Surprised By Mom

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The summer was drawing to a close, and my life had turned quite boring after the night by the pool with my sisters introducing me to the pleasures of water sports. Both Pam and Sue had kept very much to themselves, at least when it came to me, and I think both felt a bit embarrassed and sorry for their actions that night. Not that I didn’t deserve what I got, (more importantly very much enjoyed it), but neither sister would so much as flash me much of a smile, let alone any part of their hot bodies. Mom kept up her usual routine, housework, then off to the hospital for the afternoon shift. I didn’t make anymore attempts to checkout the ladies in my family for fear of real trouble from mom.

The labor Day holiday was here, mom had taken the weekend off to get some much needed rest, and my sisters had left for a cabin up north with cousins. Phil, the next door neighbor, had again left for the holiday leaving me in charge of the pool and the cat. The holiday weekend started out hot and stayed that way through the entire weekend. My two closest buddies had went away with their families, I couldn’t tag along, as would normally happen, because I had committed to the house watching for Phil. I spent much of my time by the pool keeping cool, and some much needed and much forgotten shaping up.

I stayed away from the beers, no one to party with anyway, and concentrated on doing some pushups, sit-ups, and jogging the neighborhood. Mom, who had spent most of the weekend reading and napping, had commented on my new found energy for exercise, saying she was proud of my recent efforts. Mom and I got up on Labor Day and it promised to be the hottest day of the weekend. 95 degrees was expected for a high, and I had no plans but to eat, drink, and play by Phil’s pool for the whole day. Pam and Sue would not be home until late Tuesday, and Phil was away until Wednesday. Mom did not have to return to work until Wednesday, so she finally accepted a date with a doctor from work who had been asking her out. The couple would attend a bar-B-Q, and then they would play it by ear from there. Mom said this guy was very nice and she seemed to like him and said she felt very comfortable around him as well. This translated to me that mom would be home very late, if at all, and she in fact told me jokingly, not to wait up.

Earlier in the day mom went over to Phil’s with me for a swim before having to get ready for her date. We swam and talked for quite a while, with mom letting on that she had only been out with a couple guys sense dad had died, and she kidded about how she never even shook hands with them at the end of the night. Mom was obviously nervous about the upcoming date, more likely what would happen after the date. The more mom talked, the more she became nervous, finally she started talking herself out of going on the date. I went over behind mom’s lounge chair and began massaging her neck and shoulders, at the same time reassuring her that all would be well and that she would have a good time.

Mom began to calm down a bit, and I handed her another wine cooler, (we had brought coolers and beer over, just a few, holiday and all don’t you know!) The cold cooler, and the warm massage, finally got mom to relax. I continued to rub mom’s neck, shoulders, and then her…neck again, finally I opened another beer. I held the longneck beer against her neck, and noticed that the cool perspiration from the bottle was running down her neck towards her lovely breasts. Not wanting to cause trouble I moved the bottle to the back of mom’s neck, surprisingly mom, with her eyes still closed, smiled and said that it felt better on the side of her neck. Mom’s son is no dummy, so he first grabbed a couple ice cubes from the cooler, then put down the beer bottle.

I used both hands to hold ice on the sides of her neck and actually, more closer to her collar bone. Mom leaned further back in the chair, allowing me easier access to her neck and upper chest area. Mom then kinda spoke in a moan that it felt great. One of the ice cubes slipped away from my hand as it melted against mom’s hot skin. The cube quickly slid down the front of my mother’s upper chest and into the cleavage of her conservative suit. I instinctively grabbed for the cube, completely missing it, but finding my hand now inside of my mother’s bathing suit, right between her ample tits! Before I could pull my hand out and say I was sorry, mom grabbed my hand and held it in place between her tits. Mom said my hand was quite cool from holding the ice cubes and that it felt good on her skin.

