The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 07

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If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


I wake up hearing soft moans coming from Kenzie’s side of the bed. I feel my cock still hard from just waking up, but Kenzie’s soft moans of pleasure isn’t helping my erection go away. I roll over silently and watch her for a second. Her body is under the blanket still, but I can tell from her movements that she’s working her clit fast. From the sound of her soft moans and breathing, she is close to cumming. After several more seconds, she lets out a high pitched squeak and her hand slows down as she cums. I sit up just as her orgasm subsides and Kenzie turns and looks at me. “Good morning!” She says, slightly out of breath.

I smile at her and ask, “Why are you up so early?”

Kenzie catches my meaning and smiles, “What? I can’t have fun by myself?”

I motion toward my hard cock, noticeable through the sheets. “Sharing a bed with your brother might not be the best place for your alone time. Don’t you agree?”

Kenzie moves closer causing the blanket to shift. Her perky breasts are exposed, her pink nipples still hard from her recent orgasm. Her one nipple presses into my arm as she reaches down and begins to stroke my cock through my boxers. “Why do you wear something to sleep?” She asks, teasing me.

“I always sleep in my boxers.” I answer, reaching behind her back and running my hand from the middle of her back down past her ass.

Kenzie laughs, “Old habits I guess. Now it seems that we have a small… well kind of a big problem in my hand.”

“My cock is a problem?” I ask, pretending to be hurt.

“In a way.” Kenzie answers, disappearing below the sheets. I feel my boxers be pulled down and feel her mouth begin to work my cock. Kenzie begins to rub my balls as well, causing me to moan slightly.

“Keep that up and I’ll cum in no time.” I tell her.

Kenzie shifts over my body and crawls up, resting her chest on top of mine. She pokes her head out from under the sheets and replies, “Not before I get something out of this you don’t!” I then feel her reach one hand down my body, grabbing my wet cock then I feel her sink down onto my cock with her pussy. She is already dripping wet from her recent orgasm and clearly ready for more.

Kenzie begins to slowly grind on my cock, rubbing her clit with one hand and the other planted on my sternum. I feel her wet pussy gripping my cock, almost squeezing the cum out of me. Kenzie slowly begins to bounce up and down, throwing the cover back off of her shoulders. Her breasts bounce up and down as she rides. Her breathing increases from her work and soon she begins to moan softly from pleasure.

I can’t hold my orgasm off any longer and I blow my load deep in my sister’s tight warm twat. I feel rope after rope slide into her moist hole, causing her to gasp in surprise. Kenzie feels me cum and continues to ride, trying to reach a second orgasm of her own.

Feeling my cock go limp, Kenzie slides it out of her and quickly leans back facing me. She begins to rapidly plunge three of her fingers in and out of herself. She closes her eyes and her pace quickens. Once again, her soft moans fill the air along with the sound of her wet pussy being worked. Her fingers are soon coated in a mix of her juices and my cum and finally, she brings herself to orgasm, crying out with pleasure. Kenzie slowly sits up, pulling her fingers from her messy pussy. Her cum, my cum and her juices all coat her lips and her upper thighs.

Kenzie loudly slurps the mess off of her fingers and sighs at me. “Guess I did too good of a job there.” She says.

I nod, “That and fucking my sexy little sister this early in the morning didn’t help either.”

Kenzie lets out a laugh, “Poor you… getting to fuck Mom and I. Your life must be SO hard.” She reaches between her legs to scoop up some more cum leaking from her, saying, “I’m going to go wash this off. After that you want to see what those old people next to us are up to?”

I shrug, “If you want. I’m fine if we spend the time alone though.”

Kenzie gets off the bed and bends over, giving me a view of her dripping mound. “Of course you are you horny bastard.” She jokes, walking into the bathroom. A minute later, I hear the shower turn on.

What are Mom, Dad and Aunt Anne doing? I ask myself. I pick up my phone and the clock says 10:12 am. Odd, usually we would have gotten a text from them by this time I think. I send a few snapchats and browse the news while I wait for Kenzie to finish up. Finally, she does and emerges from the bathroom, dry and naked.

“All you.” She says, looking through her suitcase for something to wear. I nod and walk into the bathroom and begin my morning routine. At one point, I think I hear Kenzie say something, but nothing comes of it so I go back to what I was doing.

I finish and leave the bathroom and find pendik escort Kenzie laying on the bed looking at her phone, dressed in a loose fitting sundress. She looks up at me, “So want to go see what our parents are doing today?”

I quickly dress in gym shorts and a tank top. “Yeah, let’s go see.” I say.

