Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 07

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This chapter delves into some nasty, messy incest, specifically mother and son. I mean, seriously messy fantasy. If that’s not for you, this story isn’t.

The longer my affair with Karin went, the deeper we got into fantasies and kinks. She had long since left her innocent Catholic mom bent behind, she’d tasted the forbidden fruits of a steamy affair with her husband’s brother, public sex, and anal. Caught in a web she’d been forced to watch her daughter fuck her lover, made her husband watch us fuck, and had been licked and sucked by a gorgeous redheaded teen girl.

But the next chapter still caught me by surprise.

“You have a secret admirer,” I told Karin one morning. We were lying in bed, having just finished a long slow grinding fuck. Both of us were covered with sweat and cooling off with the breeze from a ceiling fan. The bed belonged to her 21-year-old son, Bobby. He had an apartment in the city, so he rarely used it. I had been shuttled into it for the previous night, since Karin’s parents had visited and were in the guest room where I usually slept, and often fucked the lady of the house. (In fact, I’d dragged her into the guest room and licked her pussy on the same bed her parents would sleep in while they had been out for a walk.)

“Who would that be?” she looked up from her position spread along my side, her leg over my thigh, her pussy leaking across it.

I reached under the bed, hooking a lacy scrap, and lifted it to show her. It was a white lace thong, one of the treats I’d bought her months ago. It wasn’t in quite the same condition now, though. There was a nice little stain in the crotch, and they were crusty from dried cum.

“Have you been stealing mommy’s panties again?” she cooed. I don’t know why, but that voice always woke me up a little, and she played it often. She took them from me and sniffed, “mmm, smells a little cummy.” Licking it wetly, she smiled at me. “Did you get lonely last night?”

“Just found them this morning,” I replied.

“And couldn’t wait for mommy to wake you up with a nice juicy fuck?”

I held her chin and pulled her face to mine. I kissed her deeply, and said, “It’s not my cum.” Then I watched the emotions play across her face. Confusion, contemplation, realization, embarrassment?

“Bobby?” she sat up suddenly, her hand over her mouth. “Bobby’s been… using my panties?”

“That’s my guess.”

“Oh my god, Mike, what should I …”

“Oh, Karin, don’t make a big deal about it,” I reassured her. “Guys that age go through a gallon of Lubriderm a week. It’s just an access thing. He sees your dirty panties in the hamper, or Holly’s…”

“Holly’s? Holly’s panties?” She looked closely at me. “Mikey, have you been cheating on my panties with my daughter’s?” She grabbed my cock, her lie detector, and it was already swelling with the image of Holly’s pink heart-covered cotton panties, so fresh and sweet.

Busted. But then she dropped me and again covered her mouth.

“Ohmygod, I just licked them! I tasted my son’s cum!”

I laughed, “you want to really turn him on, tell him that.”

Karin took it well, she laughed a little. “So you don’t think it’s a big deal, he doesn’t want to sleep with his mother or anything.”

“I didn’t say that, baby, every man with a cock wants to get inside that beautiful pussy of yours. But, no, it’s not a big deal.”

“Maybe it’s because he hasn’t had a girlfriend in so long. I wish he’d find somebody.” She lay down again, this time her breasts between us, nuzzling my neck and stroking me again. God, she was so fucking sexy, her soft, lush, fuckable body. I never failed to respond, no matter how many loads I spent.

She swung a leg over her brother in law, and deftly slipped my cock between her lips, straddling it and slowly sliding back and forth while it hardened. She had a mastery of handling my cock, it seemed, so different from the first time she took it inside her. It took no time and the erect shaft was sandwiched between her fat lips as she slipped across it, her thick mat of hair scratching the tender head. I grasped her breasts, lightly caressing them, pulling those nipples, so fat and red. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and slow. She was focusing on her clit bumping over the head as she reached the end of her stroke.

“Mmm, baby. Mommy loves how you get so hard for me.”

Mommy. There it was again. Watching her closely, I whispered, “Oh Mommy, that feels so good.”

She kept up the rhythm, “Mmmm, me too.” Her voice took on a breathless tone.

I pressed it, “Oh, yes. Can I go inside you? Can I put my penis inside your pussy today, Mommy?”

“Oh baby, that’s bad. You know we can’t do that. Just let Mommy make you feel good.” She sounded like she was miles away. “Mommy knows what you need.”

“Oh, I know Mommy, it just feels sooo good. I’m going to shoot my cum soon. Please can I do it inside you? Can I cum in your vagina?”

