Succubus Mom

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All people in this story are over the age of 18. No behavior in this story is endorsed. This is simply a story.


Kathy stepped out of the shower feeling warmed up after a cold night’s sleep last night. She dried her black hair and her pale curvy body quickly as her hubby Peter was about to awake and she wanted some special alone time with her son 19 year old son Brett. She wrapped the towel around herself tightly making sure her round C cup breasts were straining for freedom against the towel.

She opened the bathroom door and walked to the master bedroom and like clockwork Peter was just waking up.

“Hello my darling!” Kathy greeted Peter, “Did you have a good sleep?”

“Yes hun.” Peter replied, “Did you?”

“I did sweetheart!” Kathy whispered scurrying towards Peter’s side of the bed smiling at her 45 year old husband.

“So… it’s the weekend…” Kathy whispered smiling a sweet wifey smile.

“Yeah?” Peter said confused.

“Well, I think after a hard week you deserve to sleep a little longer…” Kathy said leaning over at Peter, her perfect breasts hanging in the towel.

“But I’m already awake so might as well get up.” Peter replied.

“Oh don’t be silly…” Kathy laughed grabbing the back of her hubby’s head and pressing his face into her squishy towel cleavage.

“Mmmhm mhmmmm hmhmmhmhm” Peter moaned trying to speak but was muffled by Kathy’s breasts flesh.

“Sorry Sweetheart? I can’t hear you.” Kathy whispered giggling.

Kathy looked down at Peter’s boxers. With a moment of struggling to breath in his wife’s ample cleavage his pants tented a hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmm I still got it.” Kathy thought as still at 41 she could make men do whatever she wanted them to. She had some kind of, power, was it her breasts? Her body? Her eyes? Men fell weak for her everywhere she went and she could never figure out why.

Kathy released Peter and he fell back gasping for breath as she pulled his boxers down. Doing away with the towel Kathy’s naked body climbed on top of her hubby and started sliding down his hardness.

Peter still gasping caught sight of his naked wife and her dangerously curvy hips slowely lowering down his meat stack and let out a groan with a “Oh you dirty little minx” whisper attached.

“You love it.” Kathy whispered giggling,

“Yes, I do.” Peter whispered back shutting his eyes as Kathy began pounding down on his hard cock her C tits bouncing with their burger pink nipples.

He loved every moment of his wife’s tight wet pussy and it’s softness. The way it seemed to welcome his cock with soft flesh stroking against each inch of it.

But now Kathy began to tighten around him. His eyes flew open and he looked at her scared as he felt his cock being strangled güvenilir bahis by her pussy tighter and tighter. Kathy gave him a wicked smile and pumping him, harder and harder, like she hated him and Peter felt his eyes roll back as he strained to fight his weakening state in which he would become hers.

He felt his lower back start to strain as if something was building up to explode any second now. He could feel the tension run through his whole body and slowly began to beg Kathy for her to release it.

Kathy gave his cock one big squeeeeeeeze with her pussy and he exploded inside her. A loving moan ran out of Peter’s mouth and Kathy put her hand over his mouth so the kids wouldn’t hear as she continued her pounding on his cock. Her pussy now squeezed milking every last drop of his cum.

Peter tried to moan “Oh I love you” but the relief sent him into a dizzy spell and no words came out.

Kathy stopped pounding.

“Mmmmmmm sleepy now baby?” She whispered looking down at her weakened husband.

“Mmmm no baby I’m gonna ge-” Peter failed to finish the sentence as he struggled to sit up underneath his gorgeous wife and felt his body give out on him. His arms crumpled and he laid back dizzy. Unable to get his bearings.

Kathy climbed off Peter and watched in the bedroom mirror Peter struggle to fight against the heaven his body was in. He tried to roll over but barely made a move as Kathy slipped on her new black panties and lacy bra. Now to pick out a dress Brett might like.

Kathy settled on not a dress, but her white dressing gown that was just enough see through you could make out she was wearing black bra and panties underneath.

Now her weapons in place. She made her way down stairs to the kitchen.

“Hello handsome” Kathy greeted Brett.

As he reached into the fridge to get the jug of orange juice, she leaned against the wall crossing her legs showing off her curvy hips his father had only recently appreciated the power of.

“Hey Mom, woah, Mom!” Brett replied surprised.

“Mmmm” Kathy moaned wiggling her chest her lovely breasts swaying side to side underneath her gown.

“What is it darling?” Kathy asked smiling.

“Oh nothing Mom” Brett said, red faced.

His eyes darting down to the ground as he quickly grabbed a glass from the top shelf, scurrying over to the kitchen table and began pouring a glass of orange juice. Brett turned to go back to the fridge and Kathy was right there inches away in front of him.

“What’s wrong big boy?” Kathy whispered. “Can’t handle mommy’s body?”

Kathy grabbed the bottom of Brett’s shirt and pulled him to her, her breasts pressed against his chest.

“Mom what are you-” Brett couldn’t finish…

Kathy grabbed his balls and started türkçe bahis massaging them through his pants.

“Mommy needs these” She whispered, her eyes wicked.