Realizing that I would not get killed at this point, and purely wanting to comfort my mother, I dropped another cube from my free hand into mom’s cleavage, catching it in my “happy” hand. I again heard a moan as mom felt the new sudden coolness in between her lovely breasts. Mom let go of my hand and appeared to totally relax, enjoying the cubes coolness. I rubbed the ice around mom’s cleavage, getting only a little bit bolder as I used canlı bahis the ice to rub the inside areas of mom’s breasts. My mother did not protest, she lay there enjoying the coolness. I am quite sure she enjoyed this massage, as I clearly saw her nipples grow very erect through the material of her suit. I was in heaven, getting a chance to feel, skin to skin, the softness of mom’s sweet breasts. I threw caution to the pool, and slowly rubbed the last bit of ice, and my hand, under mom’s lovely left breast. I softly cupped that beautiful melon, lifting it ever so slightly, just wanting to get an idea how it would feel. It felt unbelievable.

Unfortunately my blissful moment had to come to an end. Mom said she had to get ready for her date, and I had run out of ice. Happily mom did not become upset at my straying hand, in fact just the opposite. My mother lovingly pulled my hand from the top of her suit, gave me a warm kiss on the back of my hand, then excused herself to head for home to get ready for the doc. I was given a quick kiss goodbye by mom as she left, and although the hot sun had dried both of us from the last swim, It was very obvious that mom’s suit was wet between her legs, and it wasn’t from the melting ice. I of course stood directly behind the lounge chair until mom had left, I don’t think I need to say why!

Mom left about 7:00 pm to meet the doc, and I got fresh beers and returned to the pool. It appeared that absolutely know one from the neighborhood was home this holiday, so around nightfall I decided to do a little skinny dipping. I left my suit by the steps and swam freely in the nude. The water felt great, and I soon began thinking about the ice cubes and mom’s tit’s. I found myself on the steps, the underwater lights the only thing shining through the darkness. I had not made time to “relieve the pressure, ” this busy weekend, and it now appeared that the time had, (sorry), cum. I slowly began to stroke my hard cock, thinking only of my mother and the massage I gave her earlier.

If you have ever stretched out on the steps of a pool, the water up around your chest, and you were masturbating, you know the joy I was experiencing! I can think of very few things that could ruin this moment, one would definitely be opening your eyes to watch yourself cum, and seeing your mom standing near the gate watching you! Yep!, busted again! I tried to get up and cover my raging hard-on with my hands, I slipped on the step, fell into the water, leaving my dick exposed briefly on the top of the water, yes, still very erect! I swam to the side of the pool closest to my mom so that she could not see my nakedness. I told mom how sorry I was, and that I didn’t know she would be home so soon. I started sobbing, telling mom how good the cool water felt on my bare skin and that I would put my suit on and go back home. I told her that I just didn’t want the summer to end with her being angry at me.

All I can say is that my mom is a peach! I was told that it was indeed not my fault for being caught skinny dipping, and to my amazement, mom said that it is not unnatural for an 18 year old guy to masturbate! That said, mom said she would be back in a minute after she got her suit and some more refreshments to finish out the holiday weekend. I did not know what to think. I quickly put my suit back on, grabbed a quick pee, and was back in the pool when mom came back with the cooler, and a towel wrapped around her. I got out of the pool to get a beer, mom kinda smirked at me when she seen I had my suit back on. I drank the beer down quickly and jumped back in the pool.

Mom explained that her and the doc had a great time, enjoying dinner and several drinks. Just as the couple was making “the” plans on how to finish out the night, doc was called away to a medical emergency. Mom and I both joked about the poor patient that would be treated by the slightly intoxicated doctor. Mom drank a couple coolers before long, and excused herself to use Phil’s poolside bathroom, located off the side of his home. Mom obviously did not teach her daughters their bad habits! Mom returned to the pool, announced it was time for a swim, dropped her towel, and jumped in. The smart son quickly noticed that something was missing in this picture, and yes, it was mom’s bathing suit! Mom’s sleek, lovely, full breasted body cut through the water effortlessly.

Mother commented that the water was warm and that I should “come on in.” I did as I was told and jumped into the water, I of course had my suit on. Mom laughed about how I was shy all of a sudden and swam up behind me and started pulling my suit off. I resisted for about a second, however my now very hard penis, resisted a bit more. Mt stiff penis snagged on the waste band of my suit when mom tried to pull it down from the bottom. I reached down to pull my hard-on free from the material, but found that my mom had gotten to my “snag” first.

