Naughty Little Girl… Ch. 03

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In the morning, Desire moaned and panted softly. She was hoping that her ‘sick act’ would keep her away from school. Today was Friday…if only she could scrape by today…then it’d be the weekend and maybe Mr. Gabriel would forget…

Her trick had worked and her mother gave a sympathy kiss on the forehead as she rang to school office to say the Desire Guilford wouldn’t be coming in due to ill health and it wouldn’t be an unexcused absence.

Desire finally heard the front door locked and her ears flattened against her head in relief as she curled up in the warm blankets of her bed. “Oh, THANK you…I won’t have to see Mr. Gabriel today…”


He could hardly contain his smile, as he pushed that button. Her doorbell rang on and on. Until she would get up and see who it was. He had a bag of unmentionables hanging from his shoulder, and a single finger curled through the handle, acting as a counter weight.

He had a hat on, that was just for fun. A black hat, one side turned upward, and coming to a point in the front. With a silver ribbon around it, that held the crimson red feather in place. When she did open the door, he gave a low bow, tipping his hat to the girl.

“Sick? Huh?”


She had slept for a good two hours, but then the sound of an insistent doorbell invaded her dreams. Desire groaned angrily, flipping back the covers and walking out of bed. She thumped down the stairs, wearing only panties and her partner’s jersey.

“Oh…who could THAT be this early in the morning…?”

Desire opened the door and yawned, rubbing her eyes. As her vision cleared she saw…someone familiar? Someone bowing to her in a most gentlemanlike fashion… then she squealed hearing her teacher’s voice…

Desire quickly closed the door in his face, and attempted to lock in back in again, but he entered her home forcefully. Desire backed away slowly and terrified. And as she saw him close and lock the door behind him, the student ran back up the stairwell getting ahead of him and ran into her room, slamming and locking the door shut. And as Desire heard him, climbing up the stairs, she hid under her bed, hearing his footsteps come closer…and closer…


He came to her door. His shadow clearly seen through that slit between the door and the floor. He bent down, and pushed the thin text book underneath. It slid very easily over the carpet floor. And he stood back up. He pressed his back to her door, and smirked. Bringing that cell phone of his up, and began to hit the numbers once more. Making sure the sound was up high enough, for her to hear him.

“Oh, your mommy’s going to be so proud of you Desire. Knowing your bum loves to feel nice and full. What else have you done, Desire? Sucked a cock? Let someone milk those jugs of yours? What a naughty girl…oh….she’s picking up….shhh now.”

He said, barely stifling the laughter that begged to be released.


She slid out from underneath her bed so fast, that she gave a yowl as her tail was scratched by the bed. Desire screamed banging on the door, forgetting SHE was the one on the inside.


She banged even louder, and then made sounds like slamming into the wall. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”


“Yes, Mrs. Guilford, beşevler escort it’s your daughter’s science teacher again.”

He knew the mere mention of her mother’s name would silence her. And the door put a perfect barrier between them. She would never know that his phone had a series of dialed numbers on it, and it was in fact her mother’s. But, he did not touch the call button. And she was still very safe, but the mere thought of him speaking with her would push her over the edge and he continued his sick game.

“Your daughter has been doing some extra credit activities at our school. And I’d like to speak to you about them.”

He gave enough pauses to make it seem she was responding to him. At this point he could practically hear her heart beat. He always loved a cat’s house. They made sure that the rooms were sound proof to a certain extent. So that even those cat ears of theirs, could not pick up on nearby conversations.

“Yes, I have seen her, with a….excuse my rudeness, with a cock up her bum. And she was doing this consensually. And by my guess, regularly…”

He put his back against the wall now, not wanting to fall when the girl would open the door…perhaps even attempt to run away….forever.


Desire paused at the door, straining to hear what he was saying. “Please…Mr. Gabriel…DON’T…” She whispered piteously at the door. She heard silence…then he spoke again. “No…No…NO! DON”T DO IT!”