Kenzie gets off the bed with a groan and follows me to the door. “Something wrong?” I ask her on the short walk to our parent’s room.

Kenzie shakes her head, “No. All good.” She then knocks on the door. A minute passes and nothing happens. Kenzie’s phone dings and she reads out loud, “Be in your room in a few. That’s from Mom.” She shrugs and heads back into our room and I follow. Kenzie flops down on the bed and it is easy to tell that she isn’t wearing anything under her dress.

“Ready for the beach?” I ask with a laugh.

Kenzie nods, “Yeah. No reason to wear underwear to a nude beach.”

The two of us make small talk for a minute before there is a knock on the door. I get up and open it. Standing there is Mom dressed in a very surprising way. Instead of a cover up to wear to the beach, she is wearing a black one-piece bathing suit. It is very low cut, the end of the v being at her belly button. This bathing suit barely contained her breasts and gave her a large camel toe as well. Mom walks past me into the room and Kenzie turns and looks, clearly examining Mom from head to toe.

“Why are you wearing that?” Kenzie asks.

“Your father, Anne and I were all going for paddle boarding lesions. You two want to join us?” Mom asks. Kenzie looks at me, expecting me to answer.

I think about looking at Mom’s wet body in that bathing suit and just the thought made my cock jump slightly. “Do you want us to go?” I ask.

Mom nods, “It is a family vacation even with all the… distractions.”

“Then I guess we’ll go.” I answer.

Mom smiles, “Great. This might seem obvious but you do need to wear a bathing suit.”

Kenzie laughs, “Yeah. We kind of got out of that habit the past few days.” She pushes herself carefully up and goes to her suitcase, tossing her sundress on the bed. After all that’s happened, Kenzie clearly has no issue getting naked in front of Mom and I. She pulls a red bikini out of her suitcase and dresses in it. It shows off her toned ass very well. Then she puts her sundress back on over the top. I change after her, putting on a bathing suit.

Mom asks, “Well… you guys ready to go? We are all ready, just give me one sec to put something on over this.”

Kenzie and I both nod and Mom makes her way back to her room. After she leaves, Kenzie says, “Mom looked so sexy in that.”

I nod in agreement, “It must be new because I’ve never seen her in it before.”

Kenzie jokes, “You keep track of what bathing suits Mom has you perv?”

I laugh, “Well you checking her out wasn’t exactly subtle.”

Kenzie smirks, “Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.” We leave the room and meet up with Mom, Dad and Aunt Anne in the hall. Mom and Aunt Anne are both wearing long shirts as cover ups and Dad is wearing a bathing suit like I am. The five of us make our way to the car and soon we are driving back toward the town. Aunt Anne sits on one side of the car and whispers something to Kenzie, who is in the middle. Kenzie nods and Aunt Anne smiles.

After a fairly short trip, we reach the paddleboard shop and all put our clothes in a locker. Kenzie strips down to her red bikini, which Aunt Anne gives an approving smile to. Aunt Anne and Mom then remove their cover ups and Aunt Anne is wearing a similar one piece as Mom, only hers is white. Aunt Anne’s bathing suit makes her pierced nipples very obvious but she doesn’t have nearly as noticeable of a camel toe.

Dad and I both remove our shirts and as we walk to start the lesson, Dad whispers, “Doesn’t Sue look good?”

“She does.” I say, enjoying the swaying of Mom and Aunt Anne’s asses. Finally, our lesson starts and the instructor is clearly distracted by Mom and Aunt Anne. He keeps checking both of them out, rather obviously. Aunt Anne probably doesn’t help this matter by bending over, showing off her ass or giving a nice view of her cleavage. After a couple hours, the lessons end and we all dress and pile back into the car. As Dad starts to drive, Mom turns to Aunt Anne and says, “You did quite the job teasing that poor guy!”

Aunt Anne smiles, “Well… what can I say? I like to tease.”

A few more minutes pass and we get on the highway to go back to the hotel. Aunt Anne says, “So I have an idea for tomorrow …”

Mom asks, “What?”

Aunt Anne starts, “It’s a club of sorts. They have some stuff for everyone if you want to go.”

Mom thinks for a second, “What kind of stuff?”

Aunt Anne smiles, “Stuff for men, women, kinky and some less kinky.”

Mom frowns, “I’ve got to think about it.”

Aunt Anne nods, “I understand. What about you Tom and Kenzie?”

“I think that will depend maltepe escort on what Mom does.” Kenzie says tentatively.

