Tina and Scott Pt. 03

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It was Sunday and Kathy and I were just hanging around the house being lazy. The good morning fuck had been good enough for Kathy, at least satisfying her for now. We were just watching a few movies, and I am sure the fact that they weren’t sex movies helped. Most days we have porn on, but today we were just snuggling and relaxing.

This past week Kathy had been griping about how Scott had ruined the weekend for her when she had went to be his groupie. She did fuck three different guys at one time, but she had wanted 5. And she had to sneak out to get it done. Her sour mood probably contributed to no porn on the TV. Even having our fuck fest with the gang last night didn’t have its usual affect on her. I knew she would snap out of it, I just didn’t know how long it would take.

We heard the back door open and in walked Tina and Scott. As they undressed my cock grew hard looking at Tina. Kathy slapped me and told me how funny it was I got hard anytime she is around. Tina came over and gave Kathy a kiss, then leaned over and kissed me deeply.

Kathy and I sat up and Tina told Scott to sit between us. I moved over to give him room and he sat down. Tina started by saying how we needed to clear the air, because she was tired of Scott and Kathy moping around.

The other day Tina had told me after we fucked about how Scott was depressed and I had told her Kathy wasn’t exactly normal either, especially how mad she was at Scott. Tina understands Kathy’s desire for sex, but she told me she didn’t understand if Kathy had fucked 3 guys why she would be so mad. I had to admit I wasn’t sure I understood it either, but had to figure that she had just gotten her expectations and hopes up so high that when she didn’t achieve the goal it depressed her. Tina now told Scott to say what they had talked about.

Scott told Kathy he was sorry about the way he had acted. He knew he had no right to get jealous and he just wanted everyone to see how hot a woman he could get. He said how he was putting on a show for his buddies, having bragged to them about how he would fuck her.

Kathy told him he still could have fucked her, and he even could have joined in and been a sixth guy. Scott could have had the best of both worlds but blew it for both of them. Then he got up, went to one of our porn movie collections and put in a DVD.

He had put in an orgy movie and sat back down a bit closer to Kathy. He asked her if that was what she wanted, and Kathy told him it was a good start. He started to play with her pussy as she got wet. Then he got in front of her and started to use his now famous tongue. He had her wiggling in just a couple minutes.

Tina pulled me up and told me we should give them some privacy and led me into the bedroom. We collapsed on the bed, my hard cock pressing against her wet pussy as we laid london escorts there kissing. I could feel her nipples poking into my chest. She reached down and guided my cock to her pussy lips and I gently pushed forward, letting my cock slowly slide inside her wetness. She told me to make love to her, and we rocked together, our lips never stopping kissing.

I kissed down to her ear, and started nibbling on the lobe. She swung her leg over me and tried pulling me in deeper. Then I kissed her neck and I felt her back arch as she started to cum. She pulled my lips up back to hers and kissed me deeply. Then she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my cock and lowered herself down. She leaned forward and pulled my hands over my head, kissing me as she rode my cock. We got so caught up in kissing we forgot to move. I finally realized my cock was aching inside her and started lifting my ass up and stroking my cock in and out of her. I knew wouldn’t be able to do it for long, but was happy to do it for a few minutes. Tina slowly pushed her way into sitting up straight, and I stopped moving as she pushed down hard on me and started grinding her wet pussy on me. I could feel her wetness cover my balls as she slid around on top of me.

Tina had already orgasmed a couple times, and I could tell she was getting tired. I pulled her back down to me, wrapped my arms around her, and while we kissed we rolled over so I was on top of her. I heard her as she nibbled on my ear to not stop making love to her. She didn’t have to worry, I was not in the mood to fuck, I just wanted to be with her. The intimacy we had was awesome, and we laid there making love.

Kathy and Scott came and joined us in the bed. Scott spooned Kathy as they watched me and Tina. We didn’t care that they were there, we just stayed in the moment. Finally after about 10 minutes I could feel my cum starting to rise. Tina gasped as I grew a little harder inside her, preparing to cum. She knew what this meant and told me not to stop. She wanted to feel me finish inside her, to feel my love for her. With one last deep push I let loose inside her, filling her as she squirmed under me with her biggest orgasm of the day.

I let my cock sit inside her pussy, and her muscles milked it for every drop. I started getting soft and slowly my cock slid out of her. I slid off her and spooned her after I was fully out.

Kathy told us she loved watching us fuck. She knew our feelings for each other made it better and easier for us. She was almost glowing as she said her and Scott have made up, and Scott promised to take her out again and help her get fucked by as many guys as they could round up.

Scott said it had taken him a while to come to grips on everything, but Tina finally helped him understand. He said he had been london escort fighting his bi side and thought that having Kathy at a show with him would help him forget about wanting a guy to fuck. He knew he picked Kathy in part because she is sexy, but also because he thought it would hurt me a little. He was jealous that Tina got my cock so much, and he wanted some of it too. When I had fucked him it had hurt, but he said it also felt so good. He couldn’t stop thinking about how good my cock had felt in his ass. But now he knows how wrong he was, and was looking forward to having sex with Kathy and a few other guys.

