Katey Seals the Deal

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Mr. B. sat behind his desk and looked up at his secretary. “Katey, I am afraid I have to ask you to stay late again tonight. I have a meeting with Mr. James, and after hours was the only time we could schedule it. You know what an important client he is. I really could use your assistance”

“You know I don’t mind, sir,” she replied as she leaned against the corner of her boss’s dark wooden desk. She thought Mr. B a very attractive man, and secretly wished that he would notice her. “It’s my job to help you and the company succeed.. What is it you need me to do?”

“It won’t be difficult, really. Take a few notes, offer suggestions .. but mainly, just be there to make things go smoothly. Mr. James likes you, and you can help grease the wheels, so to speak.” Mr. B. observed that Katey’s skirt had ridden a little up her thigh as she leaned back, and his mind drifted, imagining … he was very attracted to his assistant. Ah well, the office was no place to carry on a romance.

“I think Mr. James is very nice too,” she answered. “And so powerful and influential. We DO need to make a good impression. Do you think it would be helpful if I ordered in some food, maybe wine and cheese?”

“That would be fantastic, Katey. See, already I am glad you are able to stay and help.”

“Of course, sir.” she demurred. “Tell me though, what should I wear? Will this be formal business, or office casual?”

“Hmmm … I hadn’t thought about it” Mr B. answered. “If I know Mr. James, he’ll be wearing his best, so we’d better do the same. White shirt and suit for me. And, I’ll wear that silk tie you gave me for my birthday.”

“Why mr B, I am so happy you remembered it” Katey gushed. Perhaps he had noticed her after all. “In that case, maybe I should change into something more … appropriate, too.”

“Great, Katey! I am sure you’ll look delicious no matter what you decide to wear”

Katey blushed as she caught his glance, the word ‘delicious’ resonating. “OK, see you later then .. sir”

Four hours later …

“Mr. B was right”, Katey thought as she unlocked the main door to the office to let Mr. James in. He was dressed immaculately, a dark pinstripe suit under his overcoat; it was a good thing she had slipped home to change into her navy blue skirt-suit, or she would have felt out of place.

Everyone else had gone home, and they had the office suite to themselves. “It’s nice to see you again, Mr. James,” Katey said as she escorted him to the conference room. “Mr. B is waiting for you in here. May I take your coat?”

“Why yes, thank you Katey” Mr James answered. He had been here before for meetings, and had met Katey several times. He turned so that Katey could help peel his expensive woolen overcoat from his shoulders, her fingers brushing along his powerful arms as she tugged at the sleeves. He smiled at her.

“Mr. James, it’s good to see you!” Mr. B stepped toward the door as James entered the conference room. Katey followed him in. The conference room was normally reserved for only the most important meetings with clients. She loved the aura of power in this place: a long oval table dominated the center of the room, surrounded by burgundy leather chairs. The dark leather was complemented by the expensive oriental rug on the floor and the drapes framing the huge window at the end opposite the door. Ah that window, that was her favorite, overlooking the city below, on nights like this illuminated by a million windows in the surrounding buildings. A leather sofa that matched the chairs backed to the bottom of the window.

“Your assistant Katey has already made herself helpful, Mr. B,” James said, staring at her for a moment.

“Oh, you don’t begin to know how talented and valuable she is, Mr. James,” Mr. B answered. He smiled at her, and she at him. As expected, she did look delicious .. the word he had used with her earlier. “Good enuf to eat”, he thought, his eyes lingering on his assistant a few seconds more than was proper.

“Gentlemen, at Mr. B’s suggestion I brought in some wine. Would you like some now?”

“That sounds wonderful, Katey,” Mr. James answered. “You’ll have some too, won’t you?”

“But of course! I love wine. I got one of my favorite, I hope you like it.” She took the two men by the elbows and guided them to the far end of the room, where a bottle of red wine stood on the credenza near the sofa. The three remained standing, taking in the magnificent view out the window. Katey handed Mr. B and Mr. James their wine glasses, then poured for them. Mr. B placed his glass on the table and handed one to Katey, “Here, allow me, young lady”. As he stood very close to her, her thigh momentarily brushed against his. He could sense her perfume, and found it stimulated in a way he wasn’t expecting.

When all three had their glasses filled, Mr. B raised his up. “May I propose a toast … To success in business, and to good company!” The three clinked their wine glasses, and took a sip. When they did, though, Mr. bahis firmaları B’s arm bumped Katey’s, and a small bit of wine spilled from her glass and dribbled onto her chin.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Katey!” Mr. B reached out with his hand right away, and with his finger curled, scooped the droplets of wine from her chin. As his finger lingered there, Katey instinctively reached out with her tongue and licked the wine from it.

