Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

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I suggest that you first read ‘Sweet Revenge’

Alicia awoke early. Through the crack at the top of the blinds the sun shone brightly. She gently pushed aside the bed covers and got out of the queen-sized bed. Her husband, Jason, continued snoring lightly.

It was seven o’clock and already a hot Saturday morning in mid-July. Never one to laze in bed, Alicia decided to take a shower.

As the warm water from the power shower stung her large, sensitive nipples she couldn’t help but gently tug and tweak on them. Sensory overload sent a sexual impulse to her lower belly and one hand swiftly found her wet labia. With her mind now set on bringing herself to orgasm she stroked her pussy lips then inserted two fingers into her wanton hole. She slid down the shower wall and sat on the shower tray with her legs tucked up all the while manipulating her fingers inside her aching vagina. Lifting her ample left breast to her mouth she sucked and nibbled on a very wet and achingly engorged nipple.

Her efforts were soon rewarded with an orgasm that left her emotionally satisfied but not quite fulfilled.

She toweled herself dry then put on a white bra with matching briefs. She decided that for today’s household chores she would be more comfortable in blue jeans and a light blue cotton blouse.

The full length mirror in her dressing room reflected a slim, very attractive, short haired blond of forty-two. Her hair was cut in an Egyptian style of a fringe and bob accentuating an oval face with a generous mouth and bewitching nose. The years had been kind to Alicia with hardly any wrinkles and her endearing smile enchanted those with whom she came into contact.

Any woman of five-foot-seven inches and one hundred and ten pounds could be considered pretty average. With Alicia your gaze shifted quickly from her face to her breasts that were an outstanding thirty-eight inches of d-cup proportion; an eye stopping package. On occasion both sexes could be seen gazing longingly at that lovely area of her body.

Satisfied with her outward appearance she went into the hallway and quietly walked past both Jennifer’s and Tommy’s bedroom.

Breakfast consisted of cereal and freshly squeezed orange juice. She liked breakfast on her own. It allowed her the time for her mind to wander and dwell on the good times in her life. It was also the time to list the things that she needed to do during the day.

An hour later she realized that no one had yet joined her for breakfast. This was unusual particularly for Jennifer, who was nearly always an early riser. Jennifer needed to be up and out the door within the next forty minutes or she would be late for work at the menswear store.

“Let’s go see where she’s at,” Alicia said, making her way upstairs.

Outside Jennifer’s room she lightly tapped on the door but heard no response. She opened the door and stepped into the bedroom gently closing the door behind her. The darkened room gave little clue as to shape or form until her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dim light. It was during this short period that Alicia first became aware of the scent of sex; that musky aroma of lovemaking that lingers long after the act itself.

Then she saw the two entwined naked figures on the bed.

At once, three things happened to Alicia. Her eyes widened in disbelief, her right hand flew towards her mouth to muffle a gasp of surprise and her mind uttered the words, “Oh, my god!”

In most families the discovery by a parent of a brother and sister naked together in bed would result in an emotional outpouring as siblings and adults contested what they felt was right and wrong behavior. The ramifications of an incestuous relationship could have disastrous consequences for the whole family.

What would you have done?

Alicia backed quietly out of the room and softly shut the door. She rested her shocked body against the opposite wall. She exhaled; little realizing that she had been holding her breath. Taking deep breaths she walked down the hall and stairway to her breakfast room refuge.

More than anything she could not quite grasp how her two children had suddenly become so emotionally attached. Recently they had detested one another on sight.

“Morning after pill,” she said out loud. No one heard her as she wrote this down on her list of things to get. Alicia knew that Jennifer and her boyfriend Dan were sexually active but that Dan was the one taking all the precautions. Tommy? Well, she considered his love life was probably zero on a scale of one to ten so he probably had not taken any precautions.

‘My god,’ she thought, ‘here I am considering the consequences of their involvement when I should also be asking the question, why?’

She hurriedly grabbed her keys and shopping bag and then headed off into town.


Through the fog of awakening, from a very deep sleep, Jennifer realised that, today, something was very different. She was lying on her left side; someone lay snuggled up behind her and they had an arm across her body. The illegal bahis hand attached to that arm cupped her right breast. This thought increased her breathing which had a profound effect on the nipple of that breast. Each tiny movement rubbed her nipple against the palm of the mysterious hand, sending a pulse of exquisite excitement to her clitoris.

