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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 6 – Cleats and the lost cherry Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

I have not received feedback for several chapters. Should I continue to post the story or not? Let me know. You don”t know how important feedback is. The story is written out to about 30 chapters and I”m editing and posting as fast as I can.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

I”m honored that you took time from your day to read my story. Please let me know that you read it. I don”t want to write if there are no readers.

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Chapter 6

Andrew went to his room. He was really excited since he liked playing soccer and the boys were all cute, except for Sour Patch. As for the coach, well, he was really hot. Andrew realized he was starting to check out older men and was getting funny feelings when he saw them and always tried to imagine what they looked like naked. The coach was muscular and had stubble on his face. He was definitely packing something in his shorts too; the nylon shorts clung to his cock. Andrew was really drawn to him and wanted to figure out how to get to see the coach naked.

When Andrew reminded her, Mom refused to go get cleats. She “was busy” and his dad got home too late to go to the store. Soccer practice was still two days away, so he would try again tomorrow.

That night, after dinner, Andrew stripped off and got ready for his bath time with daddy.

“Dad, soccer was really fun, but I needed cleats. Can you make sure I get them tomorrow? Mom wouldn”t take me today.”

“I”ll ask her and if she won”t get them, I”ll make sure we go when I get home tomorrow.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

Kent scrubbed his budding athlete and got Andrew out of the tub and over to bed.

As was the routine, the two got into bed together.



“Our coach is pretty sexy. He”s got hairy legs and his shorts make it look like he”s got a big dick too!”

“Do you like that, son? You need to be careful. You can”t let the coach know you”re looking, and whatever you do, don”t try to get him to do any sexy stuff. You know that men and boys have to keep that secret. If anyone finds out, we won”t be able to do it.”

“I know, Daddy. He saw me looking at him, and when he did, he licked his lips. I looked away, Daddy. Was that bad?”

“No son, but don”t let him catch you looking at him like that. You don”t know what he”s thinking. He might be interested in playing, but he probably won”t be nice like I am. He may hurt you.”

“I know, Daddy. I love you and I only want to please you.” Andrew focused on making his daddy feel good. He always licked and jerked his daddy”s throbbing cock until it erupted and he got to swallow his daddy”s cum. “Daddy, do I make you happy?”

“Of course, son, you”re my special boy.”

The next day, Mom refused to go get the cleats. “Your dad can take you when he gets home, I don”t know how to do these stupid boy things.”

Kent arrived home, and they had dinner. After dinner, he took Andrew over to the sporting goods store. They looked through the footwear section and found a cleat that looked nice. A young man came over to help. “What size do you need?” he asked.

“I don”t know.” Kent responded.

“Come here and step on this device so I can measure your foot.” He said to Andrew.

Andrew went over and put his foot on the thing. The young man slid a bar until it pressed on his toe and then pushed another bar into the side of his foot.

“Champ, how old are you?” His face was right in Andrew”s crotch.

“I”m nine and a half,” Andrew responded.

“Well, you”ve got a pretty big foot for someone your age. You”re going to need a size 6 shoe. Most boys your age need a 4 or maybe a 5. Let me go see what we have.” He looked at Kent and nodded at Andrew”s crotch. “Dad, you might want to think about a jock and cup, if his foot size is any indication. We wouldn”t want the family jewels to get hurt while flopping around.” The young man said, with a wink to Kent.

A few minutes passed, and the young man came back empty handed. “I”m sorry, but we don”t have that size. I can get them from the other store, and they”ll be here tomorrow.”

“How far is the other store? Can we go get them? ” Kent asked.

“It”s over off route 83, but you”ll be too late if you go tonight. They close in 15 minutes. They”ll be here by noon tomorrow.”

“Thanks, please have ankara escort them sent over. I appreciate it. We can get that jock tomorrow too. Please hold the shoes for Owens.”

“Will do, sir. Have a good night. You too, champ!”

They left the store disappointed. There weren”t many other options this late in the evening. “Sorry son, you”ll have to wait. I hope mom can get them for you before the match.”

“Dad, practice is at 10, I won”t have them. Coach is going to be mad.”