Her hips began to move quicker now, jerky movements that revealed her approaching orgasm. Her nails dug into my chest.


Now she began to buck across me, her illegal bahis orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Please Mommy?”

“Oh, no, we can’t. I can’t. Oh my god!” Her left hand left my chest and decisively reached down, wrapping around my soaked shaft as she lifted her hips. She lowered her lips to my ear, I felt the heat of her breath, her lips brushed against me. “Nobody can know, nobody can ever find out…” she whispered urgently.

She aimed me at her core and drove her body down, enveloping me in her wet heat as she began to cum. “Oh my god baby, I’m coming. I’m coming.” She began to grind on me, crushing her clit against my pubic bone.

I began to lift her with my thrusts. Her hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, her fingers sliding down below my scrotum, tickling me as I began to catch up. Feeling the contractions below my cock, she squeezed and collapsed on my chest, shuddering in full orgasm as I began to shoot. “Oh baby,” she groaned deeply, “that’s it, cum for me, cum in Mommy, cum in your mother’s pussy.”

She had reached the point where lust ruled her mind, her body. Her reservations evaporated. She was cumming to the image of her son blasting his cum inside her. And it was magnificent. I knew that this fantasy touched her deeper than anything we’d played before. As she slumped across my body, I caressed her back and her hair, and she twitched with little aftershocks. Despite having just come, I was still hard inside my sweet sister in law.

She sobbed against my neck, “Oh god, I’m sick. I can’t believe I’m thinking about my son that way.”

“Hey, it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, baby. Your boy probably comes twice a day smelling your panties and thinking about you.”

She lifted her head and looked at me, “Really?”

“At least. Watch him when he thinks you’re not looking. He probably drools looking at your beautiful ass.”

She smiled, “You really love that ass, don’t you Mikey? Doesn’t it make you jealous, other men looking at me?”

“Karin, I’d be happy to share, I want all of your fantasies to come true. If you ever make love to Bobby, I want to hear all about it.”

She dropped her head back down, “Oh no, I’d never do that.” But I felt a twitch in her pussy, and she began to move a little. The thought of her getting wet over her son made me twitch a little myself.

She looked at me again. “Really, Mikey? That turns you on too?”

“You getting wet, you coming like you just did, that turns me on like crazy.”

We were fucking again now, making love really. She slid her voluptuous body slowly against mine, her pussy like a fist around my cock. We talked and fucked for almost a half hour, talking about fantasy and affairs, she got wetter and wetter, her pussy a sloppy mess, and I stayed hard. I didn’t think we’d finish again but decided to give her a push.

“You know, Karin, it’s not that crazy. I mean, he’s an adult. You could be laying on Bobby right here, this could be his young hard cock buried deep inside you. You could make him so happy, give him something that shows you love him more than anything. Imagine him staring at you, sucking on your nipples. Imagine him telling you that he’s losing control, that he needs to come. And you could let him, have your son shoot his semen right up inside his mother’s wonderful juicy pussy. He’d never forget that moment.”

She didn’t say anything, but she responded with her body. Her pussy clenched me and she began to move a little more forcefully, bottoming out on each stroke and grinding her clit against me. I flipped us over, and she lifted her knees towards her head, like she did when she was really feeling it. It made her feel more exposed, more slutty. And suddenly she orgasmed, gasping as she came. “Oh, Bobby…” she started, then realized that she’d said his name. We shared a long look, and she began to kiss me deeply, sloppily. Her pussy gripped me tighter and she shuddered through a sweet orgasm, using me again in a new way.

I thought that her Catholic guilt would eat her up over this, but her fantasy life seemed to be acceptable to her now. We’d had so many discussions about seduction and younger lovers, and I started to feed her ideas that worked into our affair.

“Maybe you could seduce one of his friends, that would be fun, right? Maybe right here on his bed. You could do it so that Bobby would catch you, and get him so hard that he would fuck you even with his friend right there. Imagine how hot that would be, fucking your son with his friend just staring at you. Maybe you could suck him while you fuck the other kid.”

The panty thing ended up being what was just safe enough, deniable, so that I actually talked her into it.

“When you give him his laundry, leave a few dirty things in the basket like you didn’t notice. These,” and I held up a wet cummy pair of boy shorts, “could be stuck to the bottom. Imagine how hard that kid would get. He wouldn’t last a minute.”

I could see instantly that she was considering it. After all, he was already cumming in her panties when he could get a pair. Just maybe.

And a week later illegal bahis siteleri I got a call.

