Black Forest Panthers Ch. 02

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***Thank you everyone for all your kind words and feedback. I really do appreciate it. I am submitting this self edited story because I did not want you to wait longer then you had to for part 2 but I am in the market for an editor/proofreader so if you know someone that knows someone that knows something send me a message ;)***




***** — Keith

Three songs later, Kade came barreling through backstage security, straight towards me. He was obviously pissed. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to find Damien. Being away from him made my chest feel like it was on fire.

“What the hell you fucktard! You made us look like idiots out there!” Yep, he was definitely pissed.

“Relax Kade. It turned out ok. I don’t even think anyone noticed.” I was trying to end this quickly. I couldn’t get my mind off of Damien. Something just didn’t feel right. Kade could tell I was distracted, and that seemed to piss him off even more.

Getting right in my face he glared and bared his teeth, speaking to me in a low growl.

“Don’t let rank fool you Bro. If I catch you slacking like that again, I’ll lay you out.” I was still distracted and didn’t completely get everything he said; which may have been the reason why he felt the need to grab my face.

Unfortunately for him I was so distracted by the thought that something might seriously be wrong with Damien that his attempt to talk down to me pissed me off.

Without thinking I grabbed his throat with a grip so tight he instantly began to gag. Travis jumped a bit, maybe to try and stop me, but something in me looked at him in such a way that he backed down. I didn’t even realize I was hurting Kade until Vaughn yelled. “Keith! What the hell are you doing Keith? He’s turning blue!”

I let him go so fast he fell. “Kade…” Shaking my head I tried to get a grip. “I-I’m sorry.” Looking down at Kade with my heart beat finally slowing I could feel it. Rage and fear, a fear so tangible I could almost taste it. My heart was suddenly pounding again and then I knew. I was losing him. Something was happening and I was losing him.

I staggered back against the wall, my eyes blurring and turning a bright green. I could feel my skin ripple as if I would shift right there.

Travis was next to me in an instant.

“Keith! What the hell are you doing? What is wrong with you?”

“Damien…” My voice trailed off and I started to run.

I could hear Travis and the twins behind me as I ran towards the back of the building. I knew with all my heart and soul that whoever was hurting him would pay.

***** — Damien

Sitting out by the curb, my tears finally drying I could hear that Keith’s set was over. I didn’t want him to think I just skipped out on him. Wiping my face I tried to make myself look presentable as I stood up to walk back in. I heard a noise that sounded like a wounded animal but only made me wary. I was backing towards the door, keeping my eyes on the shadows when two huge burly men came out from behind the dumpster. Their faces looking mean and angry as they glared at me, I could hear one of them laughing, a low sinister sound that made my skin break out in goose bumps

“Uh.. I was just going inside.” I stumbled as I backed away.

One of them lunged at me and grabbed me by the hair. “You’re not going anywhere. You are a pretty little one aren’t you? Seems you’re just in time for some fun.”

The other one punched me in the face and as I screamed, feeling my nose bleeding and running down my shirt. The one with his hand attached to my hair punched me in the stomach and I think I felt my ribs crack. “Stop screaming you little bitch.”

My body hurt. I was so scared as one of them tried to unbutton my pants. With my body trembling and my heart racing I felt my head explode.

I was suddenly collapsing to my knees with my palms thrust out, my head spinning. The hand was ripped out of my hair and there was black spots circling my vision.

I heard the back door of the club burst open and somehow knew that I was safe and could give into the blackness that was sucking me in.


Bursting through the doors I came up short, staring at the scene in the ally. Two huge men were suspended against the building with nothing holding them up. As my eyes caught sight of Damien I saw that he was bleeding and when he collapsed the two men also fell.

My body shaking with rage I raced towards one of the men and punched him so hard I heard his scull crack. Then Travis and Kade were there pulling me off the guy. Kade was yelling.

“Keith! casino şirketleri Stop. You’re going to kill him!”

