Liar Ch. 07 – The Honeymoon Mission

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This is the seventh installment of the LIAR series with Max and his team. Hope you’re enjoying the set. You can probably read this one without having read the prior stories. I’ve tried to offer enough detail about prior events to make the current story self explanatory.


Chapter One

Crossing the Threshold

The door crashed open as Ross kicked it forward with his foot before lunging through. Cassie was laughing as Ross carried her through the doorway and into the room where she threw a small bundle of flowers onto a couch. A bellhop dutifully followed, pulling their luggage behind him. He was grinning at the sight of the couple joyfully looking through the elite newlywed suite.

Ross spun Cassie around in a circle to see the room. His arm lifting her under her knees caused her short, flowing sundress to fall away from her awkwardly, exposing her bare ass. She kicked her firm, athletic legs in the air as Ross continued their pirouette. One of her sandals slipped off and flew off to the side.

The bellhop caught a full view of the display, as the short, silky, flowered dress couldn’t keep up with Ross’s spinning motion. When they made the second full spin around the room, the young man tilted his head slightly to be sure and capture the sight of Cassie’s gorgeous ass. This time he was assured that Cassie was only wearing a thong under the lovely, floral print dress. He grinned before continuing about his business, not wanting to get caught over indulging himself with the view. This is simply one of the perks of the job, he thought to himself.

Placing the larger suitcase on a luggage rack in the bedroom, the bellhop moved back to the center of the living room to begin his typical speech. “Your kitchenette is on your left with a fully stocked refrigerator and bar. The thermostat is on the wall next to the bedroom doorway. The balcony of this unit overlooks the pool with a great view of the ocean. Sunrise from this unit is pretty spectacular.” He pulled back the drapes and light poured into the room. “The bath, shower, and spa tub are in this way.” He motioned toward the doorway off the bedroom.

Ross lowered Cassie to the floor as the bellhop continued to show the key elements of the suite to the young couple.

“Look hon, they’ve got a welcome basket for us.” Cassie shouted as her feet touched the ground. She quickly stepped over to the counter and began fumbling through the items inside.

“All the honeymoon suites come with complimentary sparkling wine and a basket of gourmet snacks. Fresh brie, crackers, fruit, and candies are all included in your resort fees.” The bellhop explained as he stood near the entry door.

Ross quickly reached for his wallet and pulled out a tip for the young man. “Thanks for everything. This is perfect.” He stated with confidence as he tipped the employee.

He left the room after providing the typical; “if there’s anything else I can do…” comment. Ross assured him he would remember the bellhop’s name and closed the door smiling.

The moment the door closed, Cassie quickly changed her demeanor and moved directly to the luggage, opening cases and pulling things out. Ross followed her as the two quietly, systematically, pulled clothing out of the suitcases and stuffed them into the drawers. After several clothing items were put away, the next items from the suitcase were electronic surveillance items, laptops, and a small wireless transmission unit.

“Nice suite for this operation.” Ross commented to Cassie. “Wonder if all honeymoon suites are like this.”

“I wouldn’t know.” Cassie said curtly. “My boyfriend proposed to me but hasn’t even been willing to set a date for the wedding, let alone selected a honeymoon location.” Her frustrated expressions highlighted the ongoing argument the two had shared for well over six months, since Ross proposed on a beach just a few hours up the coast.

Ross set a small zippered equipment bag down on the edge of the bed and slipped up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. She nudged herself away from him slightly, giving him a cold response just to accentuate her frustration with him. But soon she submitted to his embrace, turning toward him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“When we get back from this mission we’ll look at our status charts to see when we can plan for this wedding thing.” Ross stated.

“This wedding thing?” She shot back at him. “Is that all it is? Some thing?”

“You know what I mean.” Ross stated firmly, “Our lives are a bit nuts with operations, recon missions, and investigations. If we had a couple of weeks back to back that we could have been free at the same time, we could have done this by now.”

“A couple of weeks? A wedding takes time, and planning, and preparation.” She said as if to be teaching a child. “You don’t just decide on Friday that next Tuesday you’ll ‘take care of it’. It’s not like having an oil change on a car.”

Ross tightened his lips. “I know… ‘hon’.” He emphasized ‘hon’, explaining canlı bahis his frustration as equal to hers.

