The Bookish Princess

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Today was unlike most days in summer for me and Regina. There were unusual days where we would just talk about us, us looking into the future that is and how we already regret our past today. We wanted to stop the regret in the present but we didn’t know how since we weren’t the same people back then.

Today we finally gave ourselves a break. There was a project we still had to focus on, that and desperately trying to keep the cool air in the house with 80 degree weather outside. Her mom had a system of keeping all the windows open at night so the cool air gets in and closing them all at 5 am. Surprisingly it did the trick. She was sitting on her bed while I was at her desk. Both of us not needing to speak to each other yet except for the occasional check in.

Which was what I needed to do right now because all of the articles I searched had a charge, and I was hoping I didn’t have to cave.

I didn’t feel like it though, sitting down for so long was starting to get to me.

After a while, I got to the point where I was staring at my laptop so long my eyes would get blurry, and I was starting not to care enough to focus them again.

Then, in the corner of my eye could I see Regina shift. All of my senses would come alive every time she moved. She laid back on the bed and stretched, her back arched revealing more of the smooth dark skin of her stomach. Her right leg crossed over her left as she sat up again resting back on her palms. She looked at me with those pretty brown eyes and smiled a bit when she saw me checking her out. I had to at least ask.

“Wanna take a break?”

“Eh…I wanna finish college.”

“How? You never finish college college finishes you.”

She rolled london escort agency her eyes, “Who knows maybe Ill be the one to change the system for good.”

I just stared at her goody two shoes ass.

“Make bad choices!”

“No Satan my moms here.”

“Didn’t you say that she’s cool.”

She moved her laptop to her side, laid down and looked up at the ceiling before telling me,

“She’s cool, because I respect her.”

I rolled the chair over to the side of her bed. A thought came to mind but I didn’t want to make her more tense than she already was. All I ended up saying was, “Lets watch a movie,” and thankfully that was all she needed.

We ended up watching a few episodes of How to Get Away With Crimes. Staying partially invested in the story, while also comparing the characters to people we know in our lives and laughing ourselves stupid. She smiled so brightly I wanted to kiss her so I asked her if I could, she turned the volume down and we ended up making out. I got lost into her mouth and the taste of her candy flavored lip gloss between us. We parted for air and she held my chin up so I would look into her eyes.


Parents, it’s almost like the doctor never cut the umbilical cord.

“Dam we still have our clothes-“

“Shut the fuck up!” I raised an eye brow at her. She whisper yelled that as if her mom was across the room.

“I’m coming,” she announced like a princess.

I chuckled at the tonal shift, she muttered under her breath as she went to meet her mom downstairs.

A couple of minutes after I heard the garage door close Regina ran up stairs. She stopped at her bedroom doorway looking at me out of breath. I started to say escort london something but she interrupted me.

“Lets get back to what we started” she said.

I noticed that she brought two water bottles with her and I nodded my head with the intensity of a lesbian.

As her breath slowed she took off her halter top revealing her naked b cup breast.

I smirked to make up for the fact that the rest of my body turned to stone. She put her hands on the button of her shorts but she stopped.

“What do you think Michelle?”

My mouth parted out of habit but I was still entranced by this dance.

“Do you feel lucky?”

“Y-yeah” I said gaining some of my free will back.

She took off her shorts revealing a black thong with red ribbon that look like it was made for her hips.

“Now take off yours,” she said softly sashaying towards me.

I got up and quickly took off my shorts just as she met me at the bed. My underwear just looked like fabric. Just as she opened her mouth to say something I kissed her. She put her hand on the back of my neck and kissed me back. She broke the kiss and I pulled her hips to mine she bit her lip and I knew I had her, before I knew it she was sitting on my lap and I was kissing her again. My hands caressed her hips. My fingers gently glazed over the hem of her thong wantonly. After kissing her bottom lip one more time, I pulled away and pulled off my shirt and bra she moaned and slid herself onto my left thigh and started to grind herself on me. I could feel the heat of her lust through the translucent layer of floral lace dampening with every thrust. I didn’t want to disturb her so I let go of her waist and started to kiss one of her nipples. london escorts She let out a shaky breath as she slid her hand into my hair. She looked down into my eyes two inches between us. Eyes dark with lust. When I looked into her eyes something within me just started to ignite. She suddenly crawled away from me and laid on the bed. I got in between her legs and ran my hands over her thighs as I observed her shivering from excitement I started moving back up her body again kissing her stomach and the center of her breast, I wanted to start making out with her again but she pushed my head back before I could even get up to her face.

“Uh get back to work.”

I broke out a laugh.

“Alright, alright grab me a pillow.”

She gave it to me and I placed the pillow under myself and dove in licking her clit up and down repeatedly. I followed the pitch of her moans, wordlessly telling me to go slower or faster. I tried not to focus too much on just how desperate the sounds I was making were as I otherwise happily slurped and tongue fucked her. I moved with each breath that went down to her navel. Trying a new technique every time her clit shrank. I would pause my efforts every time. Kissing in between her thighs while watching the rise and fall of her breaths moving though her body. I started off going back and forth between circling my tongue around her clit and sucking it. She started lifting her hips off the bed in need. And I answered by sucking her clit for longer and longer, resulting in her clamping her hips around my head and cumming in my mouth. Which I made sure to clean up every trace of as she shivered.

As much as I love how elegant and in control she is of herself. I also love it when she is begging me to help her loose control. I love it when those beautiful lips are struggling to form such elegant words as they had before.

When I came back up the only thing she told me was-


Her voice was soft and breathy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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