Vaughn’s hands were around my torso as the other two were holding me back. Only the sound of Damien light whimper pulled me back. I let my body relax and the six arms around me let go.

I turned and jogged over to Damien, gently picking him up and cradling him in my arms, checking to see how injured he was. I could feel the tears falling freely from my face as I felt his steady pulse.

“He’s alive but he needs a doctor. Someone call an ambulance!”

I looked up to see Kade and Vaughn just staring at me as I rocked back and forth with Damien in my arms. Travis was pulling out his cell phone to dial 911.

“What the hell was that Keith?” Kade’s voice was still rough from having my hands around his neck earlier.

“I’m sorry Kade. I guess I just lost it when I knew those guys were hurting him.”

“No not that you dipshit. Didn’t you see those guys just hanging in the air?”

“Uh… Yeah I guess I did. What about it?”

“Well don’t you think that’s pretty fucking crazy?”

I looked up at him, my eyes steady and calm. “This is my mate Kade, so no I don’t think so.”

I sighed as he just glared down at me.

“Dad always said that when a human mates with a shifter they can develop powers. They have to be able to hold their own against us even though they are human.”

“Oh…” I could see his eyes filling up with anger.

“So I guess you really are a queer. We always wondered why you brushed all those girls off. But here you are mated to that little faggot”

I could feel my eyes turn at his words but before I could say anything Travis grabbed Kade and interrupted “The ambulance will be here in a few minutes and Kade, seriously… now is not the time.”

I could hear Kade’s grumble of “fucking queers.” as he walked away.

Vaughn looked down at me and tucked his hands into his front pockets, rocking back on the balls of his feet. “Well… this should be interesting.”

***** — Damien

I woke up feeling groggy and kind of sore. God I need to stand up to those bullies one of these days. I can’t let them keep doing this to me. As I tried to turn over I felt my arm tug. I opened my eyes to see a head lying on my arm, arms held protectively around it. I reached out to touch the long brown hair when I realized I couldn’t move my other arm. Looking at it I saw it was hooked up to an IV…an IV oh shit I’m in the hospital. As I looked around the room the events finally played back; the fight with Jo, the guys in the ally, them being held up in the air. I tried to shake my head to try to clear away the fog when I noticed there was another person in the room on the other side of my bed. His head was at the foot of the bed, his hands resting on my ankle and he was snoring softly. As I studied his face his eyes opened and he smiled.

“You’re awake.”

I tried to nod my head but it made me dizzy so I leaned it back against the bed. The arms on my arm tightened and I looked down to see Jo’s tear streaked face looking at me.

“Oh my god, Damien I was so worried.” Her hands came up to cup my face. “I’m so sorry sweetie. I can’t believe the things I said to you. I was just…I was just jealous and I’m so sorry that I made you leave.” Her tears started to fall and she shook sobbing on my shoulder. I gently stroked the back of her head.

“It’s okay. I know you really didn’t mean anything by it.”

I looked over to see Keith standing next to the bed.

“You.. You saved me. I remember.”

He shook his head and mouthed the word “Later” and motioned with his head at Joanna.

I nodded understanding. Things were kind of blurry and nodding my head wasn’t helping any but I was pretty sure some freaky shit went on. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but I just put it out of my mind for later.

Jo sat back in her chair looking up at me as she wiped away her tears with a tissue.

“It’s okay Jo. I know you didn’t really mean it.”

She sniffled. “I was such a bitch. You know I love you right?”

“Always and forever Sis.”

I tried to smile and winced. Bringing my hand up to my face I realized that my nose was throbbing and there was a bandage over it.

“Did.. Is my nose broken?”

Keith nodded. “They reset it already and it should heal in no time. No worries.”

I tried moving more but my side ached. “My ribs too?”

“No thankfully those were just bruised and the Doc said you probably have a concussion.”

“Well that’s not too bad casino firmaları I guess. Jo… Where’s Grams?”

