Keri Wants To Get Pierced Pt. 02

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Gina Valentina

Please read my other story about Keri and her aunt Helen first.

(of course everybody in the story is 18 years or older)


It was the morning after her aunt Helen had caught Keri with her piercings and they had spent the rest of the night having amazing sex. Keri was still half asleep, but something inside her pussy started to vibrate. First very slowly, but gradually it became more and more intense. Now somebody was sucking on her left nipple! She opened her eyes and looked right in to Helen’s eyes. Helen smiled, but kept on sucking and nibbling on her nipple for a while. “Good morning darling” she finally said. “Are you enjoying yourself?” Helen sat up straight and Keri noticed something near her clit. She stood up and looked at herself in the full length mirror. There was a shoelace threaded through her labia piercings, which was tied into a bow at the top. A wire came out below the lowest set of piercings and went to a control box. “I couldn’t resist playing with you whilst you were still asleep. I put one of my vibrating egg toys in there.” Helen had a second egg in her hand and she held it against Keri’s clit, whilst it was set to the highest setting. Keri came almost immediately!

Once Keri’s orgasm had worn of, Helen unlaced her pussy and took the egg out. “I can’t believe you have these toys, until yesterday I didn’t even think of you as a very sexual person. But here you are with pierced nipples and vibrators!” Helen laughed, “I mourned about your uncle for years, but it wasn’t long after he died that I began buying sextoys. First a vibrator, then a dildo and these eggs. Later I bought some bigger dildos and other fun stuff.” Keri couldn’t believe how openly she was talking about sex with her aunt, but she felt a sense of freedom like never before. “What about your nipple rings? When I asked about getting my ears pierced, you were so against it.”

“You were only 8 or 9 when you asked that, I never said you could have them pierced later on. When I bought one of my toys, it came with a free porn DVD. One of the girls in it had pierced nipples. I found it such a turn-on, I just knew I had to get mine done! So I bought some jewellery on-line and used a big needle from the first aid kit.” Keri smiled and replied “this sounds bahis firmaları so familiar”.

“How did you get the holes in your nipples so big? I doubt you did that in one go?” “No, I stretched them, I went 1mm bigger about every month and yesterday I was finally able to put these hollow inserts in.”

“Liked I said yesterday, I love them and I want to stretch mine as well. Did you do the same with you pussy?”

“No, I used an eyelet punching machine from the Peterson’s workshop to put them in. It actually cut small pieces of flesh out.”

“You did this at work?!? How did you manage to do that without them noticing?”

“It’s summer break, so they go and look after their grandkids during the week. They gave me a key, so I could work on a private project. They had no idea I wasn’t talking about making clothes” she smiled. “Come to think of it, its Thursday today isn’t it? They’ll be back tomorrow, so if you were serious about getting your pussy pierced we’d better do it today!”

Keri went through her, previously secret, box of piercing stuff and found the tube of numbing creme. “Put some of this on your labia, it will numb the pain a bit.” Helen and Keri put some clothes on and went over to the Peterson’s workshop. Helen had to strip and sit on the floor with her legs spread. Keri made her put her legs behind to table legs, so that if she flinched she couldn’t close her legs. Helen’s labia where a bit bigger/longer then Keri’s, so they decided to put seven rings in each of her lips. Keri held the machine near the first of the marked points and looked into Helen’s eyes. She had a ruler in her mouth, so she had something to bit down on for the pain. Helen nodded and Keri counted down from 3 to 1. Helen made a lot of noise when the machine punched the first hole in her flesh. “Quickly do the rest, before I change my mind!” So that’s what Keri did. They then cleaned the workshop and went back home. Helen took some painkillers and a sleeping tablet and went to bed. She stayed in bed for the next few days, whilst Keri looked after the farm. She told the Peterson’s that her aunt Helen had done her back in and that she had to help out on the farm for a while.

