Snow Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: This chapter finishes up what I had planned for this fic. I’ll likely come back to these characters at some point, but I do have some other ideas I’d like to get to as well. In any case, I hope you all enjoy!


“I told you I’d fuck your ass at 10. I never said it would be for the first time,” he said, gently pulling the buttplug out of my ass.

I felt as if I shrunk an inch upon hearing this. My eyes widened, and I looked up at Snow nervously. As images flashed through my mind, I couldn’t help but feel my body slowly heating up. “Um…” I wasn’t planning to refuse. But figuring out how to agree to that was the tough part. When I finally decided that words had failed me, I gave Snow a simple nod.

I suppose I was expecting Snow to dominate me right then and there, but that didn’t seem to be his plan. Once he’d placed the buttplug aside, he pulled off of me and lay down beside me. He traced his hand slowly up my side, letting it come to a rest on my shoulder. He was silent for a minute, and eventually he said, “…Nathalie. I promised you I’d give it to you hard, and I still plan to. But not for our first attempt at this. There’s too much risk of seriously hurting you. So let’s do this slowly, okay?”

“Er… right, good idea,” I said. He was probably right on that. Perhaps I should have done a bit of research on this to make sure it went alright. “Snow…” I said. “This is your first time doing this, right? Did you… you know, look up what to do? I mean real advice, not porn.”

“I did, don’t worry,” Snow said with a nod. “I’ll guide you through it, okay?”

“Alright, good.” I curled up the edge of my mouth in a grin. Hearing that put me at ease, and it made it easier for me to get into the mood for this.

Snow smiled back at he me. He pushed himself back and off of the bed. After a moment, he reached down to pick up the buttplug again. “Let’s start by making sure you know what you’re getting into,” he said. I propped my head up on my hand as I looked at him. He held up the buttplug and said, “This is what you had in you before. How did the base feel as it went in?”

“Thick,” I said. “Like I was about at my limit.”

Snow nodded. “Well, let’s compare.” He held the plug up against his cock. It wasn’t quite erect now, but it was good for a comparison. The base of the plug was just about as thick as his cock was, and his cock was a fair bit longer. That was probably going to hurt. Maybe not that bad, though. Just had to be in the right mood for it, so it was the good kind of pain.

I took a deep breath. “Okay. I get the picture. I can take it,” I said. I looked up at Snow, giving him a bit of a daring gaze. “Now, you’d better stop delaying, Snow. Or are you afraid you won’t be enough for me?”

Snow was silent for a moment, and then his lips curled up. “I see,” he said. He stepped forward, then reached down and grabbed my hair in his hand. His voice dropped to a lower pitch as he continued, “On your hands and knees. Ass up. Trust me, you don’t want me to have to force you, but I will if you make me.”

I met Snow’s gaze, feeling an intense wave of arousal at this display of dominance. I breathed slowly, trying to prepare myself for what was coming. “Fine. I’ll let you… this time.” I couldn’t help myself in adding that final comment. The thought of being forced into it was just too hot to resist. But it probably wasn’t the best idea for the first attempt at this.

As Snow let go of my hair, I rolled over onto my stomach, and then pushed myself up so I was on my hands and knees. Snow got up onto the bed behind me, and I felt myself tensing up from anticipation, wondering if he was going to go straight for it. Instead, I felt him place his hand on my lower back, slowly stroking across it, and then upward.

“Alright, Nathalie,” Snow said. I felt the cool tip of the buttplug stroke down my lower back, then in toward my asshole, finally stopping just over it. “Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to use this to get you ready, and make sure you’re relaxed and loose enough. Play with your breasts and clit all you want, but no cumming just yet. Understood?”

I nodded at this. I couldn’t exactly use my hands to prop myself up while doing that, so I turned my head to the side and rested my face on the pillow as I brought my hands to my breasts. As I did this, I felt Snow slowing beginning to push the plug back into my ass. It slid in a bit more easily this time than it had before, but I still felt like it was stretching me out quite a bit by the time it got to the base. Snow didn’t push it all the way in, though. He pulled it back, and then I felt it pushing in again, with just a bit more lube this time.

With a final shove, the base of the plug made its way into my ass, and my asshole closed in behind it. It hurt a little, just for a moment as it went in. Snow slowly rotated the plug around within my ass, and his free hand stroked across my back. His hand then moved down to my asscheek, giving it a good squeeze as Snow pulled back on the erotik film izle plug. It popped out, but then Snow quickly pushed it back in.