“Tell him what happened and that you”ll have them by Saturday.”

“OK” Andrew was disappointed and scared that the coach would be upset. He didn”t want the man to dislike him.

Andrew was afraid how the coach would react. He wanted to please him, but not having his cleats would be a disappointment. As he rode to practice, he was trying to figure out what to say.

He ran over to the coach. “Coach, I”m sorry but the store was out of my size cleats and they will have them later today. I will have them by the match on Saturday. I”m really sorry.”

“Son, if you can play well without them today, they will only make you better. Just give it your best today.”

“I will.” Andrew paused. “Coach?”

“Yes, Owens?”

“Do I need a jock? The guy at the store said with as big of a foot as I have, I probably need a jock. I”m not sure what he meant.” Andrew asked.

“Ha! What he was saying is that guys with big feet have big, well, dicks. And a jock will keep it in place. Come here.”

Andrew stepped up to the coach.

“Let me see your kit so I can tell you.”


“Pull your shorts out so I can see your underwear. I”ll tell you if you should get a jock or not.”

Andrew pulled out his waistband but grabbed his underwear as well. He was on full display to the coach. He was happy to show his dick to the coach, and the coach was sure happy to see it. He was getting tingly, and he started to get a boner. The coach took a look and saw that Andrew was a bit larger than most of the boys, but nothing exceptional. “You could probably do with a jock, so be sure to get one. You can show me how it fits at the match. Put your dick away before it grows any larger.” Coach offered and winked at Andrew.

“Thanks!” Andrew went off to join the pack in their laps.

Practice went the same as the other day, with the grass progressively getting slicker. “Owens, time to sit on the sideline, enough of the slip and slide. I don”t want you hurt before the match.”

As the practice ended, the boys huddled up with the coach. “Boys, you”ve all done great. I want you to know I”m proud of each of you.”

“What about Owens? The little faggot can”t stay on his feet!”

“Watch your language Sour Patch! He”s better than you are, even when he slips. We are a team. You all support each other or get off the team. We won”t tolerate any bad behavior, and I will kick you off the team if you keep it up!”

Sours was upset and ran off to his mom, and they left. The coach grabbed Andrew. “I see you are doing very well. I can”t wait until the match to see how you play properly equipped. Remember, come see me for an equipment check before the match! We can”t have a jock hurt your goodies, can we?”

Andrew turned bright red. “No, I guess not. I will get the cleats and jock and show you coach!” Andrew was chubbing up thinking about showing the coach again. He also noticed that the coach”s shorts were a bit fuller as he ran to get his bike.

Andrew was happy as he rode home. Getting the cleats would make him so much better. His boner was slowly going down as he rode.

Mom was home when he got there, but he didn”t bother asking her to take him to get the cleats. He waited until Daddy got home, and they went over to pick up the cleats.

“Hi Mr. Owens, the cleats have arrived. Please allow me to retrieve them.” He ran off. When he returned, he addressed Andrew. “Champ, sit down and take off your shoes so we can try them on!” The clerk ran to grab the cleats. He quickly pulled them out of the box and got on the floor in front of Andrew, who was still in his soccer shorts. The clerk laced up the cleats and grabbed Andrew”s calf and helped slide them on. He slid his hand up to the knee, and as Andrew stretched out his leg, his hand went a little bit further.

Andrew liked the feel of the young clerk”s hand under his thigh and wiggled a bit hoping it would go higher up and find his boy bits.

Once he had the cleats on, the clerk helped Andrew up so he could see how they felt. “We have some turf over there. Take a run up and down to see how they feel.”

Andrew quickly ran over and tried them out. He really liked how they helped him not slip and slide. He trotted back over to his dad and the clerk. “They feel great! Daddy, the coach said I needed a jock just like you did. Can I get one?”

“Sure. Where do you stock those?” Kent asked the clerk.

“Right this way.” He escort ankara led them over to the athletic supporter section. “Do you need a cup or not?”

Kent jumped in, “A cup is preferred. As you said, we don”t want to hurt the family jewels.”