“It was just an idea. We could always just hang out and have some fun.” Aunt Anne says with a smile. The rest of the ride passes in silence as we all think about what Aunt Anne said. Finally, we reach the hotel and Mom says, “Anne… you were teasing more than just that guy today… weren’t you?”

Aunt Anne smiles at Mom, “Guilty as charged.”

Mom smiles back, “Well we do have the rest of the afternoon.”

“Tom and I are going to go back to our room.” Kenzie says.

Mom nods, “Alright, we have a dinner reservation for 7 so just don’t be too busy that you forget.”

Kenzie and I walk off as Mom, Dad and Aunt Anne slowly make their way back to their room for who knows what. Kenzie walks in and immediately strips down to her bikini.

“Let’s go out on the balcony.” She says. I join her on the balcony. Kenzie is leaning against the railing, looking out over the ocean. There is a slight breeze blowing on us as we look out over the beach. “What do you think about the club tomorrow?” Kenzie asks, uncertainty in her eyes.

I sigh, putting my arm around her shoulders. “I have no idea. She was really vague about it.”

Kenzie nods, “I would rather she just talk about it. What does she think is kinky? For our family, is anything really kinky anymore?”

I let out a short laugh, “I don’t know. I mean there is a lot we still could do.”

Kenzie looks at me, “Like?”

I smile, “Truth or dare… like the first night.”

Kenzie giggles, “Oh yeah… truth.”

“When you and Mom had sex… did it turn you on?”

Kenzie nods, “Yeah, I think her being really good also helped. Truth or dare?”

I think, “Truth.”

“Speaking of Mom, did you know you were going to fuck her before that happened?” Kenzie asks.

“Yeah. Dad and I talked a bit about what he was going to do and how Mom would probably make a move on me. Truth or dare?”

Kenzie thinks for a second, eyes looking over the ocean. “Truth.”

“Is there anything you haven’t done on this vacation that hasn’t happened yet?” I ask.

Kenzie thinks, “Let’s see… have sex with my brother and then my Mom… hmmmm. Well there is one thing. At home I have this little bullet vibrator and I think I have an idea of a really fun way to use it.”

I frown, “You just said it is at home.”

Kenzie smiles, “Well I might know where one is. Truth or dare?”

“Let’s mix it up… dare!” I say.

Kenzie smiles, “Alright… so in Mom’s suitcase there’s a vibrator like I described. I dare you to go get it.”

“You can’t be serious! Mom, Dad and Aunt Anne are literally fucking in there!” I say, looking at her in disbelief.

Kenzie nods, “I know. You go get it and… I’ll… I’ll let you fuck my ass.”

“Really?” I ask. Kenzie says nothing, only drops her bottoms and spreads her ass. Protruding from her asshole is the handle of the plug, the rest of it submerged in my sister’s tight ass. “How long has that been in you?” I ask.

“All day. Figured I’d surprise you with it later but since you clearly need motivation…” Kenzie answers with a teasing slap on her own ass.

“Fuck it… I’ll give it a shot. But don’t be mad if I get caught.” I say.

Kenzie smiles, “Just go try to get it for me.”

I grab a key for our parent’s room and put it in my pocket and leave the room. Fuck… why did I have to do this I think as I walk to the door and listen at the door for a second. I hear very little and open the door a crack and peek through. I see nothing, but I hear the sound of skin slapping into skin and loud moans. I push the door open the rest of the way and creep inside, not wanting to get caught. I silently close the door behind me and walk down the short hall. I peek around the corner and see no one in the room. I peer further around the corner and see the bathroom door open and the moans and grunting coming from in there. At least they aren’t in the room I think as I listen to the sound of my Mom, Dad and Aunt engaged in what sounds like a fairly rough sex session.

I quickly see Mom’s suitcase and quickly and silently duck past the open door and go to it. It is already open so I peer around at the contents. Mostly it is full of clothes so I begin to feel around on the bottom. Just as I feel it, I hear Mom let out a loud squeal followed by, “Use me… make me your whore! Give me your cum!” I feel my cock grow hard at the idea of Mom being used by Dad and her own sister. I grab the small vibrator and begin to sneak out.

I once again quickly and quietly sneak past the bathroom door. This time a sneak a peak of what’s going on. Mom, Dad and Aunt Anne are all in the shower. They appear to be completely covered in some massage oil, from the visible shine on their bodies. Mom is pinned against the wall by Dad and Aunt Anne. Dad is taking a break from fucking Mom and kartal escort watching Aunt Anne work Mom’s pussy with her hand. This image makes my cock fully erect and I smile. This image in my head, I make my way back out of the room to Kenzie.

