them. That done we sat down to a hearty meal and began talking about school stuff. True to his nature Tyler began his announcements of our plans.

“Listen guys. We have Halloween next Sunday. There will be a super-cool bash at school and I want everyone to be present with dates. That’s important. Considering that the party rules will be made by me, dates will be mandatory. No dates, no entry. And, I want great costumes. The winner has to be some one from among us. I’d hate some loser walk away with the grand prize.”

After Tyler’s rather pompous and intimidating address, we began talking about the preparations for the “Monster Ball” to be held at Halloween night.

“Good that I found a boyfriend.” Evan whispered in my ears.

“When did I say yes? You should officially ask me out.” I answered with a sarcastic smile without looking at Evan.

“You are so going to regret this tonight, honey.” With this sarcastic comment he pinched me on the thigh.

“Aeow!” I howled.

“What happened, Sean?” Stephan asked while everyone turned their heads towards me.

“Nothing, my foot hit the table leg. So, what were you saying about Halloween?” I tried to cover up.

Tyler gave me a quick, searching look before delving into the subject once again. Evan continued to snigger in the next seat.

Suddenly, my attention was caught the news telecast on the TV in the café. All heads turned in that direction as someone increased the volume. The famous reporter George Keats was on TV speaking.

“The body of a nineteen year old girl was found lying on the Mysticus highway. The girl has been identified as Tara Smith. The local authorities are saying it’s an animal attack. The girl was found by a local resident who was returning to town. Sources tell that he reported seeing the girl’s throat having been ripped open. The Sheriff has asked people not to panic. The situation shall be looked into. Any further reports will be given soon.”

There was a commotion and we looked behind and saw Emily Smith from my class cring hysterically. Her friends were gathered and trying to console her. Apparently, Tara was Emily’s elder sister who was returning to town after three year. I felt sad for her and turned to Evan.

Evan looked troubled. He seemed to be thinking something that was bothering him. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“What happened, Evan?”

He shook as if coming out from a trance. “I got to go somewhere. I’ll be there for dinner tonight.” He kissed me on the cheek and left in great haste.

I watched him go. Why was he acting so awkward? Why had the news troubled him so much? Such questions were forming in my mind when Rebecca said. “Let’s go and try to console her.”

I nodded and walked wit the others towards Emily. But, my thoughts were still hung on Evan and his awkward reaction.

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