How I Met Jennifer Ch. 01

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This story contains sexually explicit elements, if you are under 18 years of age, or whatever age any local laws dictate, you are urged to stop reading right away. The same goes for any people who dislike stories of this nature but somehow ended up with this one in front of them anyway.

Everything in this story was made up, so if there are any resemblances to real life persons or events, they just happened to exist in my imagination too.

The story is somewhat of the romantic sort, still with some explicit episodes. If you only want sex, it will definitely have too much story inbetween, yet, if all you want is a romantic storyline, it probably goes too deep into the details.

Also, this is my first story of this kind, so take it for what it is… Feel free to send comments.

Still here? Goody!


At the point where this story starts, I was still unmarried and without a steady girlfriend. My family and closest friends had a tendency to make hints about this, probably thinking that it was time to settle down.

However, this lack of female company was in a sense self-inflicted, I worked too much and went out too little, me being shy didn’t really help the situation either.

__Ch. 1: Meeting her__

There I was, in one of the festivities that I hadn’t been able to back out of, a small party at an old friend’s house.

My friend’s name was Ralph, we were of about the same age. We had first gotten to know each other at school, it must have been 15 years ago. Now we were working together on a small firm that we had started together after finishing school.

Anyway, Ralph lived together with his lovely wife, Karen, and a four year old son, Fred.

The weather was lovely this day, all the guests were out in the garden, drinking wine and generally mingling.

I was, as usual, mostly sticking to the people I already knew even though I knew that I probably should break that habit.

Suddenly a young woman came out of the house, immediately catching my eye. She looked to be in her mid-twenties and looked stunning in the summer dress she was wearing.

She had long, flowing, hazel hair, a cute face, and, as any guy who was paying attention must have noticed, her body looked great too. She was very natural looking, not thread thin like a model.

“Younger than me, but not enough to be indecent,” I thought to myself. “Not that it matters, she probably already has a boyfriend, or will dislike me for some yet unknown reason,” I reasoned.

I had been talking to Karen at this point, but when I wasn’t answering any more, she turned around to see what it was that I was staring at. Yes, I was staring, I couldn’t help it.

Karen followed my eyes and saw the girl walking down the steps from their front door, then turned back and smiled knowingly at me.

I suddenly came back to reality, blushing slightly from the look Karen gave me. The girl, however, didn’t seem to have noticed, which was a bit of a relief to me.

– I see that you noticed Jennifer, Karen said.

– Uhh, yeah, I answered

– She’s pretty, eh, Karen teased, knowing very well that I would have just dropped the subject as quickly as possible if I were to choose.

– Uhhhhm. I didn’t really know what to say, I felt that I blushed further more.

– Oh, come on! At least admit that the girl is good looking! Karen exclaimed.

– Yes, she is, I said, hoping that our conversation would soon move on to another subject.

– I was hoping for a more personal opinion than that, but I guess you’re hopeless. Karen giggled.

– Jennifer, darling! Come over here for a minute, will you? Karen called out.

Playfully I hushed at Karen. However, I was fairly satisfied with the initiative, even if I would have preferred to have taken it myself. Obviously Karen knew me well enough to know that it probably wouldn’t have happened until hell froze over.

– I’ll be right over after getting a drink! Jennifer replied.

– It sounded like you know her well. Would you tell me who she is, I asked, hurriedly.

– She’s the sister of one of my childhood friends, Karen said quickly.

– Jennifer’s just moving into town and she’s living in our house for a few days until she can move into her new apartment, She added.

Jennifer walked up to us, sipping on her glass of wine.

– Hi there, Karen! What did you want? Jennifer asked. Her voice was smooth and she looked she had a great smile.

– I want you to met Jeff, he owns the firm together with Ralph. “Jeff, Jennifer – Jennifer, Jeff,” Karen introduced us.

– Yes, Ralph has mentioned you in conversations a few times. Jennifer said, smiling.

I and Jennifer started talking and Karen excused herself after a few minutes, whispering something to Jennifer as she walked past. Jennifer giggled a little.

Jennifer and I had been making polite conversation about where we lived, our jobs, the weather, etc. for a while. All the time I was trying to focus, avoiding to look at her body unnecessarily ankara escort or starting to stammer and mumble. I was mostly successful at this, only stealing a few glances.