‘Tommy,’ she suddenly remembered. She moved her head slightly to look at the clock and knew that she would be late for work. She was never late for anything. This was a major problem.

Jennifer rolled over onto her right side. Tommy awoke.

“Good morning, sis.” He said, a wicked grin spreading over his face. “Did you sleep well?”

“Tommy, you have to go. I’m already late for work and I have to wash and dress. Christ, mom must be up already. She mustn’t find us together. She’ll go ape. Come on move yourself… please!”

“Oh, all right sis but I will see you later. What we did last night was… wonderful and I don’t want us to fight so much, like we have been doing of late. Can we at least agree on that?”

“Sure, Tommy, I so enjoyed what we did last night and maybe I have been a bitch to you lately. Let’s talk later, okay? But for now would you go back to your room, please?”

Reluctantly, Tommy left his sister and tip toed quietly to his bedroom. Jennifer quickly showered and dressed for work. Taking the stairs two at a time on her way down, she grabbed her car keys from the hall table and was out of the house in thirty minutes.

While driving the short trip to where the store was located it dawned on Jennifer that her mother’s car had not been outside when she left. ‘Strange.’ She thought.

The morning was quite hectic but extremely lucrative for Jennifer as her sales continued to rise by the hour. By eleven o’clock she was ready for a break. It was then that she spotted her mother entering the store.

“Hi mom, is everything okay? I didn’t see your car on the drive when I left this morning.”

“Could we talk for a few minutes, honey?”

“Sure mom. Let’s go outside. I’m due a ten minute break.”

In the mall they sat in a secluded area of bench seats while all around them shoppers hurried to complete their Saturday morning chore.

Alicia took hold of Jennifer’s left hand and placed a small white tablet in her palm.

“Honey, she said, “I think you should take this.” Then from her shopping bag she handed Jennifer a bottle of mineral water.

Jennifer looked perplexed. “What is this mom?” she asked.

“Well, honey, I’m not sure but if you did take precautions last night then it’s nothing but if you didn’t then…” her voice trailed away.

“Oh, god,” exclaimed Jennifer, a sudden flush of red blooming on her face and neck. “You came in and saw us?”

“Yes. I was worried that you’d be late for work.”

Oh mom. It’s… it’s… not what you think. It was…”


“No mom. We… That is Tommy… Oh god my life is so shot to pieces,” Jennifer lamented, covering her mouth with her right hand, tears flowing freely down her face.

Taking both of Jennifer’s hands in hers Alicia said, soothingly, “Jennifer, hush now. We both know that you and Tommy have been at each other’s throats for the past few months. It’s possible that you both felt you hated one another. The closeness between love and hate can be very thin. I’ve seen people who seem to hate one another come together in a time of crisis. It’s only natural that you and Tommy made up. But in a slightly unnatural way I have to admit.”

“It’s nice of you to think of it in that way mom.” Jennifer’s eyes opened wide and she said appealingly, “Does dad know too?”

“No, he doesn’t. Not to my knowledge.”

Jennifer visibly relaxed then swallowed the tablet and washed it down with some mineral water.

“Thanks mom. I don’t know what else to say. I love you.”

“I love you too honey. So what’s the crisis?” enquired Jennifer, squeezing Jennifer’s hands with her own.


Tommy was on a testosterone high. At eighteen, sex with anyone could be something on which you or I would reminisce every second of the day. Sex with his gorgeous, sexy sister was on Tommy’s mind every half second. Focusing on anything else was impossible so it was just as well it was a weekend.

He’d already masturbated twice in his bedroom that morning. Each time he masturbated to his wonderful memories of the previous evening.

Tommy remembered the sexual tension between them; the touch of her velvet skin and the fragrance in her hair. He recalled Jennifer’s mesmerizing breasts that moved in rhythm while they fucked; the taste and feel of her lips on his when they kissed so desperately in their moment of passion. Memories lingered of the smell and wonderful sweet taste from her juices that flowed so copiously from her slit. The way she wantonly thrust her hips up to meet his mouth when his tongue touched her clitoris or the delightful way she moaned while his finger manipulated the folds of skin around her cunt. The feel of her sweet young ass illegal bahis siteleri cheeks as he massaged them with his hands and kissed them with his lips.

Oh, the power that he held over her. Yes, if there was a sexual heaven then Tommy was in it.