She yowled loudly, sliding against the door crying as she heard her teacher confess to her mother about her sex drive. Then with an angry yell, she wrenched open the door and tackled her teacher, having both of them roll down the flight of stairs, then Desire jumped him, punching him in the face repeatedly.

“Y-You…bastard…you…f-fucking BASTARD! I HATE YOU!”


Her fists hit him once, then he grasped each wrist and pinned her to the floor, grinning at her outburst. He leaned down to her, whispering to her.

“My cell, I didn’t call her.”

He then pushed up, looking down upon the helpless girl, keeping her pinned down easily beneath him. He brought his knee between her legs, and separated them, grinding his thigh into her womanhood.

“Kiss me. Or, you may find that your mother will get even more detail about your little encounter.”


She let out a loud meow as she felt herself flipped down onto her back and her wrists pinned on each side of her. Desire angrily struggled, her tail thrashing and hissing. She twisted her head as he whispered his secret in her ear.

Desire stopped immediately as his knee nudged her legs apart and brushed over her panties, and against her pussy.

Blushing angrily, she turned away, and then gave him a small quick kiss on the cheek before spitting into his face.


Her spit slowly dripped from his face. And he just gave her an angry look. One that meant she should not have done that, ever. And to prove to her he was in control, he brought her to her feet. Pushing her into the stairs, then said.


As he wiped off the spit from his face, he moved forward, going under the long jock shirt, and pushed a finger inside each hole. One came up to her tender barrier, which he did not wish to break. The other, went inside, all the way, filling her with its tiny thickness.


She glared angrily at him and didn’t even flinch when her teacher grabbed her büyükesat escort up by her wrists and dragged her to the stairwell. Desire aimed a kick to his crotch, but unfortunately missed, which caused her to get slapped in the face.

She tumbled as he pushed her onto the stairwell and she stomped loudly to prove her emphasis. But then Desire froze in midstep as she felt his hands fondle her as his fingers riding deep in her pussy and her ass.

Desire pushed his hands away and faced him, climbing more up the stairs, slowly. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” She warned, pointing her finger at her teacher, her voice shaking.


“You and I both know, I’m going to have my cock up that tight ass of yours, whether you would beg for it, or scream stop. Now, shut your mouth, or put it to better use.”

He said, pointing to his crotch, and quickly bounded up the stairs after her, taking her hair within one hand. He brought her to her bed where she was shoved onto, like she was pushed onto the stairs. He went back out; careful to keep his body more-so inside her room, since being locked out wouldn’t be lovely. And he retrieved his first instrument, pushing the needle into the slime that would lube her ass up. And as he neared her he simply said,

“Say one more thing, or even move the wrong way, and your mother will be on speed dial. So, take it like a good slut.”

Her shirt was hiked up, bundled up just above her ass. And the needle, pushed inside. It was the size of a thick finger, since the needle was more like a tube. And the cold liquid pushed inside her ass, making her wet, and slippery.

Pulling back, he gave her ass a quick slap.

“Now tell me, honestly. You would love to be fucked right now? You love it. Being talked down to…Being treated like a whore…And, above all…having a man look upon your bounty. Makes you embarrassed huh?”


“NO!” Desire scrambled away, but soon was mewing in pain as her hair was bundled tightly in his fingers and she was dragged up to her room and shoved onto her bed, like a common kitty cat whore. She shivered in fright as she saw him block her only escape out from her teacher’s lustful wrath.

She tried to hang onto her head board as he pulled her by the ankle to the edge of her bed, her meowing in protest and swishing her tail wildly. But then she calmed down it seemed. Perhaps it was the threat of her mother finding out about her sexual activities, or perhaps because her authority figure had just called her a slut…

She stood still and compliant and Desire barely winced as the tube of cold liquid was thrust inside her slick ass walls. She even gave a soft moan, perhaps a positive indication that she…liked it…?