Immediately she was embarrassed by what she had done. “Oh, Mr. B! I didn’t mean to do that!” she blushed. After a moment of surprise, he answered “There is no reason to be embarrassed Katey. After all, I was the one who jostled your arm. But, tell me … did the wine taste good from my finger?”

Now she was embarrrassed. But she also felt a rush of blood to her loins, excited at the idea that her boss was finding her attractive. “Uhhhh .. yes, sir … I have to admit it did …” she stammered.

“Then here, Katey,” it was Mr. James speaking. “Try some from mine.” Without waiting for any reply, he dipped his finger into his wine glass, then held it to Katey’s lips. She looked into his face, and saw his eyes gleaming. Tentatively, she flicked her tongue out to catch the droplets of red liquid.

Suddenly the atmosphere had changed from business to play. Mr. B took Katey’s hand. “May I have a taste of wine too, young lady?” He guided her finger to her wine glass, and she obligingly dipped it in. Then he pulled her hand to his mouth, hesitating a moment as her finger was poised near his lips. Katey felt a rush of emotion as he gazed, smiling, at her.

Then, Mr. B pulled the tip of her finger into his mouth, and she felt his soft lips surround it. He swirled his tongue around her finger, licking the wine from it and gently sucking, all the while looking into his assistant’s eyes.

Katey felt as if her knees were growing weak. “Oh my … Mr. B … I think I need to sit down…” and she eased herself to the middle of the rich leather sofa in front of the big window. She took a big swig of wine from her glass .. where was this going?

Mr. B and Mr. James remained standing. “May we join you, Katey?” Mr. B asked.

“Of course sir,” she patted the sofa on either side of her. “There is plenty of room for a couple of handsome gentlemen.” The executives needed no further invitation, and sat down next to Katey. She finished the wine in her glass and poured herself another. “Well, as long as we are sitting, we might as well get comfortable, don’t you think?” Without waiting for an answer, she reached across Mr. B to set her wine glass on the little end table, her hair brushing is face as she did so. Sitting up again, Katey’s hands went to the knot of his tie. “Here, sir, let me help you loosen this for you …”

As she worked on her bosses’ tie he tilted his head down and again kissed her fingers. “Oh … Mr. B .. you better be careful there. That’s the sort of thing that could distract a girl.”

He laughed softly “Goodness, young lady, we wouldn’t want that, would we?” And he again sucked her index finger into his mouth, caressing it with his lips and tongue. Katey squirmed involuntarily on the sofa. After a few moments Mr. B released her finger. “Katey, I think Mr. James would like to be more comfortable … won’t you please help him with his tie too”?

“My pleasure, sir, I am happy to make our guest feel at home.” As she turned to Mr. James and began to work on his tie, the hem of her skirt slid up over her knees, catching Mr. B’s gaze.

“Why thank you, Katey,” Mr. James said. “How can I show my appreciation?” Then he too pulled her hand to his mouth, licking the tips of her fingers one after the other. She gnawed at the corner of her lip, thoughts of passion unmistakenly rising within her.

“Is it only me, or is it getting warm in here?” she giggled. “I think I need to get out of this jacket”. She stood and peeled the formal suit jacket from her shoulders. The men ogled the swell of her breasts under the pretty white blouse, right at their eye level.

“It certainly is getting warm. Must be the wine.” Mr. B said, as he and Mr. James slipped off their suit jackets too. Katey remained standing in front of them. “In fact, I think I would like some more .. from your fingers again, young lady. Mr. James?”

“Yes, that was very fine. Please Katey …” Gasping, she took a sip of wine from her glass, dipped the fingers of one hand, then the other into it, and held her hands out to her boss and his colleague. Still seated on the sofa, they each eagerly took a hand to their mouths, kissing and licking Katey’s trembling fingers. The sensations were driving her crazy with desire.

“Ahhhh, just right. But you know, Katey,” continued Mr. B, “there is somewhere else that I bet would make this wine taste even better … now that you have loosened our neckties, maybe we could loosen your blouse a bit too …” She again went weak in the knees at the prospect, and resumed her seat on the plush sofa.

“What do kaçak iddaa you mean, sir?” she asked coyly, casually covering her breasts with one hand. Mr. B leaned over to her and gently pulled her hand away.