As Snow played with the plug, I found my hands beginning to massage my breasts. My body was getting quite hot from this treatment. Feeling the plug move within me was such a new feeling, and it felt so good, so hot. I breathed deeply, slowly, trying to keep control of myself, but it kept getting harder. Snow pushed the plug in and out a few more times, and I soon found myself getting used to the stretching of my asshole as it opened up for the base of the plug.

“Fuck…” I said. My pussy was beginning to ache with need. I moved a hand down to it, trying to soothe some of the need. But I couldn’t cum like this. Not yet. “Snow… fuck… fuck me,” I said, my voice practically a growl. “Fucking take my ass already.”

“What did you think I was planning to do?” Snow said as he pulled the plug all the way out. For a few moments, all I felt was his hand massaging my asscheek, but then I finally felt the tip of his cock press against my asshole. At this point, I was so turned on that I think I was able to relax my asshole a bit to help let him in. Fuck, I wanted this.

I think Snow had applied some lube to his cock, but it still wasn’t easy going. His cock was thicker at the tip than the plug was, and so he had to work it around a bit to get it started on the way into my asshole. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest from the excitement of finally giving this a try, and the arousal in my chest was nearly reaching a painful level. I squeezed in hard on my breast to try to take care of it, but it just wasn’t enough. I brought up my other hand to squeeze my other breast at the same time, but this just left my pussy untended.

“Ah!” I let out a surprised gasp as I felt Snow reach around and bring his hand to my cunt. His fingers reached in, stroking at my folds and seeking out my clit. I breathed deeply, hard, trying to keep myself from cumming too soon as his fingers found my clit and gave it a quick squeeze.

But almost as soon as his fingers had come in, they were gone. His hand held onto my hip as I felt him begin to work his cock further into my ass. As turned on as I was, it wasn’t hard for him to get my ass to open up for him, and almost before I knew it, the head of his cock had pushed its way inside.

“Oh fuck!” I said. “Fuck, oh…” My words turned into a low moan as Snow slowly pushed his cock forward, sliding even deeper into me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt myself being filled up, my ass being claimed by Snow’s cock – thankfully without any of the pain that I’d feared would accompany this experience. I wasn’t sure how deep he was in my ass until he pulled back, and then pushed in a bit further. With how big he’d felt, I was sure I was already impaled to his full length, but it turned out there was so much more to go. “Fuck, Snow… fuck me…”

Snow pulled his cock back again, and pushed in just a bit further. He held it in there for a moment and said, “Tell me, Nathalie. How does that feel? Do you like having my cock in your ass?”

“Good… fuck yes, I like it,” I said. My body felt as hot as it ever had. I wasn’t sure if it was from the feeling of being dominated this way, or if I simply enjoyed the feeling of anal this much, but I didn’t particularly care. “Fuck it… I’m yours. My ass is yours…”

“Good,” Snow said. I felt his hand grab my hair and pull my head back. “I’ve been waiting for this all week, and I plan to enjoy it.” As he pulled back on my head, I felt him push his cock even further into me. Further… further… until I finally felt my ass cheeks come into contact with his pelvis. I was full. His cock was completely inside my ass. I don’t know why I’d been afraid of it hurting; this felt damn good.

I squeezed my ass in on his cock, wanting to feel even more of it. It was a strange feeling to meet resistance as I squeezed, but I quite liked the fullness of it. I could feel his cock all the way inside me, every inch of it pressing against my inner walls. I squeezed in a couple more times, but then I felt Snow begin to pull out. For a moment, I was disappointed to feel his cock leaving, but it only took another moment for my mind to catch up to what was coming next.

A rush of warmth shot through my chest as I anticipated Snow thrusting his cock back into my ass, but it took a bit before it came. Perhaps Snow was applying more lube to his cock, or perhaps he was just trying to torment me, but I was about ready to explode by the time I felt his cock pushing its way back inside me, filling me up once more.

Snow’s hand suddenly let go of my hair, moving to hold onto my hip as he began to pull back out of my ass again. I let out a moan as I anticipated him thrusting back into me, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when it came. I buried my face in my pillow and moaned again as Snow began to slowly fuck my ass.