She expelled a short sigh as if to shoot back yet another round of frustration in their ongoing contention.

Ross didn’t let it go. He pulled her into him and hugged her tightly. “We’re going to get married. It’s going to happen soon. There’s no chance I’m going to let you get away that easily.”

She softened, showing the first kink in her armor of frustration with him as he kissed her on the top of her head. “It doesn’t have to be like this…this expensive and high end place.” She whispered. “You know I’m not that high maintenance. Hell, we don’t make this kind of money anyway. Let’s just go out on the beach someplace with a couple of our close friends, get married, and disappear for a week after the wedding.”

“I know your folks are gone and all, but is it okay if my parents are there?” Ross snickered back at her.

“Yes, Mr. momma’s boy. Your parents, and my friend Kayla, Max and Billie, Flavia and Maria, …” Cassie paused.

“That’s pretty much our whole world now, isn’t it?” Ross sighed. “We’ll sit down with Max when we get back and look at a timeline.” He said, squeezing her more tightly.

“Will he even know you’re asking?” Cassie asked quietly.

“Yeah, I know.” Ross replied.

“He’s barely left her side since the kidnapping.” She stated.

“She’s getting better. It won’t be long before Billie is her old self again. She’ll be stronger than ever.”

“I never imagined it would take this long for her to come back to work.” She commented.

“None of us know how we’d respond to being kidnapped, raped, and held for ransom.” Ross said grimly.

“I’m still a bit amazed that Max changed his mind and took on this mission.” Cassie pondered out loud. “Bet the last two weeks have been hell being here alone after all they’ve gone through.”

“He had his reasons for accepting this mission over the others. It’s just proof that Billie is getting better. He wouldn’t have come if she wasn’t showing signs of improving.” Ross stated confidently.

The two continued working in silence for a few moments, taking in the ramifications of a prior mission to save Billie following her kidnapping. They shuffled equipment and hooked up wiring through routine and rote.

“Okay, I’ve got a slight issue here.” She said.

Ross stood upright and offered an inquiring glance. “Did we forget something? Earwigs? Tracking tags?”

“No, not about the op. It’s about when you asked Max to be your best man.” She replied.

“What?” Ross asked. “We’ve worked side by side for a few years now. He’s almost a father figure to me.”

“Well. Ya’ know both of my parents are gone.” She fumbled. “I was thinking about asking him to walk me down the aisle.”

“Wow.” Ross paused. “Kinda kinky actually. Have a guy walk you down the aisle that you’ve slept with?”

Cassie gritted her teeth, dropped her equipment and dove at Ross, shoving him back onto the bed. “You’re a shit head to bring that up again.”

“You’re sounding a lot like Billie now.” Ross laughed; knowing ‘shit head’ was Billie’s favorite putdown when Max said something stupid.

“I’m serious here.” Cassie protested. “I don’t have any family left and Max pushed me to join the FBI. He pushed me through training, and even demanded that I be on this team. Max and this team are the only people I need at the wedding.”

Ross grabbed her arms and pulled her with him as he fell completely back onto the bed. Cassie fell clumsily on top of him but regained her balance and climbed his tall frame before settling in to kiss him deeply.

The kiss was easily reciprocated and all the lover’s quarreling vanished. She rested her weight on him, letting her legs drift to each side of his body.

Ross caressed her hair as he gently kissed his fiancée. She closed her eyes, tilting her head to kiss him even more deeply. As they paused for air, she whispered, “Will it be like this always?”

“Always.” Ross replied. “I promise. You’ve got a family now and I plan to be your husband soon.”

Cassie kissed him deeply again as she tugged at her dress. The short skirt was pulled up into a wad above her waist, exposing her to the cool air of the room. She continued kissing him as her hips began to shift. The soft triangular patch of cloth which was the full extent of her panties, pressed against the zipper line of Ross’s shorts. She could feel the firm cock beneath the material between them, causing her to gasp in air as they kissed.

Ross reached around her and gripped her firm, round ass in both hands, directing her motions as she pressed against him. Moments later Cassie rose momentarily to her knees and began furiously unzipping his pants, pushing the material down his hips.