– Let’s go and fill up, Jennifer said, pointing at my empty glass.

I followed Jennifer over to the table with the drinks. On the way, I couldn’t help myself and admired her body, undressing her with my eyes. She glanced over her shoulder and caught me staring when she approached the table. I blushed again.

However, when she turned back after filling her glass, she just smiled at me.

– You look cute when you blush, Jennifer said, watching me fill my glass.

Then she dragged me away from most of the people and sat us down under an apple tree, around the corner of the house.

We talked for a long while, conversation was easy going and I was impressed that I could still form coherent sentences. This wasn’t always the case when I was talking to pretty girls that I was interested in.

– You think that I’m pretty, don’t you? Karen told me so, so there is no turning back, Jennifer said jokingly.

– Yes, I suppose so, I stammered.

– Suppose so? What is that supposed to mean? Am I ugly or are you gay or something, Jennifer teased.

I tried to find fitting words, but couldn’t come up with any. I mumbled something incoherent, then realized how Jennifer had moved up close and was looking me deeply into the eyes. I didn’t need more encouragement, I was shy, not stupid. We kissed. The first kiss was just a peck on the lips, but it was quickly followed by a more passionate kiss, as I put my arms around her.

– That was nice, Jennifer said, still looking me deeply into my eyes.

It had been quite a while since I last had the opportunity to kiss a pretty girl like this. I just smiled, admiring Jennifer.

We talked more, my arm still around Jennifer. Conversation was about everything and anything. We were laughing and giggling about each others jokes and generally having a good time.

We must have talked for over an hour when Ralph peeked around the corner, obviously looking for their “lost guests”.

– Dinner is served inside, if you have the time, Ralph said.

It was a little embarassing, both being “caught” by Ralph and to have been so unsocial as to disappear from the other guests for that whole time.

When we started to walk back to the house, Ralph took me aside.

– She’s really something, eh? Ralph said, with a wicked smile on his face.

– Yeah, she’s amazing, I said, still with a big smile.

– To be honest, she’s been the perfect guest, even taking care of Fred for us a few times – those two absolutely love each other. But it’s a bit of a strain on us having her live here. Karen has been teasing me to no end after catching me looking at Jenn a few times. It’s not like I would ever do anything now that I’m with Karen and Karen knows that, but I’m a man, and dreaming a little can’t hurt, can it?

I felt a sting of jealousy, even though I had only known Jenn for a few hours. I started wondering, were there any chance that this was going to last or was it just a little fling here in the garden?

The three of us went inside to the other guests…

__Ch.2: First date__

Three days had passed since I met Jennifer, we had continued talking at the dinner table and when it was time for me to leave we kissed good bye.

I had been thinking of her a lot. Being in a constantly horny state, I had jacked off several times thinking of her.

I cursed myself for not thinking of exchanging cell phone numbers with Jenn before I left. Now I wasn’t sure if she was still serious about this, and to find out I had to call Ralphs house and ask to talk to Jenn, which felt awkward to me.

Finally I decided that I had to call. Karen answered. I thanked her for last time, and we talked a little.

– I’ll get Ralph for you, Karen said. I don’t know if I imagined it, but I think she suspected that I wasn’t going to ask for Ralph this time.

– Actually, uhm…

She giggled, obviously understanding the reason for my embarassment.

– Ooooh, I see. Perhaps you want to talk to Jenn, then? You two lovebirds seemed to hit off right away, didn’t you? It sounded like she felt satisfied that her little matchmaking effort seemed to have turned out well.

– Yeah, I guess so.

– Ralph told me that he found you two making out in the garden, I would say that’s more than “I guess so”. But now, I’ve embarassed you enough, I’ll get Jenn for you. She put the phone down and called for Jenn.

After some initial awkwardness I and Jennifer started talking freely. It seemed that she had actually been thinking about me too. We agreed to go out and eat this evening and exchanged phone numbers.

I drove up to Ralphs house, thinking about how silly it all felt. It was like if I was still in back in school and picking up a girl at her home, wondering what her parents would act like. But now it was my coworker and his wife and the girl was a friend of theirs.

Jenn came escort ankara out through the door when she heard the car. She was wearing a black dress which showed off her nice long legs and beautiful figure without actually being too revealing. I just sat there, dumbfounded.