“I mean this, young lady.” He undid the top two, then three buttons of his secretary’s white blouse, pulling the panels wide apart and revealing the swell of her breasts in her lacy bra. “Oh Katey … you are gorgeous … don’t you agree, Mr. James?” Mr. James only nodded, his eyes glued to Katey’s chest, rising and falling rapidly as the pace of her breathing increased. Mr. B slipped his fingers under the fabric of her bra then gently tugged it down, releasing her breasts. “Yummmmmm …” he cooed as he looked down at her. Then he picked up his wine glass and held it over Katey, tipping the glass until a few drops dribbled from it onto the nipple nearest to him. Rivulets of the dark red wine ran over her pale flesh and into her cleavage. “That looks soooo tasty …” Mr. B muttered as he bent down, opening his mouth and extending his tongue, touching it to her nipple and lapping at the spilt wine.

Katey gasped at the touch of her bosses tongue on her nipple. She writhed in ecstacy as he searched for every drop of the wine, arching up as if urging him to seek more. “Mmmmmm … Mr. B … that feels soooo good,” she moaned. She really wanted this man, more than she had realized, and his attention to her sensitive breasts brought her emotions to the surface.

Mr. James had only been watching. But now he spoke up, “Mr. B, do you think there is any for me?” His tongue played along his lips and his breath was ragged as he watched his colleague and his secretary.

Mr. B looked down into his assistant’s eyes. “Katey?” He asked, as he undid the remainder of the buttons of her blouse, opening it completely. “Don’t you think we should properly entertain our guest?”

Katey gasped, her breasts almost aching for attention. “If you think he would enjoy it, sir,” she panted, glancing at Mr. James.

“Oh, I am sure he would,” her boss answered. “Let’s give him some wine to taste.” Again Mr. B held the glass over Katey, this time allowing a good bit to slosh onto her chest, splashing onto her breasts and down her stomach. He reached over and took the breast nearest Mr. James into his hand and squeezed it gently, making her nipple protrude a little. “Won’t you have a drink, Mr. James?”

James leaned down, his mouth open over Katey’s nipple as Mr. B held it up to him She felt his soft lips touch her skin as they covered the tip and he began sucking on it, his tongue circling her areola. Katey, her body writhing, looked to her boss. “Please .. you too, sir,” she implored. Mr. B obliged, releasing the breast he was holding for Mr. James and bending down to suck on the nearer one. “Oh my godddddd …” Katey moaned as she arched her chest up to the two executives, putting her hands on the back of their heads and pulling them to her as they licked and sucked her sensitive nipples. Mr. James rolled his tongue round and round, while her boss nibbled and pulled with his lips. Never had she felt sensations like these.

After a few minutes Mr. James came up for air. “I do believe that is the finest wine I ever had. Thank you Katey. And thank you Mr. B. How lucky you are to have such a lovely and capable assistant.” Mr. James paused, then continued. “But you know, Mr. B, I find that sometimes it is necessary to show our assistants some discipline … don’t you agree?”

Mr. B sat up too, while Katey slouched back between them, her chest heaving in her wide open blouse. While the men had been busy with her breasts, her skirt had ridden halfway up her thighs. “I am not sure what you mean, Mr. James,” Mr. B answered.

“I mean that sometimes it is a good idea to give them a sound spanking.”

Katey gasped, slightly anxious but also aroused at Mr. James’ words.

“Ahhhh, I seeeeee,” Mr. B grinned. “Yes, I do agree. A little discipline can be a very good thing.” Then to Katey, “Young lady, Mr. James and I agree that you need to be spanked.”

“Well … sir .. I don’t know …” she stammered. She stood up.

“None of that now, young lady. Mr. James, won’t you do the honors?”

“Yes, I’d be delighted, partner,” he answered.

With that, Mr. B took the blushing Katey by the wrist and pulled her down across Mr. James’ lap, with her head in his own lap. She writhed as her boss held her wrist tightly, but did not genuinely protest. He nodded at his colleague. “Go ahead, James, show us how this young lady should be disciplined.”

James looked down at Katey’s rump positioned over his legs. The fabric of her skirt had ridden even higher up her thighs and was stretched tight. He began by gently rubbing his palm over her buttocks in a wide circle … then, suddenly, raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her firm ass. Crack! Katey tensed at the contact, wiggling. He did a gentle circle again, then CRACK!, a little harder.