The firm erection Ross had been experiencing met the warmth of her soft flesh causing him to kick the pants the remaining distance off his legs. Cassie slid down his frame, using her feet to help bahis siteleri him kick the pants off his legs before gripping his cock in her hands.

She furiously took his cock into her mouth as Ross pressed his back into the bed. His left arm instinctively raised above his head, stretching his body out and causing his hips to rise into her as she orally pleased him. His right hand fell lightly on the back of her head.

He smiled at the sensation of her head raising and lowering onto him, his hand feeling the gentle shifting motion that was distinctly Cassie.

Moments later Cassie released him from her mouth but continued massaging his erection. She joyfully watched the pleasure in his eyes as she played with him. Then, tugging her sundress down to expose her breasts, she climbed up on top of him.

Her knees fell to each side of his hips as she lifted upward and pulled his cock under the drapery of her short skirt. With one hand she pulled the fabric of her panties to the side and with the other, she directed his cock to the warmth of labia. Rubbing his head along the wetness of her mound she groaned with pleasure.

Ross had already reached up to grip her breasts. He knew just how she liked her breasts to be massaged as she became aroused. Gentle, circular swirls of his thumb against her nipples. She dropped slowly down on his cock in an easy, determined motion. Once firmly seated she lifted her shoulders upward and ran one hand through her hair, letting her head fall back and jutting her breasts forward into his hands.

The weight of her torso was pressed into his hands that gripped her breasts, causing a firm, satisfying massage as she lifted and lowered herself on his cock.

Ross knew this was her ‘stage one’ motion. There was nothing wrong about knowing her patterns of sexual behavior. It let him know how to please her and satisfy her sexual desires. Only intimate lovers knew their partners so well. While there were normal patterns, there were also those wild, unscheduled encounters that didn’t fit the pattern. That made those encounters all the more exciting.

She fell forward into his arms and pressed her breasts against his torso. He embraced her body against his, well aware that she was moving into ‘stage two’. Her hips began to rotate and shift against him. The hilt of his cock rubbed against her in all the right places, causing her an expression of joy that he truly adored. It was almost as if she was using his cock to probe her depths until it touched the perfect spot to bring her joy. It didn’t take long.

Ross took great pleasure in watching his love achieve her orgasms. There were those wild, uncontrolled times when passion drove the effort making it more difficult to watch her expressions as she reached orgasm. But most of the time, she was methodical about her movements. The slow, intentional pace that she followed permitted him to experience the pleasure with her.

He held his composure, not wanting to accidentally cum before she was fully satisfied. The pleasure in her movements made it all the more difficult for him to hold on for her. Something about the sexual joy in her eyes made him want to release, but he held firm.

That’s when ‘stage three’, the final act started. She shifted her legs downward, sliding them along his until her body was perfectly aligned. Then sliding upward and down again she pressed her hips down into his firmly. Ross knew how much she enjoyed his hands on her ass as she shifted up and down his body. He knew she also enjoyed that he would gently explore her anus as she moved.

She began to kiss him deeply as the shifting turned a bit frantic. Within seconds she began to moan and her body stiffened. She gasped in pleasure before shivering and clenching down on him with her whole body. The near painful expression on her face suddenly released into joy and pleasure.

“God that was a good one.” She grunted out as her frantic motions settled into subtle, rhythmic movements generated from her hips.

“Are you?” Ross began.

“Absolutely.” Cassie confirmed with a grin that she had experienced an orgasm and Ross was free to release at will.

“Good, cause I’ve been dreaming about that skirt since we left for the airport this morning.” Ross said, with the excitement of a teenager. He rapidly shifted, getting out from under her and throwing her on the bed face down. Cassie laughed with pleasure at his forceful expression.

Ross moved to the end of the bed and stood with her feet between his legs. He reached down and grabbed her hips, lifting her up onto her knees. She giggled with delight as he slowly raised the short skirt, exposing her firm ass to his grip. He unceremoniously tossed the excess cloth up onto her back before tugging her thong down to her knees.

His erection easily pressed against her soft ass as he pushed her panties down and out of the way. A moment later he firmly pressed his cock into her, drawing out a long sigh of what could be considered relief or joy from Cassie.