– I see that you approve. You’re looking good also, Jenn said as she entered the car.

We kissed quickly, then i drove over to the restaurant. It was a nice chineese restaurant, one of my favourite places in town.

While we were eating, Jenn was flirting quite heavily during our conversation.

And as we were waiting for dessert, she was becoming quite adventurous, now feeling the length of my leg with a bare foot. She caressed my thigh a little, then planted her foot in my crotch, gently caressing.

My cock jumped, and became hard in seconds. I could see the reaction on her face as we continued talking. She seemed very satisfied with the reaction she got.

I gently removed her foot from my crotch with my hand and held it, caressing it slowly. Discretely I told her that an accident could happen if she kept that up.

She excused herself to go to the ladies room, giving me a suggestive look before standing up. I’m sure that she wiggled her ass a little extra as she walked away.

I waited a few minutes, so that it wouldn’t be entirely obvious to the other guests, then followed her.

After looking over my shoulder I entered the ladies room, and there Jenn was sitting on a counter, apparently waiting for me.

– I was starting to wonder if I had been too subtle, she said with a giggle.

She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me over to one of the toilet cubicles, in there, my horniness took over.

I quickly embraced Jenn, kissing her. I gently pushed Jenn against the wall while removing her dress, leaving her in very sexy looking underwear. Clearly she had considered the possibility of us having sex.

Meanwhile she was unbuttoning my pants, caressing my chest as she did.

We kissed passionately, while she caressed my once again rock hard cock through my boxers.

I touched her through her panties, she squirmed. She was so wet that her panties were almost dripping.

– Shit, I mumbled. I had just realized that I didn’t have any protection.

– What’s wrong? Jenn wondered.

– It’s just that I didn’t quite think this through, I don’t have any protection. I mumbled.

– That’s very sweet of you, but I’m on the pill, Jenn said and removed my boxers, starting to slowly stroke my cock, precum glistening on its head.

I couldn’t hold myself back, I ripped her panties down, and pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy. She moaned deeply.

I realized that our fucking was probably making enough noise to be noticable to anyone walking by the door to the ladies room, and exactly what was going on must be obvious to anyone who enters. At this point, I couldn’t care less, neither could Jenn, by the looks of it.

I was caressing her breasts through her bra, while I kept pumping in and out of her wet pussy, she moaned in my mouth as we kissed.

She grabbed me around my back and lifted her legs up to pull me deeper into her with her legs. I moved my hands to hold her ass to keep her from sliding down against the wall. After just a few minutes Jenn groaned loudly, trying to muffle her sounds by pushing her mouth into my chest.

Her groaning continued for a few strokes and then she exploded in my arms, I could feel a flood of pussy juices flowing and her pussy clamped my cock hard. This brought me over the line too, I climaxed with a load groan, spurting cum deep into her pussy over and over.

My knees couldn’t quite hold us up any more so we slowly slid down against the wall.

When I fully regained my senses I looked Jenn deep into her eyes, she was absolutely glowing. We kissed.

Then she started to giggle, and I couldn’t help but to laugh along. We hadn’t been thinking clearly, and now we had made quite a mess in our excitement. People were probably going to give us weird looks when we came out too.

I helped Jenn up and found that her dress at least wasn’t spoiled. Her panties were wet from her pussy juices and a mix of our juices had dripped onto them on the floor.

Our juices had dribbled down through her pubic hair, down her ass crack. I, myself, had juices all over my crotch and legs.

– I think we’d better clean up and get out of here, I said.

– What about dessert, Jenn asked.

– I think I already had dessert.

Jenn just glared at me, then smiled.

We tried to wash up as good as we could and put our clothes back on.

The clothes were mostly unspoiled, but of course the clothes could have used a good ironing.

I kissed Jenn again and told her to go out to the car. I hurriedly walked back to our table and left enough money to cover our food and a nice tip on the table, then hurried out to Jenn.

– Do you want to take a shower and have a cup of tea at my place?

– That would be nice, I really can’t come back ankara escort bayan looking like this, either. Not that Ralph and Karen won’t understand that we’ve probably had sex if I come back with my hair wet, but it would be embarassing to show up like this. I don’t normally fuck people in the ladies room on the first date, you know…

– Oh, how many times do you normally go out before fucking in the ladies room, then? I said, jokingly.