“Cool, so these all have a pouch for the cup. Champ, come here so we can fit one for you.” The clerk picked one out and held it up to Andrew”s package and pressed it in. “Do you feel anything pinching?” The clerk was definitely enjoying this part of his job. Kent noticed that he was getting a bit bolder and thought he would just let him have fun.

“No, it feels funny though.”

“They can at first, as long as it”s not smashing your twigs and berries, it fits right.”

“My twigs and berries?” Andrew looked confused.

“That”s slang for your penis and testicles because they look like a twig and berries.”

“Maybe yours is a twig, but mine is a log.” Andrew started giggling. The clerk turned red.

Kent was laughing. “It”s not that big, son.”

“Here, if I use my hand instead of the cup, how does that feel?” Kent knew what the guy was up to but wasn”t about to stop the fun.

“That feels good.” It certainly did, Andrew was boning up again. The fingers were tickling Andrews”s balls, and there was just enough motion up and down to help him inflate quickly.

“Now let”s get your waist size. Can I peek in your shorts to see the size?”

“Sure,” Andrew said as he drew the front of his shorts out.

The clerk turned another shade of red as he saw into Andrews” shorts and the prize he had been fondling. “Um, the size is usually in the back, Champ.”

“Oh!” Andrew let go of the waistband and turned around. The clerk pulled out the waistband to get the size and handed them the correct jockstrap. He got a great view of Andrew”s white globes and started to stutter as he continued. “Th-Th-This one should work.”

“Do I get to try it on?” Andrew asked.

“No son, we”ll take it home for that.” Kent was beginning to get a bit jealous. He knew the clerk would have gladly assisted in that. He was checking out HIS boy. Was Andrew aware of his actions, or was he just a natural at handling the boy lovers?

They checked out, and as they were leaving, the clerk gave him his card and told them to call with any other needs. His eyes met Kent”s, and he winked. Kent knew exactly what that meant, and his mind was racing as they left the store. “Thank you, Paul.” Kent said as he noticed the guy”s name on his card as they left.

Andrew”s mom and dad came to the match on Saturday.

Andrew proudly ran over to the coach and showed him his cleats. “I even got a jock. Wanna see?”

“Sure, just come over here so we can have some privacy.”

Andrew ran over to the side, and when the coach caught up, he pulled out his pants to show off his new equipment. “Very nice Owens. Very nice.” The coach said. “Let”s get back out and play a match!”

Both teams lined up on their sides. Their goalies ran to the box and the team made a line and kicked balls at their own goalie. The coach dropped or rolled a ball to each player as they came forward. Once each player had done that they got into position for the face off.

The ball flew by Andrew and was kicked forward by Sour Patch. Andrew was able to pass it to a forward, who made a goal.

The coach yelled, “Great teamwork. Owens, way to hustle out there.”

Sours” mother was sitting next to Kent and Dorothy. She was just like her son and didn”t like Andrew. “Hey, look at that Owens boy. He”s number 10. Thank God he got his cleats. This game would have been a disaster if he hadn”t gotten them. At practice, he was so funny. He would run and slip because he didn”t have cleats. What kind of parent would let their kid play without the right gear? After he fell, he would stand up and pull his shoes back on and fix his socks even if the ball was coming at him.” She laughed. “No wonder the kids all pick on him. They say he”s just a little faggot boy.”

Dorothy had no idea that it was only this lady”s son and not the entire team that did that. She quickly got up and left the bleachers to get away from this woman. Kent let her wander off while he watched the rest of the match. He was really disturbed by this woman, but Andrew hadn”t really said anything about the kids picking on him.

As the match continued, Andrew successfully blocked a number of passes and even got a goal himself as he returned a ball that was being kicked down field. They were all just learning and didn”t have fixed positions or a sense of offense and defense players.

After the match, they went to the car but it was gone. Dorothy had taken off. They wandered back and found the coach and explained that Dorothy had to leave and wondered if he could give them a ride home. He agreed.