“Mikey, I did it.”

“What’s that?” I had a little idea what “it” was.

“The panty thing. I left some dirty undies in Bobby’s laundry, and he took them when he left the house. They were really nasty too, I rubbed them up into my pussy after I gave myself a nice juicy one.”

Now I was getting turned on. “Have you seen him since? Tell me everything.”

“He came home last night for dinner, and I found them this morning buried in my hamper.” She giggled, “they were kind of messy, if you get me. I gave him the nicest hugs while he was here. He had to hold himself away from me, poor kid must have been hard as a rock. He had a pair of workout shorts on and had to run up to his room and put on jeans. I had a pair of yoga pants on that had a tear right by the top of my thighs, I made sure a little of my fur was showing through the hole. And a real thin bra under my top, so my nipples were crazy, and I put on that Amarige perfume that drives you nuts. Every time I saw his reflection, he was adjusting his thing in his pants and he was so turned on that he disappeared for 15 minutes right after dinner. I found the bikini bottoms that I wore yesterday, just oozing with cum, hidden deep down in the hamper.”

“Sounds like he’s liking his visits home.”

“He’s spending the weekend with us.”


Her response was breathy, “yes Mike?”

“Are you touching yourself?”

“I’m so wet, my clit is so hard.”

“Go up to his room. Put me on video, I want to watch.” She was gone for a minute, then the screen showed her on his bed. She was wearing a silky silver robe, and opened it to reveal nothing but a pair of pink panties on her beautiful body.

“Naked now. Pull down the covers, leave him a nice present on his sheets.”

She followed my directions and lay back on his bed. Her hands slid sexily down her hips and slowly peeled off her panties. She lifted her ass, then raised her legs to remove them. Her legs fell to the sides, and her pussy shone in the daylight. She began to stroke, slowly at first, then almost immediately began to dig into herself.

“Use your panties, baby, make them wet for your son. Get them soaked with that sweet mommy juice.”

That made her groan. She wrapped them around her finger, and began to stroke her soaked cunt. It took no more than a minute for her orgasm to explode inside her. She was thrashing on her son’s bed, grunting with pleasure, her legs kicking in the air. I lasted about 5 seconds.

As she finished, she lay panting on his bed, the bed that now smelled like his mother. Her perfume, her cum, her sweat.


“Yes?” she whispered.

“Are you going to leave your panties under his pillow?”

“Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t want him to know that I know.”

I watched her make up his bed, then approach the camera. She parted her lips for me, and showed me the inside of her treasure, pink and red with arousal, still seeping her honey. “She misses you, Mikey. Come visit soon.”

I showed her my cock, semi-hard and dripping cum.

She giggled, “Call me this weekend.”

All weekend I waited. Fantasies ran through my mind, picturing Karin in lingerie, her son crazy with desire. How far would her lust allow her to go? Sunday night the phone rang.

“Mikey? Oh my god, I can’t believe what I’ve done.” She sounded strange, scared would be good description.


“I’m going to hell, I really lost control this time.”

“Tell me.”

It took a couple of minutes, but Karin slowly let it out. And as she told her story, her tone changed from confused and guilty to a kind of satisfaction.

“Well,” she took a deep breath, “Bobby came home for the weekend, and he brought his friend Jack. I don’t know if you’ve met Jack, a real nice all-American type. Bobby played baseball with him. I hadn’t expected company, and I’d been a little naughty Friday morning, and had left a couple of nice, um, damp garments in the hamper.”

“How damp?”

“Oh, Mikey, they were soaked. I was so worked up that I put on my sluttiest panties, the tiny red ones, and walked around wearing nothing else while I got the house ready. I was dripping on the floor! I couldn’t help myself, and took my little vibrator into Bobby’s room, pulled down the covers and gave myself a nice juicy in his bed.”

“So when the boys got home, they took their stuff upstairs. Bobby came down with a strange look on his face, and asked if anybody had been staying in his room. I guessed that he must have smelled me on his bed. I got so flustered, I know I turned beet red, and told him that I had slept in his bed last night because his father had been snoring really loud. A little later, he left Jack and I watching TV and disappeared for about 15 minutes. I wondered what he might be up to, so I kind of snuck upstairs. I could see the hamper open, and sure enough my panties were gone.”


