The Run Pt. 06

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Double Penetration

The morning after John’s first threesome he awoke and went down downstairs to find two unexpected things waiting for him. A delicious breakfast made by his houseguest Dylan, and a hesitant admission.

“So, I feel like I should tell you something.” Dylan had an uncertain look on his face. “I’m not sure how you might feel about this.”

John smiled. He already knew what this was about. After having his first threesome (really it was more of a tag-team) John had woken up from a quick nap to find Dylan allowing the other participant, Leo, the rare privilege of fucking him. On the floor, in John’s living room. Dylan didn’t know that John saw and it made him feel good that his friend thought enough to fill him in. He decided to have fun. Reaching for the hem of Dylan’s ever-present basketball shorts, he lifted it up an inch.

“Does it have anything to do with how you got this rug burn?” John asked slyly, with a good-natured smirk.

For a moment Dylan didn’t know what say. He started to speak, then stopped. Finally, he spoke.

“It…might. Uh, yeah. So, me and Leo hung out a little after you fell asleep. I had a few more drinks and we ended up fooling around a bit. I didn’t think you’d mind but I felt like I should let you know.”

“Fooled around a bit, eh?” John asked knowingly. “From where I was standing it looked like a lot more than that.”

Dylan smiled almost bashfully. “You saw?”

“I saw,” John confirmed. “I woke up, showered, and went downstairs to put my sheets in the wash. Came in right at the tail end of it. I have to say I was NOT expecting to see that.”

“Sorry, man. I didn’t want it seem like…”

“Oh, it’s fine,” John assured him “Better than fine. Seeing that was hotter than any porn I’ve ever watched.”

They both laughed but Dylan seemed a slightly embarrassed for that rest of that day. That was, until he got a phone call with some good news. John knew from the tone of the conversation that it was important. Then there was a shift in the big man’s demeanor as a look of excitement shot across his face.

“That’s great…” Dylan said. “I can start as soon as you need me too… Of course. Great! I’ll be there bright and early Monday morning. I can’t wait to get started.”

“You got the job?” John asked, referring to the interview that Dylan had earlier in the week.

“I got the job. Looks like I’ll be managing your gym now. Pretty soon I can get out of your hair.”

“Congratulations, and there’s really no rush,” John said. He meant it now more than ever. Meeting Leo and then Dylan had been kind of a sexual awakening and now John was having the sex life of his dreams. Dylan was somewhat of a live wire sexually but that was what made him exciting. After getting to know him, John realized that Dylan was quite hardworking and took pride in that. Which meant that after this weekend, Dylan would likely not be around as much and once financially stable, would soon move out. John decided to make the most of that weekend and to spend as much of it as possible with Dylan inside of him one way or another. This led so some great sex but also to an uncomfortable incident.

John and Dylan had spent a lazy Sunday in the basement sucking and licking each other on a big, comfortable, sectional couch. They’d 69ed for most of the day and after falling asleep and waking up several times John finally flipped around to lay sideways in front of Dylan. The six-foot-three former marine slowly slipped inside of him and fucked him sideways slowly for a time before pushing him over on his stomach. John was compliant and moved in whichever way Dylan positioned him until they found themselves sideways again. Dylan held John’s lean, muscular body tight with one arm around his neck and the other clutching his chest. John reached back and gripped the side of his friend’s thigh and could the powerful muscles moving and contracting as Dylan pulsed in and out of him. John didn’t feel like cumming. He simply enjoyed getting fucked and when Dylan finished inside him neither made any move to get up. They fell asleep again.

John drifted awake a time later. Dylan still had one arm around his neck and one around his waist. They were spooning. Their legs were intertwined, and John could hear Dylan breathing softly behind him. At a slight movement Dylan stirred and nuzzled John but kept sleeping. He kept his arms around him. It was quite nice, being enfolded into Dylan’s large body. Very comforting and comfortable. Too comfortable.

John’s eyes snapped open. This was a level of intimacy that John had never reached with another man. He wasn’t ready. He panicked. He shot up from the couch and out of those strong arms so quickly that Dylan jumped.

“Wha What happened,” he asked groggily.

“Nothing,” John said. “I just need to get upstairs.”

Dylan was still confused as John started to pick up his clothes. “Everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine,” John said, hoping that he sounded calm.