Jenn punched my arm lightly. We continued talking about anything that came to our minds on the way back.

When I had parked back at my place, we walked inside, and took the elevator.

Inside the elevator I noticed how Jenn crossed her legs, an uneasy expression on her face.

– Dribbling?, I whispered as the elevator hummed along.

– Yeah, it’s quite embarassing. She blushed.

– No need to blush, it’s just as much my mess anyway. I took her hand and held it.

She smiled back at me.

– I think I’m in love, you’re so nice to me, so caring. Jenn said, looking straight into my eyes.

– I think I fell in love with you at first sight… I said and gave her a peck on the lips just as the elevator doors opened with a ding.

We went inside, Jenn asked where the bathroom was and then skipped over there quickly.

I considered following her, but decided that it was probably for the best to let her clean up on her own.

While she was showering I cleaned the apartment a little, made the bed and tidied the worst things away. Then got a fresh towel out of the closet and walked over to the bathroom.

– Knock knock knock, room service. Ehm, actually, I just have a towel for you, I’ll put it here by the door, I said.

– You’re the best, lover man, Jenn said.

I walked back to the kitchen, boiling some water and taking taking stuff out from the fridge.

Jennifer came out of the bathroom wrapped in the towel.

– Your turn!

I showered quickly, not wanting to leave Jenn waiting for too long.

When I came back out Jennifer had dressed again and sat in the kitchen waiting, I quickly put some casual clothes on and joined her.

– Everything has been going so quickly, I said. I don’t normally do things this way.

– Yeah, I’m a little shocked myself, said Jennifer. Shocked but happy, she added.

We slowly had some tea and sandwiches, making smalltalk about our adventures.

Suddenly Jenn looked at her watch and jumped, realizing that it was getting quite late.

We went back out to the car, and I drove her back to Ralph’s house.

When we arrived, we both stepped out of the car and walked up to the door. I gave my girlfriend a good night kiss and went back to the car as she unlocked the door.

I slowly drove back home, thinking of how lucky I was.

__Ch.3 Boring day at work…__

A few days later at the office, Karen came in in the afternoon as she often did when she and Ralf were to go to the doctor for a regular checkup.

Ralph was in a meeting, so she stopped by my desk and talked for a while.

After a few minutes the subject had drifted to Jennifer and I told her how happy we were that we had met, probably thanks to her.

Karen had a wicked look on her face, it was obvious that she was thinking about something.

– What? I asked

– It’s just that… ehm… Jenn told me about your date, including the exciting parts.

I blushed, I hadn’t even thought about that, but Jenn and Karen were close. Thinking about it, I wasn’t really surprised that they shared pretty much everything.

– It wasn’t my intention to embarass you, even if I realize that it was unavoidable when I started talking about such personal things. I just wanted to say that I’m impressed, I didn’t know you had it in you.

– It wasn’t our intention, we just got carried away…

– Anyway, I think I’ll try to carry Ralph away some time too… She said. Clearly we had inspired our friend.

Work was slow this day, so I called Jennifer.

– Hi Jeff! Jenn chimed.

– Hi Jenn, I miss you! I said.

– I miss you too, honey… I’ve been thinking of you all day.

– What have you been thinking? I said, curiously.

– Of how sweet you are… and dirty stuff, giggle, actually I think I need you to come over right after work, before Ralph and Karen come back.

– Ohhh, is that so?

– Stop teasing, I’m so horny and frustrated that I can’t think straight. I think you’ll need to make love to me every day from now on.

– I’ll have to check my schedule, but I think that can be arranged, I teased.

– No teasing!! Jenn said sharply.

– I think I’ll have to see if I can leave a little early today, then.

– Oh, you’re the best, lover man. Call me when you’re leaving, will you?

– I promise, snugglebuns…

We hung up.

I left about an hour early, calling Jennifer as I walked to the car.

When I walked up to the door of Ralphs house, I couldn’t help but feeling a little guilt about sneeking like this.

I rang the door bell.

Only seconds later, the door opened slightly, Jenn’s beautiful face visible in the crack.

– Oh, it’s you, good! She smiled.

I went inside, and was slightly shocked to see that Jenn was absolutely stark naked.

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