“Crisis?” replied Jennifer to her mother’s question.

“You know what I mean Jennifer. I can read your face. Something threw you two together. What was it?”

“It was nothing mom. It was a one off situation. It won’t happen again,” replied Jennifer brazenly.

“I doubt that very much.”

“It won’t. I promise.”

“In my experience once you have a taste for incestuous passion it is very, very difficult to give up.”

“You… You’ve experienced what Tommy and I did?”


“I don’t understand,” she said, perplexed by the idea presented to her. “You never told us that you had any brothers or sisters.”

“Jennifer, let’s be honest with each other. I’ll tell you my little secret if you tell me yours, okay?”

There followed a pregnant pause, as Jennifer closely studied her mother’s face, then she replied, “Okay, mom.”

“Your father… Your father is also my brother.”

A look of incredulity sprang to Jennifer’s face. Her bottom jaw went slack. She couldn’t speak. The silence between them was eventually broken when Alicia said, “Now it’s your turn Jennifer.”

“Mom… mom, I don’t know what to say. This is a complete shock. You’re joking… right?”

“No joke. It’s the absolute truth. But now it’s your turn to tell me the truth of what’s going on with you and Tommy.”

“I can’t tell you right now, mom. I have to get back to work. Later mom; we’ll talk later.”

Jennifer quickly planted a kiss on her mother’s cheek and almost ran to the sanctuary of the store.

The remainder of Jennifer’s work day resulted in few sales and a reprimand from her boss for not focusing enough on her customers. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. Work was tough and home was not the best place to be. She decided that the best place, right now, was with her boyfriend Dan. She desperately needed his rugged six foot frame to hold her and comfort her; to plant tender kisses over her pliant body and be reminded of how his tongue could give her such immense pleasure.

He met her in the doorway of his parent’s home. He was dressed in khaki shorts and a white t-shirt. His flowing blonde hair was tied back in a pigtail emphasizing his round face. With gentle gray eyes and a distinctly roman nose his demeanor spoke volumes of good breeding. Add into the equation a generous mouth with full lips and you could understand why Jennifer wanted him all to herself.

He was delighted to see her, particularly as they had not planned anything for the weekend, even though his parents were away on holiday in Europe. He took her into his arms and they hugged for a long time. Tears trickled down Jennifer’s cheeks. She sobbed once and Dan broke away holding her at arm’s length and, looking into her eyes, he questioned her as to why she was crying. Jennifer dismissed his question with a statement of her poor sales that afternoon because she was feeling a bit down and her stupid reprimand.

“Anyway, Dan, we’ve got the whole evening to ourselves so I came over early hoping for you to cheer me up,” said Jennifer her demeanor brightening up and smiling her usual dazzling smile. With her fingers she brushed away her tears.

Dan immediately felt a whole lot better about the situation and they went indoors and sat at the kitchen table. After chatting and drinking through a couple of bottles of Californian white wine Jennifer was treated to some of Dan’s cooking. They sat in the lounge while the dishwasher did its work.

Jennifer used her mobile to phone her mom letting her know that she was with Dan and would be staying over. Luckily for her the call went to voicemail so she did not speak directly to her mother. At the moment she felt awkward with her and at the same time her emotions around Tommy were all over the place. She thought it might be best to keep a low profile for awhile.

“Love me, Dan. Hold me and make love to me.”

“Let’s go upstairs then.”

“No I want you here… now.”

Dan stood up and slowly undressed in front of Jennifer. She ran her tongue back and forth over her top lip waiting for the touch of his velvet cock head. The sight of his erection as he used his right hand to manipulate his cock to its full, glorious size always made her feel so aroused. Her hand moved to her left breast, the most sensitive, and cupping her breast she squeezed ever so meaningfully. Her gasp surprised even her as she then quickly unbuttoned the white shirt to her waist. Her bra followed the shirt to the floor.

“God, Jennifer, you are so fucking hot.”

“I’m so wet and aching for you. Give it to me, please… please.”

“One last item of clothing then I’ll give you what you want.”

Jennifer removed her dark, pin stripe trousers. She sat on the sofa in just a red lace thong that barely covered canlı bahis siteleri her slit. Clearly visible was a damp spot confirming her arousal.