My mind was soon torn between wanting to focus on the feeling of his cock inside my ass film izle and needing to tend to the heat that was building up within my cunt. I moved my hands out, grasping the bedsheet to try to hold myself steady and give myself something to do so I wouldn’t make myself cum too early. My cunt was aching, but I steadfastly ignored it, focusing my mind on my ass and the delightful presence of Snow’s cock stroking in and out of it.

Snow’s cock bottomed out in my ass once more, and he held it there. I felt him shifting his position, leaning forward as he reached a hand up and along my back. He slid it around my side, finally cupping my breast. He began to play with my breast as his thrusts resumed, and I soon felt his other hand pushing forward as well. Not toward my breast though – it was headed lower.

The heat in my cunt was nearing a breaking point. I knew exactly where his hand was heading, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out more than a minute once his hand found my clit. I let out another moan, though I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to move his hand in faster or pull it away. In the end, I suspected I didn’t have much choice in the matter. He was going to do what he wanted with me, and I was going to let him.

I let myself sink into a full submissive role as Snow fucked my ass. I was his. I was letting him fuck me in a way I’d never been fucked before, and damn was I loving it. And when his hand finally found my cunt, quickly digging out my clit and pressing firmly on it, I was done for. With my ass, breast, and cunt all being stimulated, I was fighting a losing battle in trying to hold off my orgasm.

A scream was ripped from my throat as my orgasm overtook me. I could feel Snow continue to pound his cock hard into my ass through it all, and his hand refused to let up on my clit. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through my body, and my ass clamped down hard on Snow’s cock. As my orgasm began to fade, I felt Snow bottom out in me, and I heard him let out a grunt.

Picturing his seed filling up my ass, I melted into the bed. It was quite possible that my ass was going to be sore as hell tomorrow, but I couldn’t care less. I was well and truly fucked right now, and that was all I cared about.

I heard Snow let out a gentle hum. He pulled his cock out of my ass, and I felt him place a gentle kiss on the back of my shoulder. “Enjoy yourself, Nathalie?” He said.

“Fuck yes,” I said. I rolled over onto my side, looking up at Snow with a smirk. “We are definitely doing that again.”

“Of course,” Snow said, matching my smirk. “But I think we could both use a bit of a rest first. I’ll give you five minutes, and then you’re mine.”

I blinked. Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that part. Snow had never said he was moving up his plans, just that he was adding to them. Feeling a flutter of excitement in my chest, I nodded slowly, wondering what he might have planned to top what we’d just done.

Snow leaned down and planted a kiss on my cheek, and then he lay down in bed behind me. His arms wrapped around me, and despite the anticipation, there was little I could do to keep from relaxing in his embrace. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes, taking the chance to let my body recover.

I tried to keep my mind off of what was to come, but it kept venturing back to it. I found myself getting more and more turned on as I imagined various ways he might be planning on taking me… fucking me hard, rough… overpowering me and forcing me to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Well. That settled it then. If he wanted me, he was going to have to subdue me first. I reached my hand up to his, loosening his grasp a bit as I rolled over toward him, letting him think I was just adjusting my position. As soon as his grasp was loose enough though, I pushed him over and onto his back. My hands pressed down on his chest as I straddled him, looking down with a challenging gaze.

“Don’t tell me you thought it would be that easy,” I said, my lips slowly curling up in a grin. “No way in hell I’m giving in without a fight.”

Snow raised an eyebrow at me. “Oh really? Well forgive me, but I was under the impression that we were doing my fantasy here, not yours.”

“Pfft. As if we can’t do both,” I replied. I shifted my legs a bit, ready to push off or fight back as soon as Snow made a move. I hadn’t yet decided which; I just knew that I wasn’t planning on making this easy for him… until he’d earned it.

“Hmm…” Snow didn’t make a move for some time, and I slowly narrowed my eyes at him. I was just about ready to take things into my own hands when his hand shot up and grabbed my breast. He quickly began to massage it within his fingers in just the right way, causing a distracting pleasure to build in my chest.

“Wha- hey! You’re not supposed to do that!” I protested. I grabbed his wrist and pulled it away, but not before I felt a rush of warmth shoot through my chest. That wasn’t all he had planned, though. In my moment of distraction, he pushed up, trying to roll me over onto my back. I managed to pull away just seks filmi izle enough though, so that he wasn’t able to pin me. I let go of his hand and pushed away, trying to evade his grasp, but he was too fast for me. Before I knew it, he’d caught both of my wrists in his hands. My eyes widened, and I could feel my heart start to race.