“Andrew, you”re doing great out there. I”m so glad you got the cleats. Dad, you should be proud of your ankara escort bayan son. He”s one hot little player.” Coach made a mistake, but figured Kent didn”t take it negatively; “hot little player” could simply mean he”s good.Kent ignored that as he had already gotten the vibe from Coach Gus.

“He really likes to play, coach, I hope this helps him. He”s had a hard time making friends, and this seems like the perfect thing to keep him occupied.

When they got home, Dorothy was still fuming. “Why are you such an embarrassment? Even the other parents make fun of you. They said you fall down all the time and then they laugh as you put your shoes back on and pull up your socks.” She went silent. “Just go to your room.”

Kent jumped in. “Honey, he was the star of the game, he”s not going to his room.”

“Mom, I fell because I didn”t have cleats. The grass is usually damp and very slippery. I didn”t slip today, not now that I have cleats. You saw how well I was playing. The coach even yelled out to me!” Andrew pleaded with her, but knew it was pointless.

“Stop embarrassing me. Apparently, the other kids think you”re a little faggot. Do you want them to think that?” Andrew went to his room on his own. He didn”t want to be around his mom. He was hurt that his mom would say that and believe it. Not one more word was spoken by Dorothy to Andrew the rest of the night. In his room, he changed his clothes and hid in a book. He hoped Daddy was going to come rescue him?

When his daddy finally came to his room, Andrew just wanted to please him and feel like he wasn”t a big mistake and a loser.

“Son, I”m sorry your mom reacted like she did. Some lady told her all of that stuff.”

“I know Daddy, but there is only one boy that calls me a faggot and asks me if I want to suck his dick.” Andrew sobbed.

“Why does he think that you would suck him?” Kent had an idea since he”s seen his son check out the other boys, especially Kerry.

“I don”t know, Daddy, I never talk about what we do or anything.”

“I know you play with Kerry. Did he say anything?”

“No, daddy, he wouldn”t say anything. He likes me, and the more we play, the better friends we become. He wouldn”t want to hurt me. Besides, I don”t think he knows any of the players on the team. Is it OK that I play with Kerry?”

“Son, you can play with any boy or girl, but you have to make sure you don”t get caught and that they don”t tell. It would be very bad. You could get hurt, or they could take you away from here and put me in jail.” Kent was now speaking in a serious tone.

“Daddy, I wouldn”t ever tell about what we do. I like being your special boy and really do enjoy pleasing you. You treat me differently than mom. But daddy, Kerry knows.”

“What do you mean, son?”

“When I slept over, the reason I came home was that his dad caught us playing. Kerry was sucking me. But daddy, he plays with his dad too. When he told me that, I told him that we played too. He won”t tell anyone, not even his dad.”

“Well, your mom told me she doesn”t want you to play soccer anymore, but I think I can fix it. But I want you to do something for me. Let”s get you your bath and we can talk some more.”

After the bath, the two laid in bed together as usual, and Kent stripped naked. “Andrew, tonight I want to rub my dick in your bum. I won”t push it inside you, but I want to rub it on your crack.”

“I will do anything to please you, daddy, because you aren”t mean like mom.” Andrew reached back and grabbed his daddy”s cock.

“Daddy, your cock is even more slippery tonight.”

“Yes son, I really want to do this. Now when I get close, I want you to turn around and swallow all my cum, okay?”

“Yes, can I suck on it too?”

Kent drug the head of his cock across Andrew”s crack to spread out the lube. He pulled Andrew close and rubbed his cock up and down. Every time he passed over Andrew”s rosebud, the boy moaned in pleasure. A few times, he poked it in and started to get it to open up. This was such a turn on. “Son, I”m about to, ugh, blow, ugh.”

Andrew was so excited that he flipped around and opened his mouth wide to catch all of Daddy”s cum. He swallowed it all down. He continued to suck and lick on the head. Kent had to push him off before it drove him too crazy.

“Son, that was great. I have some other fun things we can do next time. You need to get some sleep.” He got up and kissed his boy on the lips before leaving the room. The taste of his boy and his own cum ignited his groin again, and he quickly ran off to rub another one out while the memory was still fresh.

Kent was grooming his boy well. It was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted.

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