Kathy turned toward him and started making out with him. She told him how hot that was to think about, how she wanted every hole filled with cock. She said if he wanted some she would be happy to share the cock with him. She told him she would love to watch his tongue at work on an ass and cock. She looked at me and I knew what she wanted. I rolled over and grabbed a strap on dildo and KY off the bedside table and handed it to her.

Kathy strapped on the dildo and told Scott to do what he wanted. Scott moved down and took the dildo in his mouth. He fingered her ass as he put on a show for her, what he can do with his tongue. Then he slid down and started licking her ass. Kathy started to squirm as his tongue darted in and out of her, teasing the rim of her ass.

Tina grabbed the KY and lubed his cock for him. Then she squirted a little more on her fingers and when Scott moved into fucking position Tina quickly spread the lube on Kathy’s ass. Then Tina came back and snuggled back into me as we watched Scott penetrate Kathy’s ass.

It kind of dawned on me that maybe his smaller cock doesn’t matter that much to her if he is fucking her ass. She doesn’t get fucked in the ass very much. It isn’t that she doesn’t like it, but most guys just can’t get enough of her pussy and boobs. By the time they cum a time or two they can’t stay hard enough to get it started in her ass. Even when she masturbates she usually just fucks her own pussy.

Kathy was moaning and I knew she was really into the sex, she kept saying he was the perfect size for her ass. She started begging Scott to fuck her, which is something I have rarely heard. Tina looked at me in amazement as well, neither one of us could believe what we were seeing. Scott actually made Kathy cum three times while fucking her. Finally he blew his wad inside her ass, and when he pulled out we saw his cum trickling down the crack of her ass.

He grabbed the lube Tina had dropped and spread it on his ass. Then he climbed on top of Kathy and slid the dildo into his ass. His face glowed as he rode the dildo. It was only a 6 inch dildo but it was enough for him. Kathy played with his cock as he rode her.

He slid off her and she got london escort agency behind him, starting to fuck him. His head was banging off the headboard she was fucking him so hard. We could tell how much he was loving it, and my cock grew hard as we watched. Tina felt my cock grow and press into her ass, and she pushed her ass into me and wiggled.

I felt my cock get wet and realized Tina was spreading KY onto it. Then she rolled toward me and kissed me as she pushed me onto my back. She grabbed my cock and guided it toward her ass, and slowly inserted the head into it. She had to go slow as we rarely fuck this way. Soon she was fully seated on me, and riding my cock. She settled down on my cock and we watched Kathy fuck Scott with me buried deep in her ass. She squeezed my cock with her muscles and hardly moved, just enjoying the feeling of fullness I gave her.

Kathy and Scott finally finished and they laid there and noticed my cock in Tina’s ass. Kathy moved down and laid her head on my stomach, licking Tina’s pussy. Soon Tina was squirming on my cock as she was driven wild. She slid off my cock and Kathy followed her pussy down, leaving my cock hard in the air. I reached over and got a wipe, cleaning myself up, not sure what I was going to do next.

I felt my cock getting wet again and somehow Tina had grabbed the KY and was spreading it on my cock. Her eyes went to Scott, telling me what she wanted to see. So I went over to Scott and squirted a little more KY on his ass. I lifted his legs up and slid my cock slowly into his ass. He wiggled but didn’t resist and soon was moaning as I slid deeper into him. I was scared to go to deep knowing how much he hurt last time, so I just went about two thirds of the way in. Kathy had loosened his ass up, but since she had used a smaller strap on he was still tight.

Tina rolled over and started to suck Scott’s cock. Kathy moved under Tina to continue eating her pussy. Even though Scott had trouble getting hard after orgasm, he soon had another one. Tina was swallowing it whole as she kept her eyes glued to my cock sliding in and out of Scott. I watched her cum on Kathy’s face, and heard Kathy happily lapping all the juices up. I quickly swelled in Scott’s ass and exploded hot cum deep inside him. Tina sucked Scott really hard as she saw my cum drip out of Scott’s ass and he soon blew his load into her mouth.

We cleaned up and it was nice to see everyone in a happy mood again. Tina helped me cook out as Kathy and Scott made plans for next weekend. Tina was excited to get to stay the night again and we talked about cancelling the party and just enjoy the weekend together. We decided we would just let things play out, we knew there was going to be plenty of times for just us. We both knew once Kathy and Scott started this adventure it was going to go on for a while. And besides our parties were now a tradition, we didn’t want to break it just because Kathy was gone and we didn’t want to be to selfish. So we will see what net week brings, but for now, we will just enjoy the love and life we all have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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