“You put up more of a fight last weekend,” Snow said. His eyes met mine, and a wicked grin spread across his face. “Don’t tell me you secretly want this.”

“Oh fuck you,” I said, narrowing my eyes. “Don’t think you’ve won.” I kicked out at him, making another effort to pull away, but his grasp was unrelenting. With a sharp tug, he pulled me back to the bed and let out a low growl.

“Fine,” he said. “I won’t assume I’ve won. I’ll ensure it.” Snow tugged on my wrists again, pulling me across the bed. I struggled to get free, but it was a losing battle. In less than a minute, he had me pinned on my stomach at the edge of the bed, and all I could do was hurl curses at him as I heard him fishing around in my toy drawer. “Now, normally I’d ask you if you want to do this the easy way or the hard way, but I think I know how that’s going to go. So, we’re going to do this the hard way, and you can damn well expect to be punished for it.”

“Asshole!” I spat out as he grabbed my wrist, pulling it up toward the bedpost. “Don’t fucking think I’m going to let you get away with this!” I soon felt a cuff being secured around my wrist, and I felt a rush of heat in my chest as I jerked my hand back, trying to no avail to get it free. I was trapped. At his mercy. …Almost. I fought back, doing everything in my power to keep him from cuffing my other hand as well, but he was nevertheless able to secure it to the other bedpost.

And then he was gone. He got off of me, leaving me on my stomach on the bed, my arms splayed out. I was able to move my legs, but they weren’t going to do me any good in getting free. About all I could do was choose between being flat on my stomach and on my knees. I didn’t think either position was going to save me, though. I let out a growl as I turned my head, watching Snow, waiting for him to make his next move.

“Alright, Nathalie,” he said. “You’ve made it quite clear that you deserve some punishment. The question is, what to do with you?” I felt the bed shift from his weight on it, and then I let out a grunt as I felt his knee push down on my back. “First of all, I think you need a good, hard fuck. So what do you say to the prospect of me forcing my cock into your cunt and having my way with you?”

I rolled my eyes at this. “I say it’s fucking uninspired. That’s the best you can come up with?”

Snow snorted in response. He placed a hand on my back, then leaned down and brought his lips to my ear, whispering, “You really don’t realize your place, do you? If you’d simply acted like that would have been bad enough, that would have been all you’d have gotten. But no, miss tough girl wants more. Fine. You want my best, you’ll get it. But don’t you dare fucking complain.” Snow’s hand traced down toward my ass as he spoke, and just as he finished, he gave my left cheek a sharp pinch.

I smiled in response, letting out an encouraging growl. Okay, maybe I was dropping character just a bit, but he’d definitely hit the right note there. He gave my ass a quick slap as he got off the bed, returning to my drawer. I looked over toward it, but Snow made sure to keep his back to me to make sure I couldn’t see what he was getting out. He placed a few things on the bed behind me, moving his body in between me and them, and gave my ass a quick slap.

“On your knees,” Snow said. I pulled my legs up, obeying him. “This is going to hurt, I can promise you that. I don’t plan to injure you, however, so promise you’ll use your safeword if you think there’s any risk.”

“…Alright,” I said. He hadn’t yet given any indication what he was planning. Given the position I was in, though, I had my suspicions, and those suspicions were getting me turned on, even despite his warning.

Snow gave my ass a few light slaps, and then his hands began to massage my cheeks. They disappeared for a moment, then returned with a bit of lube on his thumbs. He continued to massage my ass, pushing his thumbs in toward my asshole, coating it and the area around it with a bit more lube.

“Mm… thought you said it would hurt…” I said.

“Oh, that’s coming, don’t worry,” Snow said. He gave my ass a playful slap, then pulled one of his hands away. It soon came back, and I felt a small plastic tip press against my asshole. It didn’t feel quite like the buttplug, but I didn’t have a chance to question as Snow slowly pushed it inside me. As my asshole soon closed around it, it became quite clear that it was my vibrator that Snow had just slid into my ass.

Snow didn’t turn it on just yet, though. Instead, his hands moved downward, spreading my legs apart so he had access to my pussy. His fingers slid along my pussy for a moment, then pushed inside. I was still a bit suspicious about where the pain was going to come in, but I did let myself relax a bit as his fingers entered. The fingers slid in and out a bit, and then circled around. They then pulled my lips apart as I felt another toy press against my entrance.

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