John subtly avoided Dylan for the next week or so. He started to wonder if maybe they were starting to get too close to something resembling a relationship. polatlı escort John didn’t want that, but he still wanted the sex and thought of a way to get that and reinforce the non-committal nature of their relationship. One morning as they both prepared to head out for work John caught his casual sex partner before they headed out the door.

“So, I can’t stop thinking about what happened with me, you, and Leo. I think I want it again. Actually, I’m sure of it. I was thinking about asking him over tonight if you’d be up for that.” John said this with total confidence. Dylan was pleasantly surprised.

“That would be fun,” he started. “But Leo’s in Texas this week for his sister’s graduation.”

It was John’s turn to be surprised. “How do you know that?” he asked.

“Oh, I talk to Leo all the time. He’s a great guy.”

“Are you two…” John wasn’t sure what to ask. Thankfully Dylan jumped in.

“No, it’s not like that. We actually haven’t fooled around since that night here.”

“Hmm, I have to admit I wouldn’t think the two of you would be friends,” John confessed. Through conversations he later found out that they had actually become fast friends and had many things in common despite the 15-year age gap. Leo had grown up in Texas near the Louisiana border and Dylan had grown up in Louisiana near the Texas border. Because of this proximity they liked the same sports teams and Dylan, who never went to college, was impressed that Leo had gone to “the real LSU”, as he put it, for ROTC. They had also both done a bit of boxing and now Dylan had gotten his young friend into martial arts and grappling.

“So, you’re saying that you two get all hot and sweaty, rolling around together and don’t hook up?” John asked in amused disbelief.

Dylan laughed. “Yeah, we’re not really all that compatible sexually. I mean, he doesn’t even like getting his ass eaten.” Dylan said that last sentence as if it were the most alien thing to world to him.

“So, why did you let him…you know?” John wanted to ask the question of why Dylan let Leo fuck him but didn’t want to risk offending his friend.

“Well, like I say, I’m mostly a top. But I don’t mind bottoming every once in a while, for someone I really like.”

John gave Dylan a mischievous look and asked, “Do you really like me?”

The big man looked at him through squinted eyes. “Do… do you want that?”

John burst into laughter. “No, hell no. All I want is exactly what you and Leo have been giving me.”

John felt better after those conversations and felt like he was able to convey his position without coming off as presumptuous. He wasn’t sure if Dylan wanted more or not but John felt like he’d accomplished his goal. Things went well for the next couple of weeks and John was excited to be going to a graduation of his own. His oldest son was about to graduate and then go off to college and his youngest was only one year behind. The only perk of getting his college girlfriend and then wife pregnant was that his sons would be away at college while he was still young enough to enjoy life.

As John thought about going back to his old neighborhood to support his son he realized that he felt much less apprehension than usual. After getting caught blowing his neighbor over a year earlier, that place had seemed like a powder keg of embarrassing situations just waiting to happen. But other than one incident, John’s visits to see his boys had been uneventful. He had successfully rebuffed his former fling Pat after the man followed him home several months earlier and Pat’s wife Trisha, who had outed John and vandalized his car after catching them together, hadn’t bothered John after her initial rampage. Although he knew it was wrong to have an affair with someone’s husband, John found it difficult to feel bad for Trisha. She and Pat were a terrible couple. He was generally an obnoxious, childish, dick and Trisha was casually bigoted and terrible to wait staff. It was his ex, Sarah who always insisted that they needed “couple friends” and should look past their awful personalities but it was John’s desperation and sexual repression that led him into clandestine trysts with Pat. He was happy to free of it all now.

The week before his son’s graduation had been hectic for John. He spent many extra hours at the office and found himself taking work home more than usual. All of this was fine with him though, as the deal he was working on was something that he’d wanted for quite a while and would provide significant financial benefits. That Friday afternoon as John sat in his rapidly emptying office building, he thought of once again finishing at home but decided against it. This was the home stretch and John wanted to get it over with. He and Dylan hadn’t had time to have sex that week. Dylan, being such a hardworking man, had been practically ordered by his new boss to take half the day off. John was sure that if he went home, he would spend the rest of night in bed with him.

As John sat at his desk making great progress his phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number but decided to pursaklar escort answer in case was work related.

“Hello, this John,” he said half distracted by his work.

“WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!!” The yelling voice on the other end startled John so badly he nearly dropped his phone.

John froze. “Who is this?” he asked it total shock and confusion.


John’s heart started pounding and he found it difficult to catch his breath. His mind raced as he tried to place the voice on the other the other end of the phone. Recognition hit him like a punch to the gut.

“Trisha?” John said in disbelief, trying to grasp at why Pat’s wife might possibly be calling after all this time. But he came up short. “I’m at my office. I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I traced Pat’s phone. He is in YOUR CITY! AT YOUR HOUSE.” Her voiced dripped with venom.

“That’s not possible.” John was appalled and exasperated. “I’m not even at my house. I have work to do. This is INSANE, ” he groaned.

To this Trisha responded with a screed so vile that it made John shake with rage. He had never been called such insulting and degrading names in his life. He hung up on her and stood in his office shaking for several minutes. His mind racing, John tried to figure out why this woman who he hadn’t seen in over a year would think that Pat was with him, at his home. Then he remembered the night that Pat had followed him to his house.

“No,” John said out load, shaking his head. “No way. He wouldn’t.” The thought that Patrick may have shown up at his house again slowly entered John’s mind. Still thinking that there was no way, he decided to head home.

Pulling up to his driveway, John gripped his steering wheel with white knuckles. There, parked right outside his home was Pat’s car. It was unbelievable, John thought to himself as he charged up to the door. He expected to see the man as entered but found nothing but a pile of clothing on the floor. Confused, John decided to head upstairs. With each step a feeling of dread intensified and at the top of the stairs he realized what might have happened. John shook his head as he traversed the hallway to Dylan’s room. The door stood slightly ajar, and he gently pushed it open further.

John stood in the doorway watching in mild disbelief at what he was seeing. Dylan sat at the edge of the bed in a t-shirt and no bottom. Pat, fully nude, knelt before him, head full of wavy black hair rising and falling with slow and deliberate movement as he sucked Dylan’s cock. For a moment John pondered what he should do. He honestly couldn’t stand Pat and hated that a nice guy like Dylan would do anything with him. But then, John hadn’t told Dylan anything about him and Pat wasn’t entirely hideous, John admitted. He had a naturally thick and manly body and while his physique was nowhere near a fit as John or Dylan, Pat did have a nice bubble butt and naturally large calves.

John thought about simply leaving them alone and going back to the office. But then he remembered all the horrible things that Trisha had said to him and it made his blood boil. Even more so now. Now that John knew for sure that Pat really WAS at his place. That if he’d just stayed away John would never have had deal with that screeching harpy. Trisha had called John horrible names, insulted his ex-wife and even his sons. John lost interest in being decent to either one of them. He pulled out his phone and started up a video chat with his last received call. As soon as Trisha accepted, he muted her.

“Looks like you were right,” John said quietly to the angry, red-faced blonde woman on his screen. “Pat WAS at my place… just not with me.” Ignoring the silent rant, he slid the phone into his front pocket with just the camera lens peaking up inconspicuously. Walking back toward the guest room, he started to hear loud impish moans. He could tell that they came from Pat but this was definitely a new pitch for him. John entered to find Pat still naked but now on the bed, back arched to the ceiling with Dylan fucking him from behind. They were facing the door and could not have been in a more perfect position. John walked in slowly so as not to startle them. Dylan noticed him first. John gave his houseguest a smile and a wink. The big man smiled back but in a cautious way. He didn’t pull out but stopped his motion. Pat, whose face had been buried into the bed, was late to catch on, as usual.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked.

When he lifted his head to look back, he saw that they had company. His eyes grew wide with surprise and embarrassment.

“Don’t stop on account of me,” John said to Dylan, making eye contact with only him and completely overlooking the man he was fucking. “He needs this.”

Dylan laughed for a moment. Then he took in the sight of John standing there in his pale blue button-down shirt, tie, and dress pants looking quite dapper. There was an evil glint in his eye and it was a turn on. Pat tried to speak but his words morphed sincan escort into to an involuntary moan as the man inside of him picked back up bucking his hips vigorously.

“Pound his ass,” John encouraged to Pat’s pleasure filled cries. As John watched his former neighbor take Dylan’s cock from behind, he was hit with a feeling he couldn’t quite describe. He found himself weirdly aroused and made no move to cover up the bulge forming at the front of his pants. Dylan noticed. He grabbed the back of Pat’s head.