“Mommy needs your cum sweetheart.”

Kathy grabbed the neckline of her gown and pulled it open fast revealing her heaving black bra to her stunned son.

“Oh god!” Brett gasped.

Kathy grabbed Brett’s hands and placed them on her bra filling breasts.

“How does that feel sweetie?” Kathy whispered.

“That feels good Mom.” Brett managed still very confused.

“Gooood.” Kathy replied.

Brett squeezed her love pillows making her moan a little.

“Just keep your eyes on them ok sweetie” Kathy whispered.

Brett nodded and Kathy lead her entranced son into the living room onto the couch. Kathy laid Brett down and put a pillow behind his head. She slipped off and stepped out of the gown swaying her hips in her black panties.

“Wha-Why are you doing this Mom?” Brett asked, looking up at his scantily clad mother.

Kathy pounced on him, straddling his waist and running her nails under his shirt across his chest.

“Mmmmmmm don’t you want to give mommy your cum?” Kathy whispered, squeezing her breasts together much to Brett’s delight.

“Well, yeah but-” Brett began.

Kathy began grinding on his lap and Brett’s mouth gasped hard shocked by his supposedly innocent Mom’s behaviour. Her eyes seemed to turn red. But before Brett could look closer Kathy’s bra was on the floor and her perfect breasts swayed inches away from his face. With Brett properly distracted, a red eyed Kathy giggled and began removing the panties on her other weapon.

Kathy’s panties hit the floor and her hands placed Brett’s on her ass.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Brett moaned feeling his mother’s supple fleshy ass cheeks.

Kathy felt Brett’s hardness become ready in a matter of moments under her through his pants.

“Mmmmmm!” she giggled, as her red eyes looked down at her next meal.

Kathy pulled down Brett’s pants revealing a much bigger cock than that of his father’s.

“Well hello!” she whispered, slowly sliding down it feeling it stretch her hungry pussy.

“Mmmmm oh god mom!” Brett whispered.

Kathy put her hand over Brett’s mouth as her red demon eyes glared into his.

Kathy began pumping Brett, her ass cheeks giving a squish squish squish on his lap each time her cheeks struck against his lap.

She took her other hand and pinched his nose stopping him breathing, counting to 20 and letting go again. Brett gasped as oxygen rich blood filled his brain in troves and he felt euphoric from the deprivation. He pumped his mother harder and Kathy yelped as she felt the amazing raw power of her son’s deep primal needs.

Kathy leaned over and grabbed güvenilir bahis siteleri the back of Brett’s head and pulled his face into her breasts.

“Mmmmmmmm that’s it sweetie.” Kathy whispered. “Milk your mommy as she milks you.”

Kathy tightened her pussy around Brett’s cock, strangling it tightly in it’s grip. Milking him for his cum. Brett’s eyes rolled back as he had never felt anything quite like this before in his life.

His thrust became stronger as his young body hungered for more. Kathy bit into the side Brett’s neck gently.

“Ohhhhhhhh Sweetheart!” Brett barely was able to whisper, as his mind lost it’s bearings.

Kathy giggled and sat up pumping her son, giggling at the name choice.

“I’m not one of your girlfriends sweetie. I am your mother!” Kathy gritted her teeth “I’m no sweetheart she whispered.”

She tensed her pussy around his cock much much harder taunting it to fill her full of him.

Brett’s mouth found Kathy’s left nipple and he began to suck, his cock pulsing.

“Yes darling that’s it.” Kathy whispered “Build a big load for mommy.”

Kathy rubbed his face with her right breast, tickling it with his stubble. Kathy clamped down on Brett’s cock and reached back feelings his balls.

“Oooooh sweetie there so full now. Mommy’s breasts will do that.” Kathy whispered.

She began gyrating on his cock still holding a tight grip. Brett moaned in ecstasy, his eyes rolling back as he body slowly gave into his mother’s. He let go of her nipple and laid back panting.

“Ohhhhh getting to much for you?” Kathy taunted Brett. Men are very visual, she suddenly remembered.

She folded her arms underneath her big soft breasts and started bouncing them in her arms as she milked his cock tightly with her pussy. Brett’s eyes locked onto them and it was all too much for him.

Brett exploded inside his mommy with a relieved growl. Kathy felt her eyes change to blue as her son’s sweet nectar filled her up so full she felt she might explode.

She felt his cock writhe inside her like an animal struggling for life until eventually it took it’s last breath with it’s last glob of cum and fell weak and defeated as she slid off it.

Brett’s balls lay milked dry. Brett laid still eyes rolled back, still breathing, barely. Kathy saw her skin glowing with the life force she just extracted from the man who fell victim to her feminine wiles.

She stood up admiring her work. Brett laying somewhere between life and death but would soon be returning from this dark place back to life. And soon she would need another helping.

Kathy walked to the kitchen and made breakfast still holding the cum of the two men inside her. She crossed her legs to make sure none of the one she had wanted all morning slipped out. She needed every drop.

Her skin began to glow less and less as the process slowly completed inside her. She felt rejuvenated, refreshed, reborn, as if she had drunk from the fountain of youth.

The End.

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