She bahis şirketleri started to lift up onto her hands, but Ross pressed her chest back down into the bed. Cassie mumbled, “So that’s how my man wants me? Control freak!” Then she raised her ass as high into the air as she could, pressing her body down and pushing back into him.

Ross grunted something unintelligible before gripping her hips in his hands. He began methodically pumping into her. He could feel her feet twitching as he squeezed them between his knees.

Cassie reached her arms out onto the bed and gripped the cloth in her fists, expelling bursts of air at each firm thrust into her. Breathlessly she moaned, “OH. God, fuck, that’s deep” as a particularly hard thrust struck into her. The thrusts were consistent and steady at first but gradually became more frantic as the pace increased.

Then without much warning, Ross shoved into her so firmly that she shifted forward, his body falling forward onto her. She fell flat onto the bed, her hips still raised as best she could. He leaned forward and held his torso up with his arms as he continued fucking her from behind.

Cassie struggled to keep her hips in the air for him as she gripped the sheets in her hands. But she wouldn’t have to struggle for long. Ross grunted loudly and fell forward, completely on top of her, his hips still pumping his cock into her.

As he released, she could feel the warm flood of his climax inside her. For some strange reason she enjoyed the occasional, forceful nature of being fucked by him. She loved the sensation of each jerk of his cock inside her body that she could distinctively feel as he climaxed. She adored that he wanted her. He was often apologetic about the possibility of being too rough. But she had never experienced a moment when she didn’t know he was in control of himself. There was a level of trust that he had never betrayed.

Ross collapsed and drifted to one side of her as his cock continued to relax inside her. The two were a tangled mess of sex and sweat. The joyful grin of their love adorned their faces as they rested, still interlocked with his spent cock inside her. They enjoyed the afterglow of their experience for a few moments more.

“God, I’m leaking here.” Cassie mumbled before gently pulling away, feeling his cock slip away and across the flesh of her ass leaving a wet trail. She slid out from under him and heading into the bathroom. Cupping one hand between her legs she fumbled in her steps, her panties still locked around her knees.

Ross rolled over and looked upward. The fullness of his erection only slightly diminished, there was enough left that his cock fell upward and gently rested against his torso. He grinned as he settled in, knowing what he had planned for their future.

Chapter Two

The Briefing

Cassie reentered the room a few moments later. As she fumbled with straightening her clothes, her cell phone rang. When she picked it up she could see the caller ID and mouthed Max’s name to Ross as she answered.

“Where’ve you been?” Max’s voice came through the line as she walked toward Ross who had just stood to his feet.

She held her cell on her shoulder, pressing it to her ear she knelt in front of Ross. She continued her conversation with Max as she tugged Ross’s boxers up his legs. “Just putting the last of my things away.” She said with a wink as she carefully tugged the boxers up over Ross’s spent cock. She patted it gently, and then gave it a full hand cupped massage before kissing it gently. Then she stood up, continuing to talk with Max.

“Where?” Cassie asked.

Ross gave her a confused look. He pulled his pants back up and buttoned the waistband.

Cassie shook her hair out with one hand and walked toward the sliding glass doors. She stepped out onto the balcony and searched the pool area. “I see them.” She said to Max on the phone.

Ross joined her on the balcony and looked around the pool cabanas. The hotel surrounded the pool on three sides and off to their left, they could see the beach and ocean.

Flavia and Maria were near the pool tanning themselves on chaise lounge chairs. They were hard to miss. They were wearing barely anything at all. Both girls’ bikinis wouldn’t contain enough material to produce a proper bow tie for a man’s suit.

Ross watched the girls for a moment, but he watched a bit too closely. Cassie was communicating with Max while at the same time watching her fiancé as the two lovely women lounging a few floors below them mesmerized him.

She shot him the frustrated look of annoyance. He suddenly realized that his glance at Flavia and Maria was a bit longer than it should have been. Stumbling a bit at the awkward moment, he quickly looked back at the ocean.

Cassie ended the conversation with Max and quickly jumped to addressing him. “Okay, should I be concerned about Flavia?”

“What?” Ross tried to rebound. “No, no, you’re the woman I want to spend my life with.”

“Um hum…” She responded. “And she’s the one you just wanna spend an hour or two with.” She finished. She really wasn’t worried about Ross. She just enjoyed the power the situation gave her to keep him on his toes.

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