With her head in kaçak bahis her boss’s lap, Katey couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his trousers. In fact, her cheek was right up against it, rubbing over it as she writhed in his grasp. The realization that this was turning him on aroused her even more, and she longed to please him further. Opening her mouth, she nipped at his swollen cock thru his pants. She wanted him.

Crack! Mr James swatted her rump again. The spanking was focusing her attention on Mr. B’s crotch. “Sir .. please … let me open your pants …”

“Oh really? What is it you want, young lady?” he replied. Without saying more, with his free hand he undid his button and drew down the zipper. The bulge of his cock pressed out against his briefs.

Katey gasped. “I want your cock, sir”, she answered. “Pleeeease!”

“My my, you really are a naughty girl.” Mr. James said as he watched Katey snake her free hand into her boss’s pants. He grasped the hem of her skirt, and yanked it up her legs and over her upraised bum, causing her to wiggle in excitement while exposing her black panties to the two executives. James felt the tautness of her flesh as he ran his hand over the silky fabric. Then, again, he lifted his palm and brought it down, CRACK!, her buttocks jiggling with the impact.

Katey’s hand had reached its prize as her fingers encircled Mr. B’s cock She withdrew it from his briefs, pushing the waistband down so that it caught under his balls. God, it was so fat and hard … She opened her mouth and took the head between her lips, sealing them around it, slathering it with her tongue.

Crack! Mr. James spanked her pantied bottom again. At the impact she bobbed her head down on Mr. B’s shaft, a soft groan escaping her lips. Crack! Crack! Crack! With every slap she went down further, until her boss’s shaft was buried in her mouth, her nose in his pubic hair.

Mr. B was in ecstacy as his assistant went down on him. He scooted down on the sofa and arched his hips up to push his rigid member into Katey’s hot mouth, putting his hand on the back of her head to force her down further. Glancing over to his colleague, he smiled through his passion, “I see what you mean, James, a little discipline can work wonders.”

“I thought you would appreciate it, Mr. B. Now, just a little more …” He paused with his hand hovering over Katey’s ass. Suddenly, in one motion, he took the waist of her panties and ripped them down over the round of her buttocks, all the way to mid thigh. Mr. B moaned in delight as the pale flesh of his secretary’s ass came into view. Katey squirmed vigorously as Mr. James again ran the flat of his palm in a circle over her now-naked bum. Then, he raised it and hesitated, allowing Katey to linger in the thrill of anticipation. Only for a moment tho … then CRACK, her buttocks clenched as she felt the sharp blow of his hand on her bare flesh. Mr. B could see that her ass-cheeks were reddening with his colleague’s blows. Crack! Crack! Crack! Her cheeks jiggled as he swatted her, her body writhing across Mr. James’ lap, her mouth gulping in her boss’s erection.

But the spanking was beginning to actually sting. “That’s enough, Mr. James,” she pleaded.

“Very well, Katey”, he answered, immediately ceasing his “discipline”.

Mr. B panted, his chest heaving, while Katey paused. “You know, there is something else that I bet would taste good with wine,” he grinned. “Katey, sit here on the conference table … I am feeling rather hungry.”

Quivering at what she imagined would come next, Katey stood in front of the two gentleman, her skirt still bunched around her waist and her panties around her thighs. Mr. James reached out and slid them the rest of the way down her legs and off. Her glistening pussy was at eye level with the men. She took a few steps back to lean against the edge of the polished wood conference table, then jumped up a little to sit on the edge. Her boss pulled one of the wheeled chairs in front of her, and sat down. “Now young lady, I think you know what I want. Spread your legs for me,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir!” she answered, obligingly parting her thighs. Without thinking, Katey reached down, and making a “V” with her fingers, spread the lips of her pussy apart. Mr. B reached for his wine glass, and held it over Katey’s crotch. Once again he tilted it, allowing a few dribbles of the red liquid to spill from the rim, forming rivulets from his secretary’s navel and down her feminine slit. “Sir!” she gasped, “It’s cold!”

“Then allow me to warm it up,” he replied, as he placed his hands inside her thighs and pressed them further apart. Licking his lips, he plunged between them to lap at the wine running down Katey’s slit.

She scooted forward to allow him better access. “Oh god sir … soooo good …”. With her hand on the back of her boss’s head, she pulled him tighter into her crotch, urging him on. Meanwhile, Mr. James had also moved to the edge of the table, where he leaned over to tongue her breasts, still hanging over her bra, and with her other hand she sought out his engorged cock, long but not thick. She wrapped her fingers around it, stroking it while Mr. B worked at her pussy with his mouth.

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