I open our door and wipe nervous sweat from my forehead. Kenzie sees the vibrator in my hand and smiles. “I see you got what I wanted.”

I nod, “Yeah… going in there was… well it wasn’t that bad for me.”

Kenzie notices my visibly hard cock, “Well I’m guessing you heard something that you liked.” I nod and hand her the vibrator. Kenzie takes it and sighs, “Well… I’m going to hold up to my end of the deal. Want to do this now?”

I smile, the image of Mom and Aunt Anne still in my head. “Fuck yes!”

Kenzie smiles and places the vibrator on the bed. She drops her bikini top and grabs a bottle of lube from her bag. I toss my shirt to the side and drop my bathing suit. Kenzie hands me the lube and lays face down on the bed and reaches back. She grabs the base of the plug and gives it a small tug, grunting as she does so. It slides out and her pink asshole is open and ready for me.

“Use lots of lube!” Kenzie says, looking back at me. I cover my cock with a generous amount of lube, making sure every part of my cock is covered. Finally, using my lubed up finger, I slowly sink it into her asshole, causing my sister to moan loudly.

“Damn Kenzie…” I whisper, impressed that her ass is even tighter than her pussy. After warming her ass up with my fingers, I put the tip of my cock against her asshole, then I slowly sink inside her. Kenzie lets out a loud groan as I slowly sink deeper inside her asshole. I begin to slide back out, pulling her sphincter slightly away from her body as I do so. I very slowly begin to slide in and out of my sister’s lubed up ass. While doing this, I imagine Aunt Anne and Mom playing together.

Kenzie moans, “Put the vibrator in me…” I nod and stop thrusting in her ass. I reach to the bed, picking up the vibrator from where Kenzie left it and twist the bottom. It hums to life in my hand, and I slowly rub it over Kenzie’s wet pussy. Some of the lube from her ass has dripped down and covers her sexy outer lips. I coat it in her juices and lube before slowly pushing it inside her. Kenzie moans in pleasure as the small toy sinks all the way inside her. I begin slowly fucking her ass again. Only now, I feel a slight buzzing from inside her pussy.

Kenzie’s moans fill the room as both her pussy and ass are stimulated. As I continue to slowly thrust in and out of her tight ass, I begin to rub her clit. God damn, her pussy is soaking! I think. My fingers stimulating her clit push my sister over the edge and she cries out in pleasure. Now, her moans are louder and more frequent than before. I watch as she turns and looks back as she cums. Her face is contorted in pleasure and her eyes are closed. As her orgasm passes, I pick up speed slightly and Kenzie grunts out between moans, “Cum in my ass… I want to feel it…” Kenzie then reaches between her legs and begins to work her clit quickly.

With Kenzie’s words of encouragement and the image of Mom and Aunt Anne playing together, I soon feel my cock twitch and I shoot cum inside of Kenzie’s ass. Rope after rope of my cum shoots inside her before my cock finally deflates and I pull my softening cock out of her. Kenzie sighs as I pull out of her ass followed by a small amount of the cum I left in her ass to drool out. She inserts two fingers inside her pussy and slide the small vibrator out. Both it and her two fingers are covered in her cum.

“How was your first time doing anal?” I ask her.

Kenzie gives a small smile, “It’ll take some getting used to but I don’t think I mind.” Some of my cum begins to slide down her ass and run over her mound.

“Want a towel or something?” I ask, seeing this.

Kenzie giggles, “Not yet… I want to use this little guy.” Kenzie then rubs the vibrator over the cum and rubs the cum covered toy over her clit.

“Have fun!” I smile and leave for a second, placing a towel under Kenzie’s dripping lips to catch and cum, either mine or her own. I then throw on a pair of boxers and watch the show. Kenzie was now giving her pussy a workout with the vibrator, rapidly plunging it in and out of her sex. Her moans begin to increase in volume as she nears another orgasm, her pussy, fingers and vibrator all dripping with her juices. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

Kenzie hears it and stops, putting the vibrator on the nightstand. “Who is that?”

I shrug. Kenzie stands and wraps herself in the towel I placed under her. She stands and follows me to the door. I look through the peephole and see dad standing there impatiently. I open the door and ask, “What’s up? Dinner isn’t for another hour plus.”

Dad sighs, “There’s been a… break in at my office. The police need both my partner and I to be there for an investigation. So I’m flying back shortly.”

“Is everything okay?” Kenzie asks, concerned.

Dad smiles at her, “Of course. Just some legal papers are missing and as legal counsel, I have to go back and talk with the police. I’m still going to have a job and business will still be normal.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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