“Oh she just stepped out to get some coffee. She was pretty shaken up but she’s going to be so happy you’re awake. It’s been 12 hours.”

“Wow I was out that long?”

Keith and Jo answered “yes” at the same time.

I sighed. Well at least nothing serious seemed to have happened but why was Keith here. We just met.

I heard the door open and looked up to see my Gram’s coming in with a carrier tray of three coffees.

“Oh, Damien!” Her voice was loud and made my head ache, and her eyes sparkled. “You’re finally awake my love. I thought I was going to have to kick one of those doctors with my good heels just to get my baby all fixed up.”

I blushed and smiled. “I’m fine Grams; I promise and please, no kicking the doctors.” I looked at Keith as he sat back down and smiled. “Those heels can be lethal you know.”

She smiled brightly at me and flipped her long bright pink hair the same way Jo did. (Yes I know pink hair. It’s insane.) I smiled to myself watching my crazy Grams. She has always had such a free spirit with her crazy scarfs and pink hair. Her many pairs of bright colored high heels. She always knew what to say to make me feel better and loved me no matter what. When our dad walked out on us after my mother’s death a year ago she was a saving grace. Always letting us be ourselves and never judging the mess at our house caused by two teenagers when she came over. Having her live next door all our lives bringing us healing herbs and candles, little panther figurines and reading our palms. She was the closest thing we had to a mother now and I loved her for it.

She handed Jo her coffee and sashayed over where Keith was. Giving him her brilliant flirty smile she handed him his coffee. Placing her hands on his shoulders she squeezed lightly and smiled at me.

“This young man has been here the whole time, watching over you. He is quite the gentleman. Why didn’t you tell your ol’ grams that you had a boyfriend Dammy-baby?”

The look on Keith’s face was priceless as he tried not to spit out his coffee. Grams knew that he wasn’t my boyfriend. She always knew everything, before anyone even opened their mouth. She was very mysterious that was. She said it was her gypsy heritage and the sprit winds. I knew she was just trying to get a rise out of me to make me feel better.

I sighed and blushed a bright crimson red that probably made me look like a fire engine, giving Keith a sympathetic smile.

“Grams he’s not my boyfriend but you already knew that.”

“Well of course I knew it. I also know it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be making him purr like a little kitten.”

“Oh god, Grams!” Keith choked on his coffee and I leaned back and threw my arm over my eyes.

She let out a loud laugh and shook my foot. “Don’t hide your eyes from me little mister.”

I looked up at her and smiled, blushing again at the startled look on Keith’s face.

She sashayed over to my sister and took her hand, lifting her out of her seat.

“Let’s go out for a walk dearie. These two need to talk a little.”

She gave me a knowing smile and waggled her eyebrows at me before practically dragging a stuttering Jo out of the room, closing the door behind them.


Keith was wiping tears from his eyes and clearing his throat. I gave him a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry about that. I know she’s a lot to take in at first.”

He nodded his head and smiled.

“Love her hair though.”

I shook my head and laughed but stopped immediately when I started to feel dizzy.

“Okay. No more laughing for me.” I looked up to see Keith staring at me with a hungry look in his eyes before he stood up, taking a drink of his coffee and stretching. His long arms high above his head, his shirt moved up baring the bottom of his stomach and the hips that his jeans were hanging sinfully low on.

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry, raising a leg to hide the tent that I was for sure to be pitching in the blanket. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He made my body tingle. I licked my lips longing to kiss all the way down those rock hard abs to explore something a little lower. I wonder if he would let me.

“Maybe if you play your cards right.”

My eyes shot up to look at his face that looked just about as surprised as mine did.

“Please tell me you said that out loud.”

I shook my head slowly and collapsed back against the bed, staring at the ceiling. Seems like today is my day for weird shit. güvenilir casino All I wanted to do was stay home and read a book and now I’m getting beat up and people are floating in the air and this random guy is in my head. Granted he’s a really hot guy but..