Dan moved towards her waiting, open mouth. Her tongue snaked out licking and swirling the underside of his circumsized cock head. He gasped as he knew he would. She was good at being a whore; his whore. They had been spent many hours perfecting their role play. He was the Master. She was the submissive. Sometimes they would reverse role play and Jennifer became the dominatrix. The key to knowing which role was usually found in the words that started their role play.

Dan allowed Jennifer’s hand and tongue to work their wondrous magic until he was almost on the verge of cumming. Stepping back he quickly rolled a condom onto his massive eight inch cock.

“Stand up,” he commanded, “and face away from me. Place your left foot on the arm of the sofa, then bend forward.” She got into position steadying herself with her left arm on the sofa and Dan stood behind her with his hand holding his huge erection he gently edged it back and forward along her slit sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

Jennifer could not wait a second longer moving her hand to guide his member into her wanton hole.

Dan immediately pushed her hand away saying, “No, not yet.”

Jennifer groaned, “Please Master, I need your cock in me now.”

He leaned over her body caressing her breasts, paying particular attention to her engorged nipples and areolae.

Jennifer was on the verge of cumming from the sheer pleasure of his hands. Dan held her hips and guided the tip of his erection into her warm love channel. With slow, deliberate rocking movements he entered her slick hole. She suddenly cried, “Ow, ow,” as Dan’s hand viciously slapped first her left buttock then the other. He massaged both reddening cheeks with his open palms.

Dan plunged the last three inches of his prick into her and she cried out as her orgasm rolled out wave after wave of immense pleasure. Her ecstatic cries slowly subsiding to a long drawn out mewling chorus as Dan continued thrusting his cock harder into her, heading ever upwards to his own climax.

“Fuck me, Master. Fuck me harder. Harder. Harder,” she gasped each word to match the pace of each powerful thrust, “Oh, yes, Master. I’m your pleasure whore. Cum for me. Cum for me now.”

Jennifer felt Dan’s cock swell inside her love tunnel then the spasms began as he climaxed. A feeling of love and tenderness swept over her as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock milking every last drop of his spunk. His cock slowly wilted, he withdrew from her and discarded the used condom in the kitchen waste bin.

For a while they lay naked on the sofa kissing and smooching until Jennifer’s playful ministrations with Dan’s prick finally had him at full erection. He, meanwhile, had been gently using his forefinger and the lubrication from her slit to delicately caress the area between that and her anus. To Jennifer, each circle around her puckered hole brought a new and delightful erotic sensation. She knew that Dan knew what this was doing to her as she moaned into his kiss. Each circle of his lubricated finger drew her closer to that wonderful moment of penetration. Her arm around his upper body clutched him tighter and tighter.

Unexpectedly she felt another finger enter her cunt and then the moment she had waited for arrived as his forefinger slipped easily into her wanton anus.

She broke their kiss and cried out, “Oh, sweet Jesus. Oh, god. Yes do it. Do it,” as her lower body writhed on both Dan’s fingers. She feverishly jerked her hand up, down and around Dan’s massive cock as she bucked her lithe body. She came with a rush that took her by surprise both at the suddenness and intensity of her orgasm. Dan climaxed, his hot spunk shooting across her breasts and tummy.

“Time for a shower, Master,” Jennifer said, eyeing the trail of white spunk.

“Then to bed?” asked Dan.

“Perhaps,” said Jennifer, smiling wickedly and with a knowing glint in her eye, “who knows what may happen between the shower and the bedroom.”


It was 5.30pm and there was still no sign of Jennifer as Tommy waited alone in his bedroom for the return of his sister. By 6.00pm he decided to phone her but her mobile went straight to voicemail. He left a message for her, to phone him immediately adding that there would be consequences if she did not.

He trouped downstairs and slouched on the sofa in the lounge halfheartedly reading the TV guide which is where Alicia found him. Jason was at a baseball game with some friends and would not be back till late so she had Tommy all to herself knowing that Jennifer was staying over with Dan.

Alicia asked him nonchalantly, “Hi, Tommy. How’s your day been?”

“Oh!” he replied, unaware of her presence, “Hi mom. It could be better I guess.”

“Have you got time for a chat? She enquired.

“Sure mom, what did you want to talk about?

Alicia lightly asked him, “Well, nothing too heavy. I just wanted to know how you were and if there was anything troubling you that I may be able to help you with?” She sat down on the sofa next to her son. She had exchanged her jeans for a light summer frock, no hosiery and just plain sandals.

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