Keri played with herself while Helen was still recovering. Whilst kaçak iddaa out in the fields, she noticed how big the eggplants had become. She had masturbated with small cucumbers before, but never with an eggplant. They were only about 2/3 the size of their final size, but they already seemed to be on the big side for Keri. She took a few home and started to play with them. The smallest of the 3 went in surprisingly easy and it felt really great to be so full. Keri quickly started to fuck the biggest eggplant. First slowly, but after a while she was really slamming it in fast and deep. After her third orgasm, she lay back to catch her breath with the eggplant still buried in her wet pussy. It was almost all the way in her. She then remembered the way Helen had laced the egg vibrator in her pussy, the ribbon was still on her bed stand. It was a bit fiddly, but she managed to loosely thread the ribbon through all of her piercings. When she pulled on the ribbon, her lips just closed over the eggplant. It was now totally hidden inside of her. She tied a bow in the ends of the ribbon and got out of bed. The sensation of walking around with a fully stretched out pussy felt great. She decided she would leave it in for the rest of the day.

Keri went into the kitchen and started to make dinner for her and Helen. French fries with hamburgers, she wasn’t a star in the kitchen. Helen normally did the cooking. She took the food and some plates and cutlery into Helens room. “Wake up honey, dinner is served!” Helen opened her eyes and saw a naked Keri with a plate full of food and a ribbon & bow on her pussy. “Now that’s room service!”

“I know it’s only fast-food, but it’s all I could manage.”

“Don’t worry about it Keri, I’m feeling much better. I’ll cook a proper meal tomorrow.”

Keri then said, “Oh, I totally forgot about the salad!” and she started to undo the ribbon. Helen was surprised to see that there was something in Keri’s pussy. Keri pulled out the eggplant and said “I know it’s still raw, but maybe you can lick it and taste me. It’s been in there since this morning.” Most of the food stayed untouched as they spent most of the night exploring each others bodies, piercings and fucking the eggplant.

The next mooring the both went kaçak bahis out to work on the farm. It was a hot day and pretty soon they were covered in sweat. Their farm was very remote. On the west side was the house and the barns, all other sides of the field were surrounded by a dense forest. “I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s too nice to wear clothes today. Nobody can see us here and we’ve seen each other naked before” said Helen as she smiled and started to strip. Keri also got naked and they kept on working in the fields for about half an hour. “We’d better put some sunblock on before we turn into lobsters.” They started to rub the creme all over each other’s bodies and ended up kissing and fingering each other until the both orgasemd. “Better get some more work done, darling” said Helen.

When they stopped for lunch, Helen asked Keri about the eggplant she had in her pussy the night before. “Did you really have that big thing in you for most of the day?”

“Yes, it was such a great feeling to be walking around with something so big stuck inside of me.”

“So that was the biggest thing you’ve ever had in your pussy?”

“Yes, how about you. Have you ever had anything that big?”

“I’ve had a bigger eggplant inside of me a few times, but only the top bit. I do have a dildo that is about the same width as the eggplant you had yesterday.”

Helen walked over to the field full of eggplants and picked a big one. She then took the shoelaces out of her work boots and said to Keri “pick yourself an eggplant to, something that is slightly bigger than the one you had yesterday.” Keri was still looking for something she might be able to fit in her pussy, whilst Helen had already started to fuck her eggplant. The noises that Helen started to make got Keri’s juices flowing and she quickly picked a decent size eggplant. If she hadn’t been so horny, she might have picked a smaller one, but she had to have something inside of her. It took a while for the ladies pussies to stretch wide enough to take the entire eggplant. Once they were almost completely in, they started lacing each other up. They stood up with the vegetables buried in their bodies. They felt really full and at first they walked a bit funny. But their bodies soon adjusted to their invaders. As they went back to work Keri said “tonight, can you teach me how to cook something with these eggplants?”

“Sure honey, I don’t know what recipe we will use, but they sure will be marinated nicely :-)”

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