For the first time in my life I felt my cock being firmly grasped around the shaft, and bahis siteleri it wasn’t me doing it! Mom expertly maneuvered my penis from my suit, then my suit from my body, all the while holding on to my now raging hard penis. I stood motionless, not knowing what to expect from my surprising parent. I felt the hand that was on my cock slowly slide down to the base, then ever so gently cup my sensitive balls. Before I could do anything, I heard mom giggle and then she was gone, swimming away towards the steps where she took up a position much like the one I had enjoyed when mom had found me. It was now my mother’s terrific breasts that poked up through the water’s surface, just as my cock had done. The pool light was just enough for me to see that mom still kept her genital area cleanly shaved, and I decided right there and then that I would do my damnedest to touch her mound before the night was over.

Mom giggled, and motioned me to come to the shallow end where she rested on the steps. Mom said she was very thankful for the great massage I gave her earlier, and that she would never had gone through with the date if it were not for my kindness. Mom said she expects to see much more of the doctor, and is looking forward to it. I told her I was happy for her and that I hope it all works out. I tried to cover my hard-on, seeing my mom floating there, her tits exposed above the water, her nipples very hard, and looking mighty tasty. Mother pulled my hand away from my cock, pulling me by the hand closer to her. Mom then sat up on the step, leaving my penis less than a foot from her face.

My mom again took hold of my manhood, and gave it a good looking over. My cock is a better than average 7 3/4″ long, (yes I measured it. several times in fact, we all do!), and mom just barely was able to touch her thumb and middle finger when she held the shaft. Mom said that I sure took after my dad, smiled lovingly at me, and said softly that this was the best holiday she had experienced in a very long time. I was quite certain this meant since dad had passed, and I could only say to her that I agreed. There were no more words said between mom and I at the pool that night, but as they say, actions speak louder then words.

Mom then slowly rubbed the head of my trembling penis along the lines of her jaw, across her soft cheeks, and even using the very tip to massage her closed eyes and brow. It was obvious to me, and most likely to mom, that I would not be able to hold back much longer. Mom held my cock against her flushed cheek and began stroking the exposed area with her hand. Soon I was cumming lightning bolts, my mother had covered the opening as I began to shoot, and she caught most of my ejaculate in her fingers. As my spasms subsided and I regained what little composer I still had, I watched as my beautiful mom rubbed my sperm onto her cheek, then across her lips, then finally licking my seed from her fingers.

Mom let out little moans, as she literally savored the taste of my semen. I did not lose much of my erection, my thoughts flooded with how incredibly lucky I was at this moment. Mom was feeding the last drops of my seed into her hungry mouth when I lowered my head to her breasts and began to suckle her beautiful melons.

Mom shivered slightly in the water then put her hands on her own breasts, fondling any areas that were not being consumed by my racing mouth. My tongue went from one nipple to the other, then back again. I licked, nibbled, and sucked like a madman. I soon had both lovely breasts to myself, and found that my mother was now attending to the area between her legs. Mom slowly massaged the area where her lips began, what I had learned from magazines was most likely her clitoris. Unlike the magazine pictures that showed chicks with two or more fingers jammed into there pussies, mom never moved from her growing clit. I continued to tongue mom’s breast while watching her masturbate. I soon took my member into hand and began stroking myself.

Mom somehow felt the water moving from my movements and looked to find me rubbing my cock. Mom watched through half closed eyes, watching me jack off, and at the same time she started to rub her clit faster. Within seconds mom reached out and grabbed my penis with one hand and began bucking against the other she had working furiously on her clitoris. Mom let out one sharp yelp, then held her breath as her body began quake in orgasm. I had never seen such intensity, and was mesmerized. Mom maintained her firm grip on my cock during her orgasm, loosening up only after the last spasm had subsided. We both were seated on the same step, and mom smiled contently at me, at the same time she reached down between my legs and motioned me to move up a step.

As I moved up from the water, mom laid back on the step and pulled my body towards her, she then slid her legs between mine, leaving me straddling mom with my penis again just in front of her face and mouth. My mom instantly took my penis into her warm mouth, if bahis şirketleri I had softened at all after climaxing earlier, there was no sign of it now. Mom’s warm saliva and tight lips had me harder then ever, I am not sure if mom was sucking me or I was fucking her mouth, but it felt outstanding none the less! Occasionally mom would stop to lick the sensitive area under my cock head, then she would resume her intense oral pleasure. Mom went back to licking the head and small opening when she detected my very near climax.

