Learning to Surf Ch. 06

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Chapter six (him)

When I came out of my room I saw Jack in the corridor with a handful of girls around him. Jack’s a bit of a bad boy, short dark hair, conventionally handsome. Taller than me, and I’m six feet. When there’s action on the island he’s normally involved.

“Come join us in the lounge,” he said, “we’ve got music, pot, girls, what else do we need?”

The girls giggled and I took a closer look at them. They were the airheads from the beach who I’d noticed earlier. Two blonde, one brunette, and a very cute one with red hair. As they walked past I made a mental note of the redhead’s curvy ass and good legs. They were young, though. Much younger than me or Jack.

In the lounge I got my guitar out and started strumming a few songs, I wasn’t in the mood for talking so much. Jack was busy showing off, telling jokes and stories. We had already laid out a big table full of various foods to eat later. We got out a crate of ice-cold lager and I gave one of the blondes some skunk for her to make some joints. She didn’t seem to know how, so I took the weed back off her and rolled a couple of large ones. As they got passed around everyone became progressively merrier.

These girls weren’t the sharpest tools in the box though. They were only 19, on their first holiday away from their families. Their hobbies seemed to consist only of shopping, talking, shopping, talking on their mobiles, and bitching. At the same time, I couldn’t help noticing how fit they were. They had that “young woman” thing where everything was taut, tight and bouncing. Plus, they were really very flirty. The brunette, Jacqui, kept asking me to play her favorite songs. REM, Chili Peppers, that kind of thing. We sang along together and the redhead joined in. Jacqui, I noticed, had really good breasts, not huge but very firm and quite tanned. The girls had only been on the island a few days but had clearly spent a lot of time in the sun.

Jack left for a while and came back with a tray of Mojitos full of rum, ice and fresh mint. We downed them and I started to feel quite heady. I noticed that the redhead, Sophie, had a hand on my right leg and was stroking me…while pretending that nothing was going on. Jacqui, bahis firmaları meanwhile, was leaning forward so I could see down her little tiny top. All the girls were wearing similar miniskirts which showed off their legs.

True, the girls were hot. No doubt about it. But I wondered where the American woman was, the one from earlier. I’d invited her over and wanted to spend the evening with her. But the party was starting and she wasn’t here….Half a dozen more people turned up and joined us on the alcohol. I put the guitar away and put some good tracks on the stereo, loud banging party music. At some point, meanwhile, Sophie…who was sat right next to me….put her mouth to my ear and asked me to show her around the house.

“Sure,” I said. “Although, there’s not an awful lot to it, it’s just a house.”

She laughed as if I had said something genuinely hilarious. “Jacqui is coming to,” she said.

As she whispered she blew gently into my ear. That is something I find incredibly horny. A few minutes later and the three of us were wandering around the blue house. I showed them the closet, and Jack’s room, with its four beds, and then the kitchen.

“That’s where you can make my breakfast in the morning,” I joked. We went on to the patio, and I introduced them to some of the guests who were starting to turn up in dribs and drabs.

Soon we were walking up the stairs to my bedroom and I wondered what was going on. Were they a pair of teen prick-teasers? Or was something very exciting about to happen?

As we entered the room, Jacqui threw herself on to the bed. “I’m feeling a bit high,” she giggled. “I want to lie down. Why don’t you two join me here?”

I took my shirt off and sat on the side of the bed. The brunette held me by the shoulders and pulled me down next to her.

“I want you,” she said. “Hunk.”

In the corner of my eye I could see Sophie pulling her top over her head. As I watched, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Jacqui reached up to my mouth and started to kiss me. I noticed that she had bright red lipstick on. We kissed hard, her tongue slipping into my mouth as I sucked on hers. By now I could see that Sophie had removed kaçak iddaa her bra. Her cute tits stood erect as she clambered on to the bed next to us. Size C, I reckoned, perky and firm.

Suddenly the door flew open. Who the hell was that? I couldn’t see too clearly, what with the two girls almost on top of me. But I could hear an American voice. Shit, I thought! That’s the one…the one I like….what if she sees me here! That will ruin everything. It was too late. I saw her face in the doorway, and then watched her disappear out of sight. For a moment I felt a lurch in my stomach. I’d screwed that up, for sure.

At the same time, I still had Jacqui’s tongue in my mouth, and I could feel a hand reaching down to between my legs. It was Sophie the redhead who reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock, now fully erect. I, meanwhile, started to fondle her little tits, stroking her nipples as they hardened.

“I want you to go down on Jacqui,” said Sophie, as she ran her soft hand up and down my shaft. “And I want to watch.”

Jacqui still had her little top on as she lay back on the bed and Sophie and I undid her miniskirt and pulled it down over her legs. I positioned myself on the bed in front of her, and put my head between her thighs.

Normally I would build up slowly, but this was so fucking horny, I couldn’t help myself. She was only wearing a little black g-string which bisected her dark, neat pussy. As I started to lick her I noticed that she was already quite aroused….she was damp…and I could smell her rich feminine aroma. While I ran my tongue up and down her labia, I felt Sophie’s hands still rubbing up and down my cock. Looking down, I could see the redhead take my dick into her mouth. God it felt good as she ran her tongue over my purple cock head and took it into her face.

I, meanwhile, was licking Jacqui’s clit quite hard, then her lips and down to her ass and up again. She was getting wetter and wetter as I slipped one, and then two, fingers into her hole. Her face was a sight, concentrating on me as I gave her pleasure. Watching, in rapture, I pumped her harder with my fingers until I felt her contract around them. She felt really tight, and I wondered what kaçak bahis she would be like to fuck properly. At the same time I felt a twinge of guilt. This should be the American woman in bed with me, not these two silly girls.

Jacqui came noisily, grunting, moaning, and really vocal. I got up from between her legs and went to see to Sophie.

As I kissed her I could taste my own cock juices in her mouth and on her lips. I told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed so that I could give her the fucking she deserved. She quickly complied. I almost ripped her skirt down her thighs in my hurry to get into her. Sophie reached back and held her buttocks apart while I quickly fingered her. It didn’t take long…she was already dripping. Seizing her ass, I held the end of my dick against her pussy and thrust inside. In, out, in out, I pumped her for what seemed like ages. Jacqui was lying next to us, watching.

Occasionally she would reach out her hand and touch my dick as I penetrated her friend. She seemed fascinated, as if watching a porn film. Sophie was good. Really tight, and she moved her ass in a very sexy way as I pushed into her. With my left hand, I took some of her juices and started to rub it into her puckered asshole. For a while I just rested the head of my thumb against the tight orifice. Then, when I felt her relaxing, I pushed the whole thumb into her. This seemed to be enough to push her over the edge. As she tightened up, I could feel my orgasm building in my balls.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped. “Me too,” she said. Her vagina gripped me as I shed spurt after spurt into her. I rolled back on to the bed, gasping.

“Jacqui, I want you to do me a favor,” I told the dark haired teen. “I want you to lick my spunk out of your friend’s pussy.”

This was kind of a joke. I mean, I didn’t really expect her to do it. But quite willingly, Sophie lay back on the bed, on her back, with her legs wide open. Her red hair was sprayed out all over the pillow. White cum was trickling out of her hole onto the duvet. Jacqui was soon lying in front of her, lapping at her like a cat. This was enough to get me hard again, within seconds…..and I positioned my erection at Jacqui’s dark pussy and every so slowly pushed it into her. I noticed how tight her buttocks were in my hands, and how neat her little dark hairy pussy was. There I was, fucking her from behind as she licked her friend clean….

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