“Why don’t you let him take care of that,” Dylan said.

Without thinking John took action, unbuttoning his pants as he approached the two rutting men. The sound of Dylan’s body slapping against Pat’s asscheeks grew louder as did the desperate moans escaping from his mouth. John decided to shut him up. He wondered what Trisha must be thinking. She would have seen his right arm working in front of the lens as he slowly unzipped, grabbed his now stiff cock, and pulled it out. John wondered if she could see it before shoving it into Pat’s open mouth. She could likely only see her husband’s bare shoulder and the side of his face, but she’d get the idea as the camera moved back and forth. John grabbed both sides of Pat’s head and pumped his hips quickly, forcing his dick in and out of one end while Dylan worked the other.

“This is what you wanted the whole time isn’t it?” John said loudly. Something took over him. He started to fuck Pat’s mouth with more aggression. “From the first time we got drunk in your basement and you reached over and grabbed my nuts. All you really wanted was a dick in your ass.” Pat moaned on John’s dick as Dylan push his in deeper.

It was nice seeing Pat in this submissive position, but John wanted him to get a bit more involved. “Come on suck my cock. Don’t make us do all the work,” he said forcefully.

Dylan joined in encouragement. “Work that neck, Patty. Don’t act shy now.”

Pat complied. He started to bob his head back and forth on the cock in his mouth. John was mildly impressed.

“Holy shit,” John said. “You’ve gotten a lot better at that. If you had been this good back when we got caught, your wife would have walked in to see you still sucking my dick instead of the other way around.” He then pulled out and slapped his cock against Pat’s lips. This time he didn’t have to shove it back in. Pat wordlessly wrapped his mouth around it balancing his weight in his forearms as the pounding continued from behind.

John was more turned on than he thought possible in the same room as Pat. He grabbed the man’s head with his left hand and his own cock with the right. Focusing on Dylan, John began tugging at the base of his cock. He felt Pat’s wet lips on his fingers but the man himself was inconsequential. He was nothing but two holes and a body being used by two men in more ways than one. Watching the hot top’s rippling torso viciously pounding away, John stroked his cock and jerked Pat’s head furiously. This wouldn’t last long. John didn’t need to. After just a few minutes he pulled out of Pat’s mouth and began masturbating furiously. He stepped back from Pat just enough so that the man’s wife could see his face. The way it jerked back and forth with the force of Dylan’s strokes, the look in his eyes as felt the hard cock driving in and out of him, and soon the thick, sticky ropes of cum as John ejaculated onto it.

If Pat had any reaction to this facial it was overshadowed by Dylan. His grunts grew louder. There was no doubt that Trisha heard them, along with the increasingly intense moans from her husband. Dylan also placed a large hand on Pat’s back and pushed his chest down, mounting his body and pinning it to the mattress in total domination. Even after he came, John continued his grip on Pat’s hair but held it at arm’s length to give his wife a full view of what was happening, she would be able to see everything from that angle. And hear everything as well.

“Get that ass up!” Dylan barked. Pat quickly arched his back and pushed his butt up, eager to catch every inch from the increasingly powerful thrusts. He even rolled hips to grind back against the cock inside of him.

“That’s right. Work that ass!” Dylan said in feverish dominance.

The way that the big man took total control of the situation and the increased intensity of his pounding let John know exactly what was coming. He’d been in that position many times. Pat’s moans bordered on screams at this point and the sound of slapping echoed throughout the room as Dylan forcefully slammed himself in and out of Pat’s asshole. The loud grunt/groan that Dylan expelled filled the room and John watched his rippling, powerful body shudder as he shot his load inside of Pat.

John zipped up and took a short walk down the side of the bed. The camera lens had not been disturbed by John’s activity and this stroll would give Trisha a good long look at her husband. His sweaty, naked body was pressed into the mattress. His meaty legs splayed as he lay on his stomach breathing heavily. Dylan was still inside of him and John was sure that his phone captured, up close, when the still semi-erect cock slid out of Pat’s battered hole. Dylan got up, gave his host a smirk and a two-fingered salute, and disappeared. John was happy to see that Dylan had worn a condom but a part of him liked the idea of Dylan dropping a load up Pat’s ass and then leaving him there.

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