Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 02

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My anal play version of synergy Ch. 2.


I wake up early and refreshed as always. I leave my two beauties warm in bed together, they can sleep in. I make my way down the stairs to the gym where Jini my personal trainer is waiting.

“You’re later than usual. Someone keep you up last night?” Jini asks playfully.

“Someone, no, sometwo, … maybe.” I grin.

“Well then, you need to stretch.”

As we work out I allow my mind to wander. Jini has been my trainer for almost 3 years now. She is 35 but has a gymnast’s body. Huge strong legs small breasts barely hidden by her sports bra. I would never actually take her to bed, she is an employee, but those legs in those yoga pants. I can almost taste the sweat off her ass as she slowly un-peels her leggings exposing her moist center. I picture her under me, her strong muscles massaging my cock as I go down into her again, and again, and again.

“67, 68, 69, 70”

I come back to reality in the push-up position.

“Alright, I think that’s enough for today, you can cool off and go shower.” Jini trails off momentarily.

We both notice my erection at the same time.

“2 women and you’re still ready to go? Tell Deb I said to make it 3.”

I blush but its nothing she hasn’t seen before. I tell her “There is no amount of women that will get me through an hour with you.”

She smiles and leaves with her equipment, waving her hand behind her.

Deb pokes her head in the office. “Ms. Stein to see you.”

“Of course, send her in.”

In walks a woman in her mid 30s wearing a one piece black dress coming just below her knees. Her eyes are silver and her hair is a natural dusty blond. She approaches quickly to shake my hand.

“A pleasure to meet you Mr. Toke.”

“Please call me Daniel.”

“Thank you Daniel and you can call me at midnight on a Sunday if this deal goes through.”

“These projections seem high. Do you have the data to support them?”

“Your hotel hosts an average of 421 people per night, an expectation of 20% dine in the hotel puts our restaurant profit projections well within an acceptable range.”

“How erotik film izle soon can you be ready to move on this project?”

“I have one world class chef and 20 other veteran staff ready and willing to relocate and ensure this projects success within a month.”

“That’s impressive.”

“Are the terms agreeable?”

“Well honestly if you can mobilize this quickly, it may be prudent to alter some of the plans in order to ensure that we can open as soon as you’re prepared for, I’d hate to dally.”

“That seems appropriate.”

“I’ll get my accountants and lawyers to adjust the paperwork to reflect the new timetable and we can meet again to go ever everything by the end of the week.”

“I look forward to working with you Daniel.” Stacy stands and presents her hand.

I bow to kiss it “And you Ms. Stein.”

She blushes “Stacy.”

“Of course Stacy.”

As Stacy leaves Jim Heart my CFO enters the room.

“How’d it go?”

“I think I’m in love.”

“That bad?” He smirks

“I kissed her hand.”

Jim’s jaw drops “You know this is a joint venture not a merger right?”

“I know, I know.”

“I’ve seen you do this before, you don’t need to get hurt again. Besides you plow through 3-4 women a week, what do you need her for?”

“I know, I know. She is just so strong, so confident, so, powerful.”

“She is a career woman, she doesn’t need you, that’s why you want her.”

“What’s wrong with respecting a woman who can pull her own weight.”

“Nothing as long as it doesn’t get your heart broken and cost you millions of dollars in a divorce or lawsuits. Things are pretty good for you right now, try not to screw it up. Oh and I looked over the numbers. Make the deal. Platonically if possible.”

As the day finishes I exit my office and see Debora approaching.

“Wow Stacy is something else isn’t she?”

” Who?” Debora asks

“Ms. Stein”

“Ohh of course, I don’t think I can book her for you if that’s what you are asking.” Deb smiles

I blush “No of course not, I’m just saying she seems pretty amazing.”

“She owns 41, 5 star restaurants. She would film izle eat you alive.”

“And you wouldn’t?”

“Say the word.”

“You know I can’t.”

Deb changes the subject “You remember Jebra Donnelly?”

“The history major? We went skiing a few months ago.”

“The history graduate student. And now apparently the history graduate. She got accepted at a local museum and wanted to give you a tour.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“You will be dining at one of Ms. Stein’s restaurants, The Stein House. I thought it appropriate that you sample the cuisine.”

“Excellent foresight, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Your car and Ms. Donnelly are awaiting you outside.”

Out the front door is a blue Porsche Carrera GT with 560 HP and no respect for authority. In the passenger seat rests an equally stunning 24 year old blond, girl next door with firm perky tits and the roundest butt that can be found on a white girl from queens. I climb in and close the door.

“Nice car.”

“Thanks, nice shoes” They are nice, open toed pumps that perfectly match her green skirt and blouse.

“Hows the ride?”

“It’s not as good as you, but close.” Jebra is forced back into the seat as we accelerate away.

We are seated as soon as we arrive at a table for two. The service is impeccable and we both enjoy our meal, sharing some stories and jokes when I see her. Stacy is looking straight at me from the back of the restaurant. She must have found out about the reservation and come to personally ensure that my meal went perfect. I suddenly feel self conscious. I can’t help but wonder why. We have only met once, and do I expect Stacy to believe that I’m celibate. I attempt to return to the conversation but I’m to distracted so I tell Jebra that I’m ready to visit her museum and we depart.

Jebra is a machine in this museum. Spewing facts and witty remarks as fast as she can breath. I try to keep up but I’m still preoccupied thinking about Stacy.

“And if you follow me through this door I have something special that I want to show you.” Jebra leads me past an employees only sign. “This exhibit is not being showcased seks filmi izle to the public” She leads me down a long flight of stairs and into a dark room. Jebra turns to me and attaches her lips to mine. She reaches inside my pants as we continue to kiss passionately. My penis begins to respond and my thoughts of Stacy disappear. Jebra undoes my pants as I get my hands inside her shirt massaging those wonderful breasts. Jebra bends down to insert my quickly inflating cock into her mouth. I lean back and begin unbuttoning my shirt as she licks each side of my shaft and then swirls her tongue around the bulb of my penis.

She stands up and I push her back to a heavy wooden showcase table and sit the edge of her butt on it. Jebra unbuttons her blouse and removes her bra releasing those beautiful globes. She then hikes up her skirt revealing no panties and a fully waxed vulva. I dive in, her hands running through my hair as she leans back to enjoy sensation. I lick the entire length of her labia and clamp down on her pleasure center swirling my tongue and working it between my lips. Jebra begins to arch her back and I work my fingers into her slippery canal. I then insert my thumb into her vagina and my index finger into her butt driving her wild. As I work her pussy ass and clit at the same time I insert another finger to her butthole driving her into an orgasm. I then add a third and a fourth finger, now fully fisting her asshole as she tries without success to come down from the high of her orgasm. I can feel ripple after ripple of pleasure coursing through her as she struggles to retain her balance with only her head, her butt and her heels for support. She grinds my face into her swollen clit, gushing all over my face.

I finally let her relax and she turns me around to lay me on the table then climbs on top of the table to mount me cowgirl. I grab those ass cheeks firmly as she gyrates on my prick milking me headlong toward orgasm. She slows seeing the desperation in my eyes, Jebra leans down to insert her nipple into my mouth. I lick it and grind my teeth across it driving her wild. She returns to her former pace closing her eyes and bouncing her ass cheeks on my lap riding me until we both climax together. She slows but does not stop absorbing every drop of my ejaculate inside of her.

Jebra leads me back to my car, my cum still running down her leg as I drive her home.

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