She laughed. “So I tiptoed up to the door, and took a listen. I could hear him breathing hard, and then I canlı bahis siteleri could hear a little bit of a ‘squish squish’ noise. It got my juices flowing knowing that my son was stroking himself off while he smelled his mom’s pussy. I snuck around to the bedroom door, and peeked through the crack, and, oh my god, there he sat with the biggest hard-on, just stroking it slowly while he held my panties to his nose. I watched him until he came, it only took a minute. He shot so much cum! First it shot on his chest, but then he grabbed his cock with the panties and just saturated them. His whole body was contracting as he shot it out. I almost passed out I was so turned on that I forgot to breathe. I wanted to walk in, but instead I headed back downstairs.

“Jack asked me if I was ok, my heart was pounding and I was sweating a little. I looked at him and thought that maybe this beautiful young man could save me from myself, and from committing incest. I said that I was fine, and sat down next to him on the couch. He seemed a little uneasy, so I took it slow with him, but every time I touched his thigh or brushed up against him, he would jump like I shocked him. After a while, I just pretended to fall asleep and lay my head on his shoulder. I had my blouse open a little, I knew he could see a good piece of my bra, and he casually let his arm slide down around me. I gave him some deep breaths to tell him he was safe, and he slowly slid his hand inside and just lightly brushed my nipple a few times. I was about to slide down and ‘sleep’ with my head on his thigh when we heard Bobby coming down the stairs.”

“Jack jerked his hand out of my blouse and I pretended to wake up, and headed to the kitchen to get the boys some dinner.”

“The weekend was so much fun, both both guys were just doing anything they could to get close to me, and I was just dripping every time I saw their shorts packing a bulge. I think Bobby must have disappeared to masturbate at least 4 or 5 times, and I didn’t want to leave Jack out, so I planted a pair of really stinky panties on his floor where I knew he couldn’t miss them.” She laughed, “I’ll never see them again. He’s probably got them locked up in his room.”

“We spent a couple of hours at the pool yesterday, and I just had to give them a nice show. I wore a new bikini that was a couple of inches shy of the one I’ve been tanning in, so they could see some untouched white skin around my thighs and the top of my bottom. And of course, I had to ask Jack to rub some lotion on me. I felt bad for Bobby, but I was still entertaining the idea of getting Jack alone for some me time, maybe send Bobby out for some groceries and have a quickie while he was gone.”

“I was having a hard time getting Jack close to where I wanted him. I was on my back, and I had my legs apart enough that I knew that he could see a wet spot on my suit bottoms, and I hoped he could maybe smell me. I know I could! But in front of Bobby he was being careful, I was his buddy’s mom after all.”

“So I sent Bobby inside to get some drinks, and as soon as he left I told Jack, ‘honey, that white stripe is where I need it most. It’s ok if you get some on my suit, it’ll wash off.’ I pulled my suit bottoms in tighter to my pussy, past the hair line even, giving him more of me to touch, and it felt so naughty having his fingers rubbing that lotion into my inner thighs right up against the edge, and even feeling my pussy hair. His fingers were shaking so much that I almost grabbed them and put them on my clit.

I rolled over and gave him my ass. I knew that the white strip was even bigger, and told him to really rub it in. Then he started rubbing above the top of my suit, and I did a little back arch and pulled my bottoms down another inch. Now his fingers had to go into the top of my crack. I couldn’t see him, but can you imagine how hard he must have been?”

“Then Bobby came back, and Jack dashed for his chair, grabbed a magazine to hide his hard-on, and I was left hanging again.”

“When we went inside, Bobby said he was going to take a shower, but I said ‘me first.’ We both ran for the stairs, and he beat me, so I grabbed him by the back of the trunks and pulled them halfway down his ass. He spun around and pulled them up as I went past, and he instinctively reached out and grabbed my bottoms. They were a little flimsier, and before I could grab them they were off. I mean off, all the way down to my knees. And I’m on my hands and knees on the stairs with my white ass completely naked, I know they could see from my pussy to my butthole. I kind of grabbed them with one hand and spun around, now they could see my whole pussy, and I looked up to see both boys frozen. Their eyes were giant, staring right between my legs, and I swear, Mike, I had a little mini orgasm.”

“I pretended to struggle to pull them up, got my knees apart a little too much maybe. Maybe they got to see inside my gooey pink hole. I was so turned on I almost just stripped and let them fuck me on the stairs. Maybe that wouldn’t have been all bad. Bobby realized what the situation was and tried to help me dress, but I was moving around so much that I ended up straddling his arm, I felt it slide from between my legs, right up against my mound. His forearm must have been coated. I think it was his thumb that I felt run up inside my lips, it bumped my clit and I gasped.”

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