My orgasm was very intense, with mom letting the semen that flooded forth spray on her lips and tip of her tongue. The intensity of my orgasm along with the sight of my cum displayed on mom’s lips and chin, was completely unbelievable. I began to lose strength in my legs and I was forced to leave this perfect perch to sit down next to mom. My mothers eyes were closed, and she had a faint smile on her face, while at the same time attempted to corral all the cum into her mouth with her hot tongue. I reached over and softly pushed some of my seed into her waiting mouth, which she lapped up, then she began to suck my fingers into her warm, wet mouth. The remaining semen was on her chin, and with a feeling of complete love for my mom, I leaned over and licked up the salty fluid and then spread my juice on mom’s lips with my tongue and mouth. Mom grabbed me by the hair on the back of the head and pulled my mouth to hers with such urgency that are teeth clicked together. Mom sucked the cum from my tongue and lips and it was apparent she was trembling with the start of another orgasm.

I instinctively new to reach down and massage mom’s pussy, trying to do it the very way I had seen her do it. Her pussy felt wonderful, even though she was in the water, her pussy was warm and lubricated. I felt down to her opening, it too was very slick and warm. I rubbed my index and middle finger around mom’s lovely opening, slowly inserting both fingers at the same time. Mom was now pinching her stiff nipples as she continued to suck my tongue into her mouth. My fingers only got as deep as the first knuckles when mom’s legs slammed closed preventing my moving my fingers in either direction. I froze in fear thinking mom had suddenly came to her senses and was putting a stop to this! I then realized that she was being rocked by an intense orgasm that clenched every muscle in her body.

It seemed mom was froze in this position for minutes, her fingers pinching her nipples, her eyes closed, her lips parted slightly, a satisfied smile on her face. Eventually mom relaxed and came back to earth, I did as well and we simply lay back on the pool steps next to each other. I wasn’t long before I noticed mom start to shiver a bit from the cool water, so I got out and got mom a towel to warm her. Mom exited the pool and I wrapped the oversize towel around her, then rubbed the towel into her skin to soak up the water. I then grabbed a towel for myself and dried off. Mom looked at we with a very pleased, content, happy, and very satisfied smile, she then unwrapped herself and walked off towards our air conditioned home. My mother held her towel in front of her covering her breasts and lower body, but she left her beautiful ass exposed for me to see as she walked away. One last pleasing surprise I thought, I then straightened up around the pool, would take care of the rest tomorrow, then grabbed the cooler and opened a beer. Tonight, life had been very, very good for me.

I walked to our house, the events of the night flashing through my mind. I was now almost 1:00 am, and figured I would have one more beer then hit the hay. An empty cooler bottle and two caps told me that mom had finished off another drink and was sampling yet another, good for her I thought, she deserved to relax. I grabbed another beer and headed to my room to change into some shorts. I stopped in the john to pee and found mom’s suit laying on the counter, apparently mom used mine and my sister’s bathroom earlier when she got ready to come back to the pool. Mom must of decided at this point to go without the suit and she left it on the counter, ( a decision I for one am very happy she made!).

I picked up the one piece fashionable suit. I inhaled mom’s sent from the breast area, then remembering her wetness when she left the pool prior to going on the date. I deeply inhaled the aromas coming from the crotch area of mom’s suit, Through all that happened by the pool, I unfortunately did not get a chance to taste mom’s juices or to mouth her pussy. Well the scent of this suit just about made up for it! The sensual aroma was so strong in the crotch of mom’s suit that I could practically taste my mom’s pussy juices. All that was left to do at this point was to taste the left over and partially dried juices that had been left in the crotch of mom’s suit, and I did! I licked at the “hot” spot, I sucked up as much of mom’s taste as I could. I had a raging hard-on from this unexpected delight, but common sense filtered back in and I figured it would not be good to get caught at this, so I took the bathing suits and towels into the laundry room and started the washer so that the suits would be fresh for a swim the next day.

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