“I’m glad you think so.”

I opened my eyes to see him standing right next to the bed looking down at me.

“Wow I would love it if you please…stop fucking doing that.”

He smirked. “But your inner monologue is quite entertaining.”

I groaned and he leaned over me, his lips so close to mine.

Looking into those beautiful silver eyes I bit my bottom lip, watching his eyes follow the movement I groaned and went for it. Go big or go home right? I raised the arm I had free to the nape of his neck and pulled him to my lips for a soul scorching kiss, parting my lips as his tongue licked the seam and dominated my mouth. My whole body shivered as I ran my fingers through his hair. I felt him place his hand on my thigh, gentling kneading it. I moaned into his mouth, my hips bucking into the air as my straining cock tried to come in contact with his temptingly close hand and get the relief it needs. I had to push him away to breath. Panting I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, his face showing his shock. Even though he snatched his hand back, I knew he felt it too.

“Oh God, I really am gay. Kade is never going to let this one go… In love with a fag… Just great”

I looked down at my body to see that the blanket had been kicked to the bottom and my gown was open, showing my silky pink boxer briefs, a wilting tent and a wet spot the only evidence of our kiss. Pulling the gown closed I could feel my eyes fill with tears but I refused to shed them. I had, had enough of people in my life calling me a fag; even though I could tell he never said it out loud.

I pushed him away from me and turned my face away.

“Please leave.”

I heard him sigh as his hand stroked the side of my face. “Damien please…I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t even say it out loud.”

I shook my head and closed my eyes. “I don’t care how you meant it, you thought it. I heard it Keith. Sorry to disappoint you. I know…no one ever wants to love a fag like me so just go.”

He reached out to turn my face to him but I put up my hand and heard him gasp. Looking up when I heard the crash I saw him struggling against the wall. His eyes turned a bright green color and I gasped.

“Let. Me. Go. Damien.”

The door to my room opened and a nurse and doctor walked in. I quickly dropped my hand.

The doctor looked between Keith and I. “Is there a problem boys?”

Keith glared at me for a moment then shook his head walking towards the door.

“No problem at all, Sir. I was just leaving.”

I watched him walk through the door and I swear I felt my heart breaking.

**** – Keith

I paced outside of Damien’s room furious. How can he kick me out? I’m his mate god damn it. I didn’t even call him a fag. I sure as hell didn’t mean it the way he took it.

“Keep telling yourself that…”

I gasped and closed down my side of the bond we already seemed to share, blocking my thoughts from him.

“Great! Just fucking great!”

“Watch your language young man.”

I turned around to see a stern faced Grams staring back at me. Not in the least intimidated by my 6’5 body towering over her.

“He kicked me out.”

She sighed and her face softened, walking up she placed her hand on my arm.

“He’s not ready for a big kitty like you Keith. Give him time to get used to becoming who he is now and for spirits sake loose the pig headed thoughts about gays.”

I looked down at her in shock. “B-But how did you know?”

She smiled at me and pulled me down to kiss my cheek and I heard her voice whisper through my mind. “A Gram’s always knows about her boys, and I’ve seen you coming for a long while, took you long enough though. I thought our boy was going to be lonely forever.”

She patted my arm and walked through the door to see Damien. I could hear her screeching at the doctor and threating to “Kick his white coated ass”. If they didn’t get her grandson patched up and ready to go home by morning.

Walking through the halls of the hospital I let my thoughts stray to nothing and everything. The fight I was for sure going to get when I got home, the disappointed look from my Da and school on Monday. I am so not ready for public school but once you turn 18 and can successfully mate they stop home schooling you and make you go to public school, getting out in the world to find your one true love.

I snorted and a nurse looked at me funny. I shook my head and kept walking.

A senior in high school starting out in the last trimester with nearly no friends and now a mate that hates me, “Great….Just fucking great.”

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