She cried out even more as his hand was upon her ass in a hardened slap. She panted loudly, talking like the school slut that her boyfriend wanted her to be. “Y-Yes…I want your cock inside me; Mr. Gabriel…Jason’s cock is REALLY big and…And I wanna see if your cock is bigger than his fucking inside my ass!”


He was more than happy, after hearing her break like that. His pants went down around his ankles. And his cock was pleasured by the touch of her hole. Pushing forward, he gave a sigh. Making sure she knew whom it was that was about to push his cock deep within her. It even made her state more painful, to see that her mirror was at the perfect angle, capturing them in a picture of bliss, well for him anyway.

“That’s çankaya escort it, beg for me.”

His hand went to his cell, and he dialed the numbers, this time he did phone her parents. This time, it was her father. He really was sick and pushing forward, he placed the cell to her ear.

“Hold it, it’s your father.”

He then gave her the first, of many thrusts for tonight, her ass swallowing him with ease. It was clear, she had been around.


She began moaning softly as she felt her teacher’s hands around her hips and the tip of his insanely large erection pressing enticingly against her ass. She stared into the mirror in front of her, her nightjersy hiked up to show off her ass, her blonde hair askew, her teacher, grinning with just the slightest hint of dominant malice and her mouth opened on a sexy soft purring moan.

“Pl-please…Mr. Gabriel…I want you…ALL the way…i-in-inside…”

Desire bit her lips to contain her moan as she grabbed the cell from his hands and held it to her ear.


Then the girl had to shove the phone down in the blankets as his large cock stretched her walls and Desire let out one of her most sultriest moans yet, and her breasts bounced once in her jersey…maybe Jason and Mr. Gabriel could come over tomorrow and fuck in her room…

She hurriedly picked up the phone again, hoping he would thrust as she was talking.

“What did you say Daddy? N-No…I’m fine… What? Y-You and Mom are…v-visiting Aunt Rose’s for the night? N-No…No-No…I’ll be fine…a-all by myself…”


Whether it was her haughty breath that turned him on, or the fact that someone she knew was on the other end of that phone, or, how wrong this was, how he should not take advantage to a girl whom has an overly abundant sex drive, he didn’t know. But with each thrust and the tight walls enclosing about his cock, he threw out the rational thinking and bent low, whispering into her ear, as he nibbled on the lobe.

“Moan, let him hear your voice.”

He knew she wouldn’t do it, but if she did. She would be rewarded. Well, either way, this would actually come about. An egg shaped vibrator was pushed against her pussy; luckily it was small enough not to break her virgin hole, but enough to send a rhythmic sensation throughout. His lips touched the back of her neck, kissing it softly, suckling on it… nibbling enough to draw blood. Every taste, every smell of her body, sent his cock surging into her bowels…To stretch her wide like any ‘whore’ should love.


Her back arched as she had done in her earlier fucking, and Desire once again held the phone down in her covers and her bed rocked with the force of her teacher’s thrusts. Her boyfriend could fuck her hard but this…this went beyond her natural taboo…her ass clenched tightly around his cock and she let out a sigh as he whispered it her ear, it flicking with soft tickles as he nibbled onto her tip.

Obediently, she raised the phone to her ear and gave a high pitched pleasured moan as one particular thrust lifted her up a few inches and threatened to tear her apart with his cock inside her ass that deep.

“No DADDY! I’m fine!” She squealed out, not wanting to arouse suspicion or anything that would make her parent decide NOT to spend the night with family…

Then she moaned in her bed, crossing her legs tightly as a small massaging feeling ran through her glistening shaved pussy, small rivers of juices already creaming down her leg. Her father had hung up, convinced by her moans that she was TERRIBLY ill and Desire scrunched up her neck, leaning back against his chest, and holding onto to his cheek softly as he now thrust up ways, vertical